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| Thursday, December 30, 2004

Golden Horse Film Award Best Actor Andy Lau whom earlier donated HK$200,000 had also cancel his Best Actor win celebration in Hong Kong on 2 Jan as he used his budget for the dinner for donation, the fan club agreed and is fully supporting his actions, they also express support Andy's plea by donating money to the victims. Andy stress that he'll still meet the fans on 2 Jan, there'll still be photo-taking and chit chat session, just minus the dinner.

In addition, andylau.com also has a fund-raising activity, if fans want to do some charity, they can donate to the Andy Lau Charity Fund where Andy could donate on their behalf to charity organisations to help the victims.

news from: Ta Kung Po, Stars News

| Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Andy Lau whom donated HK$200,000 to the victims of Tsuami disaster says: "Although the diseaster didn't happen in Hong Kong, but it did happen in the earth that I lived in, this time it's not time to think of boundary or race, many medical staffs of different national had jet over to lend their support, I can't do that thus I could only donate money, hope those affected could rebuilt their homeland. Hong Kong have a caring soceity, if you can donate $1 then donate $1, tears can become a river, wish everyone could donate and do their best if they could."

| Monday, December 27, 2004

Andy Lau, Andy Hui and Joey Wong won 7 awards each at previous night's Metro Radio Hits Awards to become the nights "Metro" biggest winners, however when Andy Hui and Deanie Yip's duet Incomplete Beauty was considered a single award for Hui as Deanie's part was considering as featuring part which result in dispute. Hacken Lee was behind Hui as he won only 6.5 awards, with regards to that Hacken says: "I'm happy to be below Andy Lau, I'm not sure how the points are calculated, I won't be so calculating with Hui, he's my friend, most important is be happy, everyone has present during Christmas."

Andy quipped that he also like being featuring, when asked if he had consider featuring with Hacken? Andy quipped: "I don't think so, I'm scare that he sing too well and will affect me." When asked if he's confidence in winning more awards in other music awards ceremonies? Andy whom went home empty-handed in last year's Commercial Radio music awards says: "I may have zero awards in Commercial Radio music awards, I'll find time to attend all ceremonies, hope things will change this year and I can move some one."

news from: Apple Daily News, Wei Wen Po, Oriental Daily News

| Saturday, December 25, 2004

Previous night is Christmas Eve, Andy Lau appear at Tsim Sha Tsui's countdown activity, he made his appearance from a 30 inches tall platform to countdown with 50,000 citizens to welcome Christmas! Due to the strong wind blowing on the tall platform, Andy was a little bit scared!

Andy attended the Christmas Street Party who made his apperance in a platform dropped from the 30 inches tall bridge on Canton Road and sing along It's a Small World with the present 50,000 citizens! Standing on the platform performing and receiving the audiences' cheering, some male fans shouted "I Love You!" while some female fans shouted when they're excited after seeing Andy. Seeing the sea of people on the platform, Andy says: "Seeing so mnay people supporting me, I'm so touched!" He quipped that his heart is pumping fast while standing on the platform: "Initially my colleague wanted to help me buy a 8-figure insurance, I asked him when will I used it? But after being blowed and was shaky on the platform, I think the insurance figure is not enough!"

Andy report his result upon his appearance: "Won The Hong Kong Films Awards at the beginning of the year, sell-out concerts, great concert tour in Mainland China, even manage to win in Golden Horse Film Awards! I always wanted to thanked all of you, I can do it today! From all your eyes, you're proud that Hong Kong has Andy Lau!" In addition, Andy invite his good friend Wong Yat Wah to perform, when he saw his wife among the audience, he shouted: "Wife ah!" Unexpectedly, Andy immediately deny that he himself is married and even quipped that he'll select his girlfriend among the audience which result screams in return. Wong exclaimed that Andy had help him cut a new hair style, Andy then quipped that both of them could collaborate to open a salon named Twins Wah Salon. Before the countdown, Andy immediately step onto the platform to be raised to the sky and use his camera to take down the historic moment and lead everyone to sing It's a Small World!

Some of the audience donated teddy bear in exchange for tickets, earlier Andy and Athens 2004 Paralympic Games gold medallist So Wah Wai become Santa Claus as they went to John F Kennedy Centre to distribute the teddy bears and played games with the disabled children. In addition, with regards to fans unhappy that Yu Ke Xin publishing her own book and made use of Andy for promotion as they had asked newspapers not to report on the matter, Andy expressed that he knew nothing about it.

news from: Sun News, Ta Kung Po, Oriental Daily News, Apple Daily News

| Friday, December 24, 2004

When Andy is still young, he did wore a mask to board the mass rapid transit train, he screamed out loud and even threw eggs to scared other people. Andy revealed that he wished to received a present from Santa Claus therfore he become a Santa Claus riding motorcycle to distribute present to children.

Everyone can see Andy's results in showbiz, on charity, he didn't relax as he always attend charity events, from this year, his aim is to become the modern Santa Claus to make the legend character true for the needy children to have a merry Christmas.

When interviewed earlier, Andy dressed up as Santa Claus, wearing the Santa hat and a bag of present, his raindeer sledge was replaced by a motorcycle, he says: "I'm not Santa Claus, because I don't have moustache and not old enough, but I'm the same as Santa, no holiday on Christmas day, since entering showbiz, I had been working these 25 years, only get to enjoy a crazy Christmas one year."

Andy revealed that when he was quite popular in TVB in the past, he won't go shopping, but on that particular year's Christmas, I took the train home after work, I shouted out loud in the cabin, Andy says: "It was real crazy that year, together with my classmate of the training class, we wore western suit and mask to board the train after work, nobody recognise us. I shouted out loud in the cabin to scared the people around, it's fun seeing their looks in fear, it's real crazy."

Andy exclaimed that when he's young, he loved Christmas, he express that he'll transfer the presents from fans to the needy children then Christmas will be meaningful. He says: "Some needy children might not get Christmas meals and presents, I hope from this year, I can do it for them."

Tonight, Andy will have a Christmas street party at Canton Road as fans brought teddy bear as tickets, all soft toys collected will be donated to charity organisations for the needy children as though receiving presents from Santa Claus.

news from: Apple Daily News

| Thursday, December 23, 2004

Although Andy Lau and Yu Ke-Xin had broke off many years ago, but his name doesn't seems to leave the mouth of Yu as she's going to publish a book - Love Sea On The Sky (literally translated) on their relationship which includes details on their breakup, love-letters from Andy and 50 intimate photographs, she also revealed that after 13 days together, Andy address her as "wife". With regards to Yu publishing to openly reval of their past relationship, Andy whom once used "One thought heaven, one thought hell" as description didn't make any comments.

In addition, Andy will hold a Christmas Street-Party on Christmas Eve on Canton Road, he'll sing from 11:00PM - 12:00AM, using Jim Wong's song - 'Shi Jie Zhen Wei Xiao' (literally translated as What A Small World) as count-down. Initial plans of the party being broadcast live at the Culture Centre to allow close to 10 million to enjoy the performance, was turned down by the police to prevent lost in control of the crowd which disappoint Andy.

The police is worried upon hearing Andy's name as they're worried that too many people gathered, therefore they had close to 100 meetings with the organiserbefore giving their approval.

In order for the audience to see Andy, the organiser had ordered 3 huge screens and 20 LCD TV along the whole Canton Road. On security, the policemen and security guards total up to close to 500. Andy hope all citizens can spend Christmas in a safety manner.

news from: SingTao News, Wei Wen Po

Every year Andy will shoot a new Christmas card, this year he took 8 different happy and comical expression which includes single eye, twist his lips, pig lips, "doo-doo" lips and show his tongue! It's believed that Andy fans whom recieve this Christmas card will smile upon looking at it, he'll autograph on the card every year to show his sincerity: "Every year I've to stay at home to autograph all cards and wrote a couple best wishes, autograph close to a million cards, although my hands will be aching but I feel that it's a good memory thus doing it every year."

news from: Sun News

| Wednesday, December 22, 2004

TVB's Jade Solid Gold Music Awards Ceremony will be held on 8 Jan 2005, a live voting was held 3 nights ago for singers to vote for their Most Popular Male and Female Singer in mind. Andy Hui whom had lost out in the voting to Hacken seize the chance to walk past him while he's singing to snatch a camera shot of himself.

Although Gigi Leung also didn't make into the top 3 of the voting for the female singer, but she doesn't mind and even sing praise on 2nd place Denise Ho: "I've no confidence of winning, I just want to be a friendly lady."

During the group-phototaking session, Andy Lau leave the male singers group and went to stand at the last row of the female singers, unexpectedly Gigi was standing beside him, she says: "I'm not worried that people will say that I'm trying to snatch a camera shot, I'm so tall and was asked to stand in the last row!"

news from: Sun News

| Tuesday, December 21, 2004

After 2 weeks of screening in Mainland China, the movie - World Without Thieves box office collection exceeded $8000,000 which broke the $5000,000 previous record of director Feng Xiaogang's Cellphone. With the impressive record, director Feng gathers all the casts in Beijing for a record-breaking champagne ceremony. Andy Lau specially changed his schedule to rush to Beijing to join the ceremony before rushing back to Hong Kong again. At the start of the ceremony, Feng shouted: "I won!" All those present exclaimed: "Not won yet, we yet reach $100 million." Andy expressed that he's confidence that the box office takings will exceed $100 million on 1 Jan 2005.

For his first attempt at directing a non-comedy to obtain such outstanding box office takings, other than being a touching movie, the chemistry between the collaboration of 2 Best Actors in Andy and Ge You inspire the long queues for tickets, Feng says: "During the recent non-stop promotions in China, everyone is asking a movie ticket from me!"

When Andy arrives at Beijing in the afternoon, he discover that the roads are quiet but at the cinema where the ceremony is held, he discover there is a long queue for tickets, he says: "So all citizens of Beijing is here to buy tickets, Haha!" Initially Andy is just joking, but later he was told that everyday there're long queues like he saw to buy tickets for A World Without Thieves, therefore the director is also confidence of breaking the $100 million mark.

Several citizens whom saw Andy at the ceremony praise his acting and exclaimed that he'll be able to win the Best Actor in the Golden Rooster Film Award, Andy was puzzled if he register himself in the award but with many recognition and praises, he expressed that he's delighted, with the outstanding box office record, it's double happiness, he think it's worth the rush to Beijing to attend the ceremony.

news from : Wei Wen Po, Ta Kung Pao

At the Jade Solid Gold Singers Voting Night held 2 nights ago, most of the nominated singers attended which includes Andy Lau, Hacken Lee, Andy Hui, Juno Mak, Edmund Leung, Shawn Yue, Anthony wong, Joey Yung, Denise Ho, Miriam Yeung, Gigi Leung, 2R, Yumiko Cheng, Jade Kwan, Ella Koon and Fiona Sit. In the programme, through the way of games, each singer get to cast a vote for their Most Popular Male, Female Singers and Newcomer. The votes are counted immediately and revealed on the spot. When the results are revealed, for the male singer, Hacken gain the most votes followed by Andy Lau and Andy Hui. Joey lead the female singer while Denise and Miriam share the same number of votes.

The singers that garned the highest votes get to sing. While Hacken sings, both Lau and Hui had different reaction. Lau appeared gentleman as he brings out a chair for Hacken to seat and slowly sing, ocassionally shake his hand to congratulate him as though as congratulate him in advance of winning the Most Popular Male Singer. With regards to Hui, it's not known if he did it purposely as he walk past Hacken and sit down with means of snatching the limelight off Hacken.

Hacken is satisfied to gain the highest vote, he says: "This is more for entertainment purpose, most of them are doing it for fun, however no matter they're serious or not, I'll vote for Andy Lau, (Did you notice someone walk past when you're singing?) Yup, (Hui try to snatch limelight?) I don't care of such matters, he won't do that, I take a look at the recording, (with all the support from all singers, does it increase your confidence of winning?) I think Lau has the highest chance, maybe he will win both Most Popular Male Singer and Asia Pacific Male Singer, if it happens I'll be the first one to stand up and clap for him, (Nobody tried that before?) Andy had been to different levels, it'll be difficult to challenge his will of winning, I still take this in a normal manner."

Andy, whose votes is lower than Hacken, exclaimed: "It doesn't matter, from the first day I enter showbiz, I never won among the singers' choice, I would be surprise if I win. Most important is everyone is happy on the actual day of the award ceremony to let down their heavy hearts. "

news from : Wei Wen Po, Ta Kung Pao

| Monday, December 20, 2004

Earlier Hacken Lee invited Andy Lau to record several episodes of Star Biz, Andy brought along a set of poker cards to predict Hacken's luck and the result is that this year's Hong Kong's Most Popular Male Singer award is "in the bag" of Hacken.

Andy claimed that he's good at prediction as he tries to predict if Hacken will follow him to win the Most Popular Male Singer for 3 consecutive years. Hacken was shocked at Andy's action but still follow Andy's instruction. Andy first distribute the cards and asked Hacken to pick one and tell him: "What you pick represent every step of your fate, you chose yourself. Pick slowly, if the card remain is spade ace, then you'll be the undisputed Most Popular Male Singer, then I backoff automatically to give way to you, Haha, if it's not spade ace, then I'll win the Most Popular Male Singer, it'll be you giving way to me, hahaha...."

After Hacken picked several cards with one card remaining, Andy says: "Urgh! I'm going to give out! Haha." He then gave the spade ace to Hacken and says: "Congrats, this is yours!" Initially Hacken doesn't dare to accept and asked if Andy know's magic? Andy says: "Keep the card, hope your new album and year-end award ceremonies will bring you luck! This is not magic but prediction! Haha."

Andy was touched as he immediately quipped: "Master Lau, is it I bring it home and boil it into 4 bowls, don't drink it and place the card under my pillow?" Andy replies: "After you pour the water, you drink abit before distributing to several portions for other singers, it'll be happy for all to win awards, the music industry will be healthy." Hacken quoted: "Friends forever."

Hacken exclaimed that Andy is a friend whom always supported him, never expected that he will use magic to encourage and send his blessing. Whether to retain the Most Popular Male Singer is one thing, he do hope that a best friend like Andy will be forever retained, friends forever.

Andy added: "Of course I supported Hacken! He's undisputed, no matter its this year's result or his years of experience, he's the standard among new singers. If you ask me, I think Hacken will win this year! I'm willing to lose to Hacken! Haha!"

Although outsiders all see Andy to have a huge chance of winning the Most Popular Male Singer again and Mrs Li Xao He openly expressed that she wish to present the award to him, Andy said that everyone just gave him face and he expressed many times that he doesn't mind to "give" the award to Hacken.

news from: Ta Kung Po, MingPao, Oriental Daily News, Apple Daily News, SingTao News, Wei Wen Po

In July, Andy Lau was in Taiwan to attend Cultural and Educational Foundation for the Blind's activity and filmed a commercial for them, he also wrote a song for the commercial theme song as he do his best for the blinded. For the Disabled Creative Youngster Award Ceremony, he was so busy for it as he took a late flight to Taiwan and will immediately jet back to Hong Kong to continue his working after attending the ceremony in the afternoon.

The award ceremony's motive is to reward creativity of the disabled, Andy is to give away the New Poem Award as he says that he like creating personally therfore he's most suitable to present this award. The 2 blinded children whom earlier filmed the commercial with Andy were present to reunion with Andy, they present him a koala bear made themselves to congratulate Andy's win in the Golden Horse Film Awards, which brings smiles to Andy.

Andy also show off his own creative work, which is the ceramic figure he did for Cultural and Educational Foundation for the Blind, he seems puzzled for his first attempt at ceramic, he seize the free time he had during his Golden Horse celebration dinner to stay in his hotel room to work on the figure for 2 hours. When his crew members saw it, they're surprised and exclaimed: "Look like you!" Andy quipped yesterday: "This is my first attempt at ceramic, I don't know why I mould it to be exactly the same as my face."

Andy's virgin work won praise from the foundation's ceramic instructor and quoted that no changes need to be made as it was send to be blown dry immediately and layered, around 1 week later, it'll be available for auction in the Internet, all earnings will be donated to the foundation. How much will it be selling? Andy quipped that he'll not answer as he had contribute for the foundation, the rest is up to them.
When Andy was meeting the disabled, one 20-years-old blind told him: "I watched your movies when I'm young, suddenly I lost my sight due to infection to my cornea, but I still wish to take a photograph with you." Upon hearing, Andy was visibly moved by his exclaimation.
news from: udnNews

| Sunday, December 19, 2004

Andy Lau whom was crowned Best Actor at this year's Golden Horse Films Awards is still actively doing charity works. For this afternoon's Disabled Creative Youngster Award Ceremony, Andy specially jet to Taiwan last night. After the ceremony, Andy immediately took a flight back to Hong Kong. When asked how many times he's flying between Taiwan and Hong Kong this month, he replied that he had lost count.

Dressed in casual jean coat and pants, he' s full of smile. For charity activity, he specially arrived in Taiwan, at the ceremony, he show off his charisma as he sing and present award, he also has close contact with children from Cultural and Educational Foundation for the Blind.

Wherever he goes, fans will follow him, when he step out of the main door Red Theatre, he was rounded by fans, however Andy still leave his hand-print for the Cultural and Educational Foundation for the Blind and also show off ceramic figure of himself.

Andy says: "I never done this before, I slowly piece it up, I look at the mirror to look at myself." The reporter quipped: "I think it look like you, but it look slimmer, slimmer than myself."

As his movie, A World Without Thieves will be screened during Christmas which will be the same as Stephen Chow's Kungfu Hustle, when asked if he had confidence in the box office takings, he modestly answers that he has no confidence. Andy says: "In recent years, none of my movies do well in Taiwan, so everybody sees, I'm really working hard."

After the interview, Andy immediately board his car and head for the airport to catch his flight to Hong Kong. A short stay in Taiwan for less than 24 hours for charity, this shows that Andy has a caring heart.

news from: TVBS, ETToday

TVB8 Music Awards was held at TVB's Tseung Kwan O TVcity where awards mainly based for Mandarin songs, singers from Hong Kong and Taiwan attended are Andy Lau, Joey Yung, Gigi Leung, Hacken Lee, Nicholas Tse, Twins, Jolin Tasi, S.H.E, Zhang Shaohan and Luo Zhi Xiang.

This year can be considered as a fruitful year for Andy Lau as after being crowned Best Actor at the Golden Horse Films Awards earlier, at the TVB8 Music Awards held 2 nights ago, Andy sweep 6 awards and become the night's biggest winner as he win both the Most Popular Male Singer in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

The 6 awards that Andy won includes, Golden Hit Song , Best Lyrics, Best MTV, World Audiences' Favourite Cantonese Song , Mainland China Most Popular Male Singer and Most Popular Male Singer. Andy exclaimed that he owns it to his concerts in Hong Kong and China, he says: "I'm surprised that 'Xin Fu Zhe Mo Yuan Nan Mo Tian' wins Best Lyrics as I wrote that song for the visually impaired childrens, in the space of 2-3 days!"

With regards to reports that he'll become the biggest winner for all the music award ceremonies, he quipped: "Don't sabotage me! This is what everyone feels! (Are you confidence of the remaining music awards ceremonies?) I think I did a wide area in music, but stronger in Cantonese songs, I hope other than the normal awards, I hope to win more awards related to lyrics." This year, Andy has 3 Mandarin and 2 Cantonese songs which he wrote the lyrics.

In the earlier Golden Horse Film Awards, the host, Janny Lin Chiling was attacked by the media when remove her outer clothes to give Andy a hug, in the award ceremony, host Ding Qi imitate Janny but she kept her clothes on, seeing the situation, Andy quipped: "Then I take off mine!", thus revealing his arms causing the audience to burst into laughters.

As S.H.E was arranged to sit in the first row where Andy was beside them, therefore they got to interact with him. Andy tells Selina: "Every time I wanted to ask you when I see you, how could you allow yourself to have double chin? But you're still very beautiful!" This comment makes Selina no knowing to smile or cry!

In addition, the box office collection of his movie, A World Without Thieves had exceeded HK$5000,000, Andy exclaimed that director Feng Xiaogang will telephone him every 2 days to tell him the good news, he quipped: "He had organised an ice-breaking ceremony press conference! (Any pressure on the box office takings?) Nope, but Feng has as he seldom direct such movies."

news from: SingTao News, Oriental Daily News, Ta Kung Po, MingPao, Sun News, Wei Wen Po, ETToday

| Saturday, December 18, 2004

Andy Lau won 6 awards:

1) TVB8 Most Popular Male Singer
2) Mainland China Most Popular Male Singer
3) World Audiences' Favourite Cantonese Song - An Mo Nu Lang
4) TVB8 Golden Hit Song - Tai Xiang Ai
5) TVB8 Best Lyrics: Xin Fu Zhe Mo Yuan, Nan Mo Tian
6) TVB8 Best MTV - Tai Xiang Ai

more pictures at http://ent.sina.com.cn/p/p/2004-12-18/1018603184.html

Andy Lau went to Taiwan 2 days ago to held a 55-tables banquet to celebrate his Golden Horse Film Award Best Actor win with 600 Taiwanese fans. The banquet cost him HK$250,000 and he express that he will increase his asking fees.

For the banquet, Andy spends money and efforts as he set up 55 tables in a local hotel, minus off the hotel's discount, Andy still need to top up close to HK$250,000. Andy, holding onto his award, take photographs with his fans for a total of 2 hours, Andy complain of his hand aching and ask his fan to hold the award for him in order to continue the photo-taking session.

The fans present includes a families of 3 generation as they bring along their babies and 80-years-old granny, Andy even carries the baby and kiss his face. However, Andy was just busy with photo-taking and didn't get to eat anything, he only manage to eat after taking photogaphs with all fans, Andy quipped that he is so thin because of the fans.

Although the Hong Kong movie industry is in a downturn, Andy claimed that he had not raise his asking fees for a long time, with teh Golden Horse win, he think it's time to ask for an increase. When asked if he consider getting married, he answers: "My parents didn't rush me into marriage, furthermore I'm worried that my children won't look good." For an example he quote his younger brother whom look like Shoko Asahara, thus he once apologise to his brother on a TV programme for withstanding the pressure of doesn't resemble his elder brother.

In addition, during the rehearsal of 2004 TVB8 Hits Awards, with regards to allegations that he contacted anorexia, he says: "Currently I've put on 7-9 pounds, before eating I weight 148 pounds, I slim down because of the earlier concerts."

news from: Apple Daily News, MingPao, Ta Kung Po

At the end of the year, several USA newspapers and magazine film critics chose the year's best and worst movie. Currently, New York Times film critics selected the 10 Best & Worst Movie of 2004. In the end, Zhang Yimou's House of the Flying Dagger was the best movie in 2004, follwed by Spanish movie - The Sea Inside and Jim Carrey's Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. In addition, Infernal Affairs which was screened in America this year was also selected as one of the best movie of the year, Infernal Affairs beats several Hollywood movies like The Incredibles and Shrek 2 to be at the 7th spot, it also won praise for its good story.

news from: Oriental Daily News

Andy Lau's schedule is like the wind, as he jet off Taiwan this morning after the banquet with 600 fans, and will be back tomorrow night to attend an award literature presentation ceremony for the handicapped, it seems that this award should be presented to him instead.

| Friday, December 17, 2004

Since being crowned Best Actor at the Golden Horse Films Awards on 4 Dec, the award had not left the side of Andy Lau as he bring it along to Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taipei during his tour. He bring along his award to Taiwan yesterday for a banquet with the fans and media to share his happiness, holding onto the close to 2kg award to take photographs with the 600 fans, Andy says: "Not tired, not tired! Because it's really hard to win this award!"

No other Best Actor will share his win with the media and fans, only Andy Lau.

Andy arrive at Taiwan around 11:00 AM to begin his 24-hours thank-you banquet trip, as it's difficult to win the Best Actor in the Golden Horse Films Award, he specially spend millions to treat his fans. Around 3:00PM, he had tea with the media at the hotel, holding onto the award, a delighted Andy said: "Rene Liu told me that after Sylvia Chang watched A World Without Thieves, she exclaimed it's my best movie, I think this is the only Andy Lau movie she had watched." Andy exclaimed that he hope to collaborate with Sylvia in a movie titled "20, 30,40" where he is the 40.

Since being crowned Best Actor, Andy had being on high mood as even share such a little praise from Sylvia with the media, he says that he found out that several Taiwanese comperes nominated many times for the Golden Bell Awards but still went home empty-handed, but he manage to win the Best Award after 3 nominations, he should count himself lucky.

Andy exclaimed that he had many fake Golden Horse and Hong Kong Films Awards at home, as when he went home empty handed, his fans will make one for him, even the Hong Kong media make a Hong Kong Film award for him, this shows the bond of Andy with the media.

When asked that the most difficult to win award - Golden Horse Best Actor is fulfilled, so when will he get married? Andy says that fans kept asking him to get married as they want to see his children but he's worried that his son will not be handsome and daughter not pretty, just like his younger brother whom look completely different from him as his hair is long and plump face and resemble Japanese cult leader Shoko Asahara, when he introduce : "This is my younger brother!" Everyone will exclaimed: "Can't be!" Thus he feel sorry for his younger brother and he fear the same for his children.

When Andy touches down in Taiwan, he walked past Nicholas Cage at the transit area in the airport, when told that Nicholas's wife is only 20-years-old, he exclaimed: "So envy!" However, he don't think he'll get a younger wife.

Andy talk about filming movies next year, there'll be a music movie for his new album, he also plans to release a single during the Chinese New Year, he's so delighted when talked about his work, but he keep a low tone when talked about his love life.

Andy's secret to be the dreamlover of all is that he doesn't belong to any woman therefore he can become the forever idol in everyone's heart.

Andy added that if he had nothing important on, he'll try to attend the Golden Globe award to have a feel of his movie - House of Flying Daggers being nominated for Best Foreign Movie, he could also seize the chance to communicate with Hollywood producers!

For this trip to Taiwan, he main motive is to have a 55 tables banquet with 600 Andy World Club members, being touted to treat his fans the best, Andy expressed that he always on good terms with his fans is the secret to not age in showbiz, as he can understand what youngster thinks when he contact with new members, meanwhile he also treat his fans as family members, they won't mind that he had aged as nobody will mind about their own father.

However Andy exclaimed that throughout the years of his AWC, he had lost some money as Taiwan is the only branch outside Hong Kong, he feel that after than Hong Kong, America, Japan, Korea and China should also have a fan club. When asked which country's fans are the most crazy, he quipped: "If you want them to like you, you'll be crazy."

Andy had packed dinner before attending the banquet last night as during the banquet, as throughout the night he had to hold the award to take photographs with each of the 600 fans thus he had no time to eat.

His gathering with fans are not open as he says that he will joke and talk rubbish with fans during gathering, when media attending the gathering in the past and report the conversations he had with fans, he feel that it's not right thus during his gathering, no cameras is allowed, only the crew members will be responsible for photo-taking, therefore AWC members basically had a chance to take photo with him, he manage to take photo with the Golden Horse Best Actor award in hand last night bares more significant.

In the past five years, Andy Lau have been the biggest winner in Metro Music Awards Ceremony, winning a total of 22 awards, being the Best Male Singer for 5 consecutive years, his results has been outstanding. When he was interviewed in Metro Radio 2 days ago, it was revealed by the station's chief that by looking at the on-going voting for the Best Actor, it's already exceeded 30,000 votes, solely from Mainlander, currently Andy is leading the pack, second is Leo Ku, followed by Hacken, Aaron Kwok, Andy Hui and Nicholas Tse.

When asked if he'll sweep all the awards, Andy quipped: "Don't say clean sweep, awards are deserved by everyone, I just accept it." Andy is very satisfied with his result in singing this year and is confident of himself but if he were to vote, he'll be casting a vote for Hacken Lee as he's his old friend, he quipped: "I'm not afraid of the danger pose by Hacken, it's better to have more threats, it proves that the music industry is competitive, it's a good sign for all singers."

With regards to magazine allegations that Miriam Yeung and Sheren Tang borrow luck to improve their career, Andy doesn't believe such allegations, he quipped: "Don't spread such allegations, is there such things as borrow luck? how to borrow? how to return after borrowing? If it's so simple, can I borrow to win the Best Composer award, I never win any composing award before."

On Christmas eve, Andy will be hold a street party at Tsimshatsui's Harbour City to celecbrate the festive holidays with the citizens, citizens need to purchase a teddy bear soft toy retailed at HK$80 and exchange for tickets on 19 Dec, he hope everyone will particpate actively in this charity activity, he says: "This year, I hope to be Santa Claus together with the fans, for the audience, hope they will donate the teddy bear soft toy, as the government organisation will donate them to those needy children to allow them to have a warmth Christmas." Andy activate his fans to collect teddy bear soft toys as presents for the children in order for them to have a happy Christmas.

news from: Oriental Daily News, Apple Daily News, SingTao News, Ta Kung Po, MingPao

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  • 2007
  • Protégé 門徒

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  • Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon 三國誌見龍卸甲

    In addition to acting, Andy Lau is a multi-platinum singer/songwriter who has sold over 35 million records and performs to over 100 packed arenas throughout Asia and North America. Since his debut album in 1985, he has recorded and released more than 50 solo albums in Hongkong and Taiwan, and a host of other countries in Asia. In recognition of his singing accomplishments, Andy has garnered numerous music awards which includes honors from MTV and Billboard.

    :: how he started ::

    In 1985, Andy wants to stretch himself professionally and is determined to strike out as a singer as well. So he begins his singing career with Capital Records. However, public acceptance is slow in coming. Response to his debut Cantonese album, I Only Know I Love You is lukewarm. Therefore resulting him failing to win any Best Newcomer in music awards ceremonies.

    In 1987, his song Forbidden Area Of Love became pretty popular and won one platinum. Belatedly, his music starts to make an impact in 1990 with his fifth Cantonese album, Would It Be Possible being the first to be honoured in Hongkong's TVB Jade Solid Gold Awards. With popular tracks like Would It Be Possible and Affinity Ends , this album sold two platinums. His next album, "Goodbye Now " sold over three platinums.Then, his songs became very popular in Hongkong. With his increase in popularity, Andy won the "Most Popular Male Singer" Award in TVB's Jade Solid Gold Awards in 1990. The Mandarin version of Affinity Ends -- If You Are My Legend was very popular in Taiwan. The album sold over four platinums and therefore launched his singing career in Taiwan.

    In 1991, HongKong media crown him Heavenly King, together with Jacky Cheung, Aaron Kwok and Leon Lai. Andy is at long last recognised as a singer in his own right. Many of his ballads have become karaoke favourites, assuring him of eternal popularity.

    Andy's singing career takes off as fans in Hongkong, Taiwan and South-east Asia snap up his albums. His Mandarin albums are selling very well in Taiwan and Asia. For the past years, his Mandarin albums were always make into the "Taiwan's Top 10 Albums". His Mandarin album in 1995, Truely Forever has sold over 800,000 copies in Taiwan. In November 1999, Andy stopped by the BMG Entertainment International headquarters in New York after performing to a sold out audience in Atlantic City, New Jersey and he was presented an award for being BMG's Best Selling Artist in Pan-China for three years (with total sales of more than six million albums from 1996-1999).

    :: his music awards ::

    In recognition of his singing accomplishments, Andy has garnered numerous music awards which includes honors from MTV and Billboard. Since his first Most Popular Male Singer award in Hongkong TVB Jade Solid Gold Awards in 1990, Andy had win it for three consecutive years, Taiwan's Top Ten Idols- ranked #1 for six consecutive years (1992-1997), 1995-1996 Channel V U.S. Billboard Awards - Asia's Most Popular Singer . In 1999, Andy win the Most Popular Male Singer in TVB Jade Solid Gold Awards yet again, beating upcoming newcomer, Nicholas Tse to retain Media Award (1999-2000) for the second consecutive year with a total of 15 awards, thus becoming the biggest winner in 1999's Hongkong music industry. Andy won again and share the Media Award with Eason Chan in 2002.

    Other than these awards, Andy had also won countless awards in Asia that got him listed in the Guinness World Record Book 2001. Listed in the book's World Music column for Most Canto-pop Awards: As of April 2000, Hongkong crooner Andy Lau had won an unprecedented 292 awards for a singing career that began in 1988. He has sold 20 million albums, 4.4 million in 1999 alone, and has cemented his popularity in the world's Mandarin-speaking areas with recordings in Putonghua or standard Chinese. Between 1981 and 1999 he featured in 101 movies. With regards to being listed in Guinness World Records, Andy exclaimed "I'm very surprised!" he exclaimed, "I asked my assistant to grab a copy once I heard about it."

    :: his concerts ::

    In 1993, Andy stages his first concert - a series of 20 shows - at the Hongkong Coliseum. Now a seasoned stage performer, Andy holds another 20 sell-out concerts at the Hongkong Coliseum in 1994, 1996 and 1999(15), 2001 (15). Other than Hongkong, Andy also holds sell-out concerts in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, China, Macau, USA, Canada, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia and Seoul.

    Andy's next pet project is a musical with cross-national collaborations of a stature that will rival Cats and Phantom Of The Opera. Andy had asked Phantom Of The Opera creator Andrew Lloyd Webber to write the music for his musical, which will be an adaptation of the famous ancient Chinese romantic tragedy, Liang Zhu (The Butterfly Lovers). If all goes well, fans can expect to catch his HK$30 million creation in 2002.

    In 2004, Andy was in the Hongkong Coliseum for his fifth solo concerts for 15 shows, the 10th show will be his 100th concert at the Hongkong Coliseum.

    :: his music talent and hardworks ::

    Andy always bring surprises to fans in his singing career. Against all odds, Andy tries to sing in different language to open his market in Asia. He sang in Japanese -- Embrace Once Again , Hokkien -- World's First Class and even Malay -- Adakalanya Menghiris. Due to the changes in the trend of the music industry, Andy also tries rap for the first time in Bat Air Force.

    Andy also continually broadened his musical range by attempting to sing different types of songs and music by collaborating with different singers, song-writers and composers from various countries. In 1998, Andy collaborate with saxophonist, Kenny G for the song If You're My Woman which Andy wrote the lyrics for the Cantonese version, to make his music more international. In 1999, Andy had more collaborations with international musicians in Giorgio Moroder - Love You 10,000 Years and Koji Tamaki - Pain.

    In addition, Andy also a gifted lyricist ,his first lyrics being If You Are My Legend. Andy also tries to compose-music, Thinking Of you Everyday being his maiden work. With his determination, Andy compose up to 60 songs. His efforts are shown in recent years with more of his self-composed songs included in his own album ie. in the album - If You're My Woman which contains eight of his composition. Morever, Andy also compose songs for other singers, example are Leo Ku's Kiss Me? and Eric Moo's Sad Love Song.

    Since 1992, Andy's albums are produced by his own production house - New Melody Production (renamed NMG in 2000), which gives him a new channel to experiment with different styles and approaches, bringing the new music elements to the local scene. Whereas the distribution is handled by the record companies. Due to the lawsuit with CCT Telecoms in 2002, Andy switch to Catchy Entertainment to produce his albums.

    On 6 Dec 2002, he held a concert - Andy Lau, You're My Pride Concert to mark his 20-years anniversary in showbiz and thanks the many years support of his fans. However things turns sour with Catchy Entertainment due to some financial dispute resulting the release his due-to-release album - Adult Love Songs being shelved and once again got into lawsuits with his collaboration partners.

    In addition, Andy also set up his own recording studio - Q-Sound Studio.

    Although he has occasionally been dubbed "the Cantonese James Dean" and "the Tom Cruise of the East", neither moniker does Hongkong superstar Andy Lau justice. The reason, to put it simply, is that Lau's celebrity and achievements are incomparable to anyone else's in the world. Period. With over 100 movies to his name, Andy reached a career milestone when he was awarded his first Best Actor award at the 19th Hongkong Films Awards (HKFA) for his powerhouse performance as a dying crimminal in the thriller Running Out Of Time.

    :: how andy started ::

    Andy started his acting career in 1981 when he signs up for TVB's Artiste Training Course. However, he was only given minor TV roles to act for two years. In 1983, Andy finally makes his mark with Eagle Hunter . Huge TV serial hits like Return Of The Condor Heroes and The Duke Deer follows, marking his arrival as major TV idol.

    With his increase in popularity, TVB promotes and contemporaries Leung Chiu Wai, Miu Kiu Wai, Wong Yat Wah and Tong Chan Yip collectively as the Five Tigers, successfully turning them into heart-throbs of the day. In 1987, sensing Andy's potential, TVB wants him to sign a five-year contract. He refuses, and TVB retaliate by putting him in 'cold storage', deliberately denying him any exposure on TV for 13 months. Andy hits depression valley. He gains 17kg, tipping the scales at 80kg. But he decides to fight back by plugging headlog into movies. Andy left TVB in 1988.

    :: andy lau - the movie star ::

    In 1982, thanks to recommendation of Chow Yun Fat and George Lam (whom stars in the movie) Andy co-stars in his first movie, Ann Hui's Boat People and got nominated for Best New Performer in the 2nd HKFA in 1983. Chow Yun Fat help to get movie roles for Andy, thus he got to starred 2 movies with Chow Yun Fat namely Rich and Famous and Tragic Hero which in turns launched Andy's movie career. In the mid-80s, Andy began appearing in feature films, oftern co-starring alongside the likes of Jackie Chan, Chow Yun Fat, Yuen Biao and Sammo Hung, where he appeared in everything from historical dramas to bloodshed action genres to martial arts comedies.

    Andy was thrust into movie superstardom after earning international recognition and acclaim for his starring role in Wong Kar Wai's directorial debut, As Tears Go By. He received the Best Actor award at 1998's prestigious Golden Dragon Ceremony and was nominated for Best Actor in the 8th HKFA for his role in Wong Ka Wai's As Tears Go By. With the success of As Tears Go By, a string of hit movies in a wide range of genres that includes action, comedy, drama and sci-fi follows. In the same year, he was nicknamed "14 Smiles" when he made 14 movies in 1988.

    Andy has a prolific film output between 1986 - 1991 as 58 movies are filmed during this period among the more than 100 movies (Filmography) he made in his movie career. It's not unusual to see two Andy Lau films screening concurrently at the cinemas. He becomes a box-office draw second only to Chow Yun Fat. Throughout his career, he has worked with such prominent directors as Wong Kar Wai, Johnnie To, Ringo Lam, Lawrence Ah Mon, Ann Hui, Derek Yee, Andrew Lau and Zhang Yimou.

    His movie in 1995, Full Throttle made over HK$30 million in the box-office and became one of Andy's #1 box-office hit. In 2000, Needing You broke records on its opening weekend and knocked Mission:Impossible 2 out of the #1 spot, while both in their second weeks before becoming the highest grossing box-office hit in Hongkong for the year 2000 with HK$35 million in the box-office. In 2001, Andy's Love On A Diet and Full Time Killer had a higher box-office takings compared to Hollywood blockbuster Pearl Harbor during the summer holidays.

    Running Out Of Time was chosen for the opening for the 23rd Asian American International Film Festival to a sold out audiences in New York. Andy also appeared in person to introduce the film and sign autographs for hundreds of his fans. After Running Out Of Time, Andy had several more collaborations with director Johnnie To which are movies that obtained good box office takings and reviews.

    Full Time Killer was also made its premiere at Toronto International Film Festival. After the screening, America's film distributor like Columbia Pictures Industries Inc, Miramax and New Line Cinema had contacted TeamWork to discuss on the possibility of getting the distributing rights of the movie in America. Full Time Killer was also nominated by the Hong Kong Film Association representing Hong Kong to vye for one of the 5 nomination spot for Best Foreign Language Film in the 2002 Oscars Films Awards, though it didn't make it.

    Although under the influence of his lawsuits in 2002, it didn't affect Andy's love for movies as his movie, Infernal Affairs collected HK$54,120,000, the movie also won major awards in several film awards ceremonies. Miramax Films sealed a pact to acquire North American rights to distribute the stylish crime drama in Italy, Spain and Latin America, excluding Mexico. Warner Bros. Pictures won a feverish bidding war, paying a reported $1.75 million to acquire remake rights to "Infernal Affairs" for Brad Pitt, Brad Grey and Jennifer Aniston to produce through the trio's studio-based unit (HR 2/3). Infernal Affairs later spanned into a trilogy.

    :: his acting awards ::

    Since winning the Best Actor award in prestigious Taiwan Golden Dragon Awards in 1989, Andy did not won any other major acting awards thereafter although several nominations for Best Actor at the HKFA in 1988 (As Tears Go By), 1991 (Lee Rock) and 1995 (Full Throttle) and another Best Actor nomination at the Golden Bauhina Awards in 2000 (Running Out Of Time).

    In 2000, Andy finally reached a career milestone when he was awarded his first Best Actor award at the 19th HKFA for his powerhouse performance as a dying crimminal in the thriller Running Out Of Time directed by Johnnie To. From then now, Andy is at long last recognised as an actor in his own right with another Best Actor award for A Fighter's Blues at the 6th Bauhina Films Awards and a first Chinese Blockbuster Award with Sammi Cheng for Needing You at the 7th Blockbuster Entertainment Awards.

    Several Best Actor nominations follows at the 20th HKFA for A Fighter's Blues; nominated for the first time in Taiwan's 2002 Golden Horse Film Awards for his role in Love On A Diet; nominated for Infernal Affairs in Golden Bauhina Awards, HKFA and Golden Horse Film Awards in 2002 and 2003, although coming out tops in several online votings but again he fail to win.

    Hardworking Andy finally was rewarded with his second HKFA Best Actor award and Hong Kong Film Critics Association's Best Actor for Running On Karma. In his third nomination in Golden Horse Film Awards in 2004, he was finally crowned Best Actor for his role in Infernal Affairs III.

    :: the next step in Hollywood? ::

    Andy also signs American company ICM as agent to be on the lookout for possible Hollywood roles. Asking price per movie is reportedly US$1 million. "I hope to break into the foreign market. In the eyes of foreigners, I am always regarded as a good-looker."

    However, earning a living there like fellow Hongkong colleagues Jackie Chan and Chow Yun Fat has not crossed his mind. "Lots of scripts appear in my life from Hollywood...not the one that I want. Most of them are action-packed movies, I don't think they can make better than us. Without a good script, I would rather stay in Hong Kong than go to Hollywood and wait. I feel that we now have to fight Jackie Chan and Jet Li for a piece of the movie market," he said.

    "If you are still capable, I think you should still work for your home base. I don't understand why it require to film a Hollywood movie in order to break into the Hollywood market, you could if you concentrate on filming Hong Kong movies just like Crounching Tiger and Hidden Dragon, furthermore in its original Mandarin dialogue without dubbing. Actually it was really hard to film without using your mother tongue language, its not use if you could not acted out the feeling. It looks like they are using the Chinese to fight the Chinese market."

    Heavenly King, 'wah chai', 'liu tie ren' -- whatever you choose to call him, Andy Lau Tak-Wah, the popular actor and singer in Hongkong and around Asia is IT. For sheer resilience and staying power, few can match him. From one down-and-out TV actor to movie leading man and then singing star, but also extends to be a successful businessman of production, recording and Internet companies. Andy Lau is a living example of personal improvement and accomplishment. The man's relentless drive is legend.

    :: who is andy lau ::

    In 1961, Andy Lau Tak-Wah was born to a poor family in rural town Taipo in New Territories, Hongkong. For two years, a 10-years-old Andy awakes at 3am, making eight trips everyday to fetch water for his family.

    One of Andy's pet hobbies is collecting 'antique' jeans from the '50s and '60s. He has more than 30 pairs, some of them which were bought used. Andy, who like to feel comfortable in his clothes, liked them as back then the emphasis was more on comfort than aesthetics. Andy also collects antique watches which has intricate designs, character and history. The most expensive watch that Andy bought was HK$8,000 in China 10 years ago. It's now worth more than HK$200,000. Andy don't wear that watch as it's too expensive to lose, because Andy had lost more than 20 watches over the years as he'll take his watch off when the cameras roll and then forget about it. There was a time Andy kept vintage cars too. He once had nine, but sold off six since he've no time to maintain them. Andy listens to everything from country music to the most progressive synthesised sounds and jazz. His most treasured possession is his collection of 10 Elvis CDs as he envy Elvis talent, image and era he lived in. Furthermore, Andy is a big fan of Japan's character - Ultraman as he has a collections of Ultraman's items.

    " I'd want to be a very successful sportsman. It doesn't matter which sports it is, I haven't got a perference. The trouble with me is I play many games but I don't excel in any one. Being a sportsman will allow me to spend even more time making sure I'm in tip-top physical conditions. Staying healthy - that's my piority these days." That's what Andy said what he would be if he could live life again. Andy, whom is passionate for bowling and has an impressive of 180 average, dreams to bowl competitively for Hongkong.

    :: his love life ::

    Andy dated Taiwanese actress, Yu Ke Shing for a few years, the only relationship that Andy openly admitted. However, they broke up in 1986 because of work commitments. She says:"I initiated the break-up, but I know that's what he wants too. He was just waiting for me to say goodbye." He says:" It was the first time that I cried over a relationship." Andy said that he would not openly admit his relationship anymore due to the mass pressure from the media.

    There's even rumours that Andy is a gay! Andy said "I remebered that it's either in 1986 or 1987, the media said I'm gay. I was angry and swear that if I'm gay, I'll die of Aids in 7 years." For years, the bachelor had also told the press that he hoped to get married one day, and had denied he was gay.

    Female stars like Cherie Chung, Rosamund Kwan, Michelle Reis and Anita Mui were linked with Andy, rumours have been around that he has had someone else for a long time.

    Malaysian Carol Zhu Liqian had been linked with Lau since 1985. It's a 14-years love marathon, in 1985 Carol Zhu Liqian was a runner-up in Malaysia's Miss Modern before flying to Hongkong for beauty lessons and was introduce to Andy by a mutal friend and fall in love at first sight. In 1992, allegations of Andy and Carol had register for marriage in Vancouver, Canada and bought an apartment at Kadoorie for their love nest. In 1995, reports of them building a love nest at Penang, Malaysia and state that Carol works in Andy's invested company, TeamWork Production. In 1998, allegations that Andy and Carol had a 2-years-old daughter. In 1999, Sudden Weekly had photgraphs of Carol entering and leaving Andy's apartment at Kadoorie. When asked about their relationship, Andy express: "It's not a scandal, it's family matters...." In April 2000, Malaysian reports that both were having holiday at Phuket and Tioman Island. In May 2000, reports of Andy buying 2 blue Estima G for HK$1000,000 to be their lovers car. In 2001, Sudden Weekly spotted Carol and a little girl of approximately 5-years-old to watch a movie at Causeway Bay.

    Andy's cryptic comment of "I know her" led the Hongkong press to speculate Ms Zhu is indeed his secret girlfriend of 14 years. He told Hongkong TV: "I did not say she is my girlfriend. I can only say I know her. But I will let the rumours be. Yes or no, I will not answer. Anyway, I have not talked about this all these years.I will marry when I find someone suitable. Please don't bother about whether it is true... The truth will out in future... At the very least, this isn't anything to be shameful about."

    :: his commercials ::

    In 1993, Andy becomes the first Asian superstar to endorse Pepsi-Cola, joining the league of Western singing icons such as Michael Jackson and Tina Turner. Other than this, Andy also had other commercials like Solvil et Titus watches, Ericsson mobile phones, HKNet broadband service, Taoti beverage, Superwarm thermo underwear and Baleno casual wear.

    :: his awards ::

    In recognition of his singing and acting accomplishments, Andy has garnered more than 290 awards which includes honors from MTV and Billboard, that make him to be listed in the Guinness World Record Book 2001 for Most Canto-pop Awards. After 17 years, Andy then win his long awaited Best Actor award at the 19th Hongkong Films Awards which helped solidifying his place in the film industry.

    For all his achievements and accomplishments in singing and performances in movies and his participation in charity events all over the world, Andy was being selected to be one of Hongkong Top 10 Outstanding Youth in 1999. Then in 2000, just days after being listed in the Guinness World Records 2001, Andy added another trophy to his bursting cabinet. The singer-actor receive the Outstanding Young Persons Of The World award (for personal improvement and accomplishment) from Junior Chamber International in Sapporo, Japan.

    Andy dress in a Chinese long coat said onstage in the award ceremony with fluent English: "After thinking the whole night, I don't what to say and don't find any special about myself, however I'm a good example, that is never give up. Actually everybody could become an Outstanding Young Person, unless one give himself up, learnt from me! Hardwork will bring success."

    He was also named in People's Daily newspaper's Tribute to the Motherland as one of the top 100 most outstanding Chinese representatives in the 50 years since the establishment of the People's Republic of China.

    After Richard Li, Jackie Chan and Michelle Yeoh, Andy Lau was first Hongkong singer to be invited by Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum to be immortalised in wax for display at its Hong Kong museum for his flying colours in Asian showbiz. The wax figure with Andy wearing a 'Tang' costume singing Zhong Guo Ren (literally translated as The Chinese People) during his 1999 concert took 8 months to complete, at a cost of HK$3580,000.

    :: andy lau - the businessman ::

    Andy wants to work behind the scenes as a producer rather than prance around in front the camera. Says Andy of his new passion, "Although I like acting, the money I earn from it is re-invested into producing my movies." In 1991, Andy forms TeamWork Motion Pictures Limited to produce his own films,with the hope of making movies with creativity and granting new filmmakers opportunities to go into the industry. It's maiden picture is Saviour Of The Soul . Like several others that followed, it is artistically sound but flops at the box-office, therefore squandered millions as a greenhorn film producer. The production house was finally sells off in 1994.

    In 1997, Andy's persistence paid off when his invested Fruit Chan's low budget independent film Made in HongKong . Andy as executive producer was overjoy as the HK$500,000 movie, about youth problems in an adult world won numerous international awards including Best Film in 34th Golden Horse (Taiwan) and 17th HKFA.

    In the new millennium, Andy invested and collaborate with Clement Mak of CCT Telecoms to re-form to TeamWork Group. The Group is comprised of the following one holding company and four major subsidiaries: TeamWork Corporation Limited, a holding company; TeamWork Motion Pictures Limited which deals with movie production and distribution; Topman Global Limited which deals with artiste management; Topman Holdings Limited which is responsible for ownership and management of all Artist's Intellectual Property Rights in the Content and Films assigned; Andy World Club Limited which engages in the organisation of functions and activities.

    Its maiden picture A Fighter's Blue, his 100th movie won him a Best Actor award at the 6th Bauhina Films Awards. The company is also been recognised in Europe, America and Asia with Full Time Killer. Other than satisfying his desire to be a boss in setting up TeamWork, he says: "If I were to act till I'm 60 years old, looking at the economy now, with my high fees, few were had approach me. I as the boss and invest in producing movies, I could have save my own fees but I've chance of filming the movies of my own choice. "

    Then, Andy revamps his own production house - New Melody Production into Nova Multimedia Group (NMG), a multimedia company which includes filming TV serials and handling concerts, music albums and artist management. The artistes under his belt includes Dicky Cheung, Alec Su and Coco Lee.

    In addition, Andy had been hankering after the Web address, andylau.com, but unfortunately, it was already taken. Thus, he had to make do with andylau.org as his official home in cyberspace. However, he has discovered that andylau.com was registered by a fan of his. What's more, the latter has offered the Web address to his idol, free of charge. After setting up a site there, it was launched on 1 March 2000, it's also the first official celebrity website in Hong Kong. It contains all the most accurate information of Andy. Find out how he feels each day from Andy's Diary, listen to his new songs and check out the official websites of his movies.

    However Andy's collaboration with CCT Telecoms turns sour in June 2002 when his artiste management contract expires and was not renewed. CCT Telecoms then send out restriction letters to several production companies from hiring Andy in any sort of performance. Andy then retaliate by sending lawyer's letter seeking HK$15 million worth of salary that TeamWork owned him. Then CCT's subsidiary company Noble Trend International Inc file a lawsuit seeking HK$150 million compensation and an injunction order on Andy for violating shareholders' agreement contract. CCT Telecoms further apply another injuction order on Andy from involving in the movie - Infernal Affairs. This makes Andy exclaim: "This matter makes me see clearly that I'm not make to be a boss, now I just want to be an artist."

    The career threatening lawsuit drag on for months and hearing was scheduled to be on 31 October 2002, then allegations and news of an out-of-court settlement with all kinds of conditions started to spread in the newspapers. Indeed the lawsuit had reach an out-of-court settlement on the day of the hearing as Andy got the full control of TeamWork Group without paying a cent. Fans celebrate the occassion with champagne, Andy gave them a thumb up and says: "I'm so happy as all my troubles had been rightfully settled. Currently all matters is passed to my lawyers and the other party request not to reveal the details of the settlement, therefore I'm unconvience to reveal anything, what I can say is I've get back what I deserved. "

    Later, Andy regroup his company to form Focus Group to continue his passion in movie production and distribution.

    :: his other commitments ::

    While much of his time is spent on singing and acting, Lau has never neglected his responsibility to the community. He is a strong supporter of campaigns such as "Keep Hongkong Clean and Be a Good Host." He has worked to raise the awareness of environmental protection and fighting crimes. He is also closely involved with fund raising events for the Hongkong Sports Association for the Physically disabled and acts as Chair Ambassador to many fund raising activities and "Official Ambassador" to charity organizations such as the Life Education Activity Program, the Hongkong Marrow Match Foundation and the Ocean Park Conservation Foundation. In 1994, he established the Andy Lau Charity Foundation, which focuses on people in need and promotes a wide range of youth education services. In February 2001, Andy donated 2,000 pieces of SUPERWARM thermal wear to the Salvation Army for its relief activities in Inner Monglia.

    In December 2004, Andy donate HK$200,000 to the victims of the tsunami disasters in South and Southeast Asia. Andylau.com also start a donation drive where fans can donate to the Andy Lau Charity Fund where Andy will represent them to distribute to different charity organizations. Andy said: "Even though this disaster didn't happen in Hong Kong, it happened on the Earth we live on. We should not be distinguished by race and national boundaries right now."

    As a public figure, Lau strives to keep a good and healthy image at all times. Being an idol of many teenagers, he knows his behavior and personal conduct can influence them. His dedication to his career, his enthusiasm and drive are well known to the public as the "Andy Lau Spirit". His positive and nice characteristics attract many fans, who support him for so many years.

    Name: Andy Lau
    Name used in school : Lau Fook-Wing (not used since elementary school)
    Cantonese Name : Lau Tak-Wah
    Mandarin Name : Liu2 De2-Hua2
    Date of Birth : September 27, 1961
    Birth Place : Hong Kong

    Family : parents, 4 sisters, 1 brother
    Height : 174 cm
    Weight : 68 kg
    BloodType : AB Type

    Clothes Size : medium
    Shoe Size : 44
    Vital Statics : 38" 31" 37"

    Religion : Buddhist
    Horoscope : Libra
    Chinese Zodiac : Year of the Ox

    Education : Form 5, Ke Li Secondary School
    Hobbies : Bowling, Singing, Acting, Driving, Calligraphy and collect antique watches

    Favorite Actors/Actress : Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino and Meryl Streep
    Favorite Bands : Boyz II Men
    Favorite Singers : George Lam, David Bowie and Micheal Jackson
    Favorite Music : Oldies, Pop and music that makes one happy
    Favorite Song : When A Man Loves A Woman
    Favorite Movie : Seven, Analyze This and Devil Advocate

    Favorite Clothing : Jeans
    Favorite Color : black, white, gray, purple

    Favorite Place : China (Hong Kong)
    Favorite Place of Travel : Africa
    Favorite Season : all four seasons
    Favorite Sport : bowling
    Favorite Subject : Physics

    Favorite Food : Fruits, Chicken Wings and Milk Tea
    Favorite Fruits : Watermelon and Papaya
    Favorite Dessert : Mango Pudding

    Favorite People : Parents
    Admire Most : future wife
    Future Wife Criteria : Long hair and gentle

    Dislike : Loneliness
    Dislike Most : impolite people
    Dislike Subject : History

    Unforgettable Place : Greece
    Unforgettable Moment : First Time In Recording Studio
    Respect Most : ancestors
    Most Desirable Things To Do : Get Married

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    ALS begins to gain some reputation in the Andy's fansite and English-speaking fans' community, thus was even tagged as "the most Comprehensive fan site for Andy Lau" or some claim the "best fan site for Andy Lau". However, good things don't last as the site went down in July 2003, the site never got revived even the domain name was stolen and now occupied by ads hoping someone will buy back with a high price. ALS remain "dead" till now, furthermore the initial successful collaboration never work out anymore.

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