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| Thursday, March 30, 2006

Andy Lau whom was well verse in calligraphy was invited by adidas to add in new elements for their new shoes as he personally drawn the shoes with 4 different themes, which is dragon, mask, calligraphy and kungful. He spend 10 days to draw them, among them he like the kungfu the most.

Andy says: "I've drawn according to Shaolin kungfu but presented in a more cute way."

He quipped that he has a nickname of "liu hua" which give him some idea to design the 4 pairs of shoes to have some "hua" flavour. Andy says: "Currently I'm looking at a time to auction these shoes and the fund raised will be used for charity purposes."

With regards to the Hong Kong government legislation plan against taking photographs of others secretly, Andy is fully supported of it but when told that if an artist was to be photographed when he was opening his curtains, the offender would not be penalised which disappoint him.

He says: "Initially the doctor told me to open the curtains when I wake up in the morning, with fear of the paparazzi, this is not good as it would create a health problem."

There might be a parade to show their disagreements to the paparazzi's action, Andy express that being one of the showbiz, he would surely attend.

news from: TVBS E-News
additional photographs from: Sina.com

| Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Andy Lau was in Causeway Bay to attend adidas adicolor 2006 fashion party in an adidas tore as he personally draw 4 pairs of limited edition high cut White Series-W2 adicolor HI-shoes as they're based on adicolo total white combination as the creative platform to blend with traditional arts for new creation as they were designed of 4 different designs in dragon, mask, calligraphy and kungfu. Andy also autographed on the shoes.

Andy expressed that he took a total of 10 days to design and draw the pictures, as he did not succeed for every pair as he used 5-6 old shoes for testings, the most difficult being the drawing of the dragon with a paper cutting as he express: "If I were to draw again, it will be present for friends or considered to sell in a charity auction but I'm not sure of the based price."

Currently, the Artiste Association had a meeting on legislate taking photographs without permission and eavesdropping, there was suggestion of a parade, Andy express that he support the idea: "I support a parade! But I think with just the strength of the artistes are not enough, if those good and healthy media workers to join in would be best and the matter would be ideal." Someone suggested that Andy taught the artistes some "18 stnts of martial arts" to counter the paparazzi, he disagree: "Violence doesn't solve any problem, the society will not accept it, thus it's better to pass to law to handle them. However after legislation, there will be still a grey area, if one whom didn't pull the curtains and got photograph, the paparazzi would be innocent, however if one would be photograph when he was in the middle of pulling his curtains, how to deal with the paparazzi? Legislation might not be a good idea too."

When talked about that his apartment seldom get paparazzi taking photographs secretly, Andy burst into laughters and quipped: "Touchwood!" With several artistes being photograph at their apartments recently, Andy quipped the artistes could wear a mask at home.

In addition, Sammi Cheng's fans complaint of Andy that he tipped Karen Mok of winning the Best Actress award in the upcoming Hong Kong Films Awards instead of Sammi. Andy revealed that people was asking whom he favours, but being on himself was nominated thus he did not express his feeling openly as it might be unfair. He feel that: "Sammi's acting is for all to see, all her films have many good results. I picked Karen as in encouraging and supporting a newcomer, she didn't have much films, in addition of she's nominated with the same movie as me, then I was the one whom suggested to the director to use her, of cause she will have added points, I'll vote for the 4 nominees."

With regards to the female fan in Lanzhou whom wish to meet him and her father need to sell his kidney in order to raise money to help her daughter, Andy urge the fan's father not to sell his kidney as it would make him more not to meet her.

news from: SingPao, SingTao News, MingPao, Oriental Daily News, China Times, Ta Kung Po, Wei Wen Po, Sun News

| Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Being nominated for the Best Actor award, Andy Lau attended the 25th Hong Kong Films Awards commemorative book revealing ceremony, the cover of the book featuring himself and 3 other nominated actors. The inside of the book has Jay Chou and a group of young actresses. Andy express that the phototaking with the other nominees was similiar to shooting a commerical for a fashion label.

Andy says: "Tony Leung Kar Fai said that he's standing tall waiting for victory while I'm at the front, when I see it, I saw so many people above me, I feel pressurise."

Alan Tam whom never openly admit that he has a wife, mistress and a 10-years-old son recently revealed the truth after his father's death as he wish the grandson could acknowledge his grandfather which force Alan to reveal his relationship the triangle relationship between himself, his wife and mistress.

Andy whom doesn't like to disclose his family matters was asked if he would arrange a good time to give Carol Zhu Liqian a name?

Andy replied: "My schedule would have to depend on god's arrangement."

news from: TVBS E-News

| Monday, March 27, 2006

In a span of 12 years, with her love for Andy Lau, a girl in Lan Zhou named Lin Juan transform from a student with good grade to a jobless, troubled teenager. Despite her poor family, her father had to "sell his kidney" to fulfill her dream. When told of the matter, Andy replied through his manager that what she did was "not correct, abnormal, unhealthy and unfilial", he decided that he would not answer to Lin's request and urge her to stop her unreasonable actions. Andy said: "I hate unfilial people, if one tried to use unhealthy ways in hope to meet him, I wouldn't bother with them."

With regards to Lin Juan's star chasing matter, other than CCTV reporting, DragonTV and Nanfang Daily went to report Lin Juan's 12 years craze on Andy and the price that she paid for. Since 16-years-old, Lin was crazy of Andy and neglect her studies as she told reporters: "My situation is different from other star chasers as my love for Andy is not only crazy and whole-hearted, I paid my youth as a price." Lin's father revealed to reporters: "If we failed to raise enough money, my daughter could not go to Hong Kong, what happens if my daughter suffer any mishaps, how am I and my wife going to carry on living?" With tears in his eyes, he wrote a letter address to Andy as he hope that Andy would meet his daughter.

Lin's father was told by doctor that selling one's organ in private is against the law thus he had to give up his idea of "selling his kidney".

Andy's Hong Kong management company spokesman express that they had yet received any letter from Lin nor his father thus unable to clarify on this matter. Howeverm Andy pointed out that Lin should stop such unreasonable ways and learn from other fans. Andy's management company revealed to reporters that fans from Mainland China just need to join the fan club and would get to meet Andy 3 times per year as fans are encourage not to chase their idol blindy and wasting money.

news from: Sina.com, Shengyang Evening Daily

Andy Lau attended Baleno's 100th branch opening at Tsz Wan Shan Centre yesterday, being the endorser of the company, he specially made an appearance to congratulate the 10th anniversary of Baleno.

As there was too many onlookers, in addition to Andy's fans, the whole centre was congested. The screams were deafening when Andy appeared on stage!

At the activity, Andy become the image consultant as he helped a male audience to makeover, the most comical is that the male audience wore the same white T-shirt as Andy, thus during the phototaking session, Andy quipped that they wore the Brokeback T-shirt! When asked why he said that, he answered: "Because we dressed like cowboys."

Andy revealed that he had collaborated with Baleno in the '80s with Chow Yun Fat and Ray Lui were also their endorsers, but when a new boss took over and invited him to collaborate for 7 years and it is a happy collaboration. When asked if his fees increase every year?

He quipped: "Correct, double the previous year's fees! (Since it's a happy collaboration, any consideration of designing clothes for them?) Never thought of it, because their market was young people, if I were to design, maybe it would be more Chinese flavour."

"I did suggested to them to release undergarments as the design is not important and comfort is more important! (You don't mind people knowing your size?) What to scare? I'm wearing size small! If I'm the endorser, they would not allow me to wear them to take photographs. (Why?) If I'm wearing small size, how am I going to take the photographs, such photographs are not for me!" After saying this, he was being quipped that he had a normal figure. He burst into laughters and sighs: "Male and female are different, we don't differ with ABCD mah."

With regards to the government considering stopping the paparazzi from invading privacy, Andy exclaimed that this ruling is just secondary as the best would be that all reporters need to obtain a "reporter license" to do away the bad reporters as they will report in the normal and correct way. Some of his friends thinks that when encountered with paparazzi, it's like meeting a villian as life get threaten and he thinks that life of an artiste is controlled on the hands of the media. With regards to the actions of the paparazzi, Andy can only sighs as if one's home also got invaded by the paparzzi, it would be really tough as the home is not home anymore. He added: "If everything operates as per normal and the artiste still get affected, then the artiste should reflect on his own."

Andy also pointed out that if the media has a professional consultant, and there's a ruling when one can file a lawsuit against the paparazzi, it would also required months or years to handle it, during the months or years of waiting, the paparazzi could make a big issue out of it, he says: "Before win or lose is decided, the paparazzi had already earned a lot of money."

In addition, Andy's All About Love had successfully nominated into the 49th San Francisco Film Festival, together with the movie, Gubra to fight for the highest honor, it's known that Andy plans to attend the event.

news from: SingPao, SingTao News, MingPao, Oriental Daily News, China Times, Ta Kung Po, Wei Wen Po, Sun News, Apple Daily News

| Sunday, March 26, 2006

Andy Lau, Teresa Mo, Chapman To, Yumiko Cheng and others attended the 25th Hong Kong Films Awards activity to announce the content of the special magazine. It was alleged that the woman behind him is Carol Zhu Liqian and had 2 children. Andy was asked if he would follow Alan Tam footstep to reveal his "family matters", he quipped that he would wait for heaven's arrangement and it's not the time yet.

During the activity, posters of this year's Best Actor and Best New Artiste were on displayed. Tony Leung Kar Fai whom was nominated for the Best Actor award with Everlasting Regret and Election, thus he took 2 spots in the poster whereas Andy whom was nominated with Wait 'Til You're Older said on the stage: "I've confidence to be the Best Actor for the third time!"

Although Andy did exclaimed that he's confident of winning the Best Actor award again but he said later: "I'm not confidence, I've watched all the nominees' movies and everyone had reasons to win the award!" When asked what's his reason to win the award, he answers: "The efforts should counts as I'm a kid to an old man in Wait 'Til You're Older, everyone said that I'm convincing and feel pain for the old man. I hope that every movie could move people, I've prepared myself for the award presentation ceremony, to appeared with confidence and gain some momentum!" With regards to Tony's felt that he would sure win the award, Andy admits and said: "He feel that he would win, in this way, I should have give myself confidence!"

When talked about good friend, Alan admitting that he had a wife (Shirely Yeung), mistress (Wendy Chu) and a 10-years-old son (Tam Hiu Fung), Andy said: "Everyone had their own time-table, some people had their own plannings, feeling that it's time for everyone to know some things, it might not be decided by the person, let heaven to do the arrangement.

I think Alan and Hacken (announcing his marriage) didn't plan this in advance, they said on their own will at the right timing." When asked when would he revealed his matters, Andy quipped: "I know you would ask me this question!" Andy put his hands beside his ear as if he's listening to instructions from heaven and said: "Not arranged yet!" When asked when would be the best time? He answers: "Heaven is the scriptwriter, whether it's happy or sad, parting ways or together are linked together, why spend time to arrange it?"

news from: MingPao, SingPao, Orienatal Daily News, Ta Kung Po

| Friday, March 24, 2006

A survey shows that people in the movie and showbiz business thinks that Hong Kong International Film and TV Market (FILMART) and Asia Film Financing Forum (HAF) are Asia's most important plaform. The survey was conducted by independent consultant Oracle Added Value as it interview 340 distributors and buyers from all over the world.

The survey shows that the top selling Hong Kong movie's genres is actions films followed by comedies, horror and drama.

The survey also approach professionals to understand the Hong Kong market's top 5 selling artistes and directors, this year's result as follows (arranged as per their English name) :

Top-selling actor: Andy Lau, Chow Yun Fat, Jackie Chan, Stephen Chow, Tony Leung Chiu Wai

Top-selling actress: Cecilia Cheung, Maggie Cheung, Carina Lau, Angelica Lee, Michelle Yeoh

Top-selling directors: Jackie Chan, Stephen Chow, Andrew Lau, Johnnie To, John Woo

news from: Wei Wen Po

Mainland China's diving prince Tian Liang was recently alleged to be together with Supergirl fame Ye Yi Qian as they were said to deeply in love for 2 months. They were alleged to fly together to Beijing and behave rather intimate, after a karaoke session, Tian Liang could not hold his affection as he gave Ye Yi Qian a kiss in full view of the driver.

She attended a Metro Radio interview and stress that she is only friends with Tian Liang. When asked if she had a boyfriend currently, she answers: "Nope, with regards to man that I admired is Andy Lau as his outlook and charisma suits me, when I hear he sing 'Ai Ni Yi Wan Nian', it's so nice."

news from: Ming Pao

Hong Kong Sina website organise an online voting for the Hong Kong Film Awards, a Hong Kong Film Awards Silver Selection was specially added this year for netizens to vote for their favorite Best Actor and Actress throughout these 25 years.

For the Best Movie, Days of Being Wild garned 3363 votes (39% of the total votes) which kept second place Infernal Affairs which garned 1783 votes.

Leslie Cheung of Days of Being Wild is leading the Best Actor category with 4423 votes (48% of the votes), whereas Andy Lau of Running Out of Time is second.

For the Best Actress category, leading is Rouge's Anita Mui followed by Maggie Cheung and Anita Yuen.

Meanwhile for the Hong Kong Film Awards, Initial D is leading for Best Picture, Andy of Wait 'Til you're Older is leading for Best Actor and Sammi Cheng of Everlasting Regret is leading for Best Actress.

news from: Ming Pao

| Thursday, March 23, 2006

Hong Kong singer Andy Lau's song - 'Zhong Guo Ren' (Chinese) was popular in Mainland China for a certain period and last year it was awarded by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission as the "most recomended patriot song among high school students". However it was criticise by Beijing Normal University's College of Chinese Language and Literature Professor Tao Tung-feng. He said that a line in the lyrics - "yellow skinned, black eyes and never changing smile" which show the Chinese's standard of a prefect Chinese, it uses the theme of patriot to express racism.

picture from: Sudden Weekly

Prof. Tao posted a paper titled "Beware Racism in Pop Songs" in Century China's website, it criticise the lyrics in Chinese clearly show racism as the lyrics describe the features of a Chinese which is yellow skinned and black eyes, which does not represent the identity of a race as currently a national state is a multi nationality union, which no regards of skin, hair, eyes and other features to be compared of.

picture from: Sudden Weekly

The paper also state that Taiwanese Lo Da Yuo and Hou De Jian's composition in 'Dong Fang Zi Zhu' and 'Long De Chuan Ren' which uses facial features to present a Chinese but underlying with some means of racism. With regards to Mainland China's composer Tang Yue Sheng's 'Qing Ai De Zhong Guo Wo Ai Ni' (Beloved China, I Love You) has a line in its lyrics "yellow skinned face is the flag of China" which is promoting racism as in admitting that those people whom were not yellow skinned and eyes not black were not citizen of China.

However, professors from Beijing Normal University and Hong Kong Baptist University were asked on the paper posted and they rebulked Tao's viewing point as they think that the few songs mentioned was referring to colonial periods when westerners and whites battling for power, which is actually anti-racism. Some netizens pointed out that it's nationalism rather than racism.

news from: Apple Daily News

| Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Michael Miu Kiu Wai whom returned to acting last year was in Guangzhou on 20 March to attend a press conference for a fashion label as he was the label's endorser.

In the 80's, Michael was one of the TVB 5 Tigers which leaves a deep impression to Hongkongers, when asked if the 5 of them would get together to collaborate in a movie? Michael feel that it would be difficult as all of them were busy. However, he would wish that the 5 of them would get together for a musical or talk show that will reflect the Hong Kong showbiz in the 80's as the 5 Tigers origin in the 80's as many Hongkongers grew up with them.

With regards to the recent allegation that "Andy Lau is a bisexual, Michael feel that it's impossible from his understanding of Andy and there was no signs showing his sexuality problem. When talked about Andy's favorite, Michael quipped that he has a forever lover, that is, bowling.

news from: Sina.com

| Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Currently Sun News is conducting a voting among its reader for this year's Hong Kong Film Awards, it can be seen the status of each nominated movies, directors and actors among the hearts of the Hong Kong citizens. However, the results seems to differ from the views of professionals.

Among the 5 nominated for Best Picture - 7 Swords, Perhaps Love, The Myth, Election and Initial D, Initial D occupied the number one spot with 31.3% of the votes, Perhaps Love second with 28%, meanwhile the Hong Kong film critics prefers Election.

For Best Director, Johnnie To of Election tops the votes with 37.8% which exceeded Andrew Lau and Tsui Hark. In the Best Actor voting, Wait 'Til You're Older's Andy Lau's votes had exceeded half of the votes, whereas Golden Horse Film Awards Best Actor Aaron Kowk of Divergence is second. In the eyes of the professionals, their favorite is Tony Leung Kar Fai whom was nominated with 2 movies garned less support, it can be seen the Hong Kong citizens' support of handsome actors.

For the Best Actress which nominees were from different ages, among them, Sammi Cheng of Everlasting Regret has the highest vote of 55.3%, she also won the hearts of the professionals. Zhou Xun, Karena Lam and Karen Mok garned similiar number of votes, while Sylvia Chang is the lowest with 3% of the votes.

news from: Sina.com

| Monday, March 20, 2006

As the boss of Focus Film, Andy Lau attended the afternoon premiere of the movie, I'll Call You at Causeway Bay as the cast Alex Fong, Lam Ka Tung, Viann Liang, Chan Kwok Kwan, Yuen Qiu and director Lam Tse Chung also attended. Andy then help Lam Tze Chung to wear the graduation hat and presenting the Focus First Cuts graduation certificate to him. On the certificate, it wrote: "Work hard to produce movies, use brains to love the audience."

It was also announced that I'll Call You will representing Hong Kong to compete in the 8th Udinese Film Festival in April where a bottle of champage was opened to celebrate the occassion. Andy expressed that it would crash with his trip to San Francisco for All About Love participating in San Francisco Film Festival with the director as Charlene Choi and Charlie Yeung could not attend, but he exclaimed that he really hope to show his support to Lam.

Andy express that he would only consider taking up movie offers only where there's a suitable script. When asked if Andy would use new directors for new projects, he answered that he would as well-known directors in Johnnie To, Andrew Lau and Chan Tat Sum had several projects on hand.

When asked what would be the theme of the movie, Andy exclaimed that he did notice the recent happenings in Hong Kong and would be interested to made them into movies. For example a man falling off a slope in Tai Lam Country Park and have to live on leaves for 7 days, Andy wanted to know why he brought 3 radios, and the recent shootout between three police officers that shook Hong Kong, he wanted to know how they met in the subway pedestrian crossing and the reason behind the shootout and how they open fire in point-blank range.

Andy quipped: "For the police shootout, it can be shot into a trilogy similar to Infernal Affairs, the title can be called Three Policemen in the Subway Pedestrain Crossing. (literally translated). However, I'm not sure if it will come true as we need copyright."

Andy added: "If this incident didn't happen, nobody would believe if it was written into a story, I'm very interested in this incident, it can be shot into a story, I feel that it's similiar to Infernal Affairs III."

Alex Fong is very excited of the movie going to a film festival, as he had to record for his new album but he would like to attend the film festival in Italy, he would tried his best to apply leave from his boss. He pointed out that he shot a scene with Andy and Andy was snatching the camera time from him. Alex added that he would like to reprise the fame Yang Gor role of Andy.

news from: Ming Pao, Sun News, Wei Wen Po, SingTao News, Oriental Daily News, Apple Daily News, ChinaTimes, Ta Kung Po

34-years-old Ng Ka Lok and 38-years-old princess of Chevalier Group - Violet Chow Wai Wai registered their marriage at a hotel with the blessing of their family members and friends. Several friends from showbiz attended which included Andy Lau, Eric Tsang, Lisa Wong, Lou Kar Hui, Lydia Sum, Yuen Biao, Woo Fung, Leo Ku, Felix Wong and his wife, Eddie Cheung Siu Fai and his wife, Tang Siu Chuen, Gigi Fu and Mui Siu Wai. Most of the guests wished them a blissful wedding and borne a child soon, however the couple thinks that they would let nature take its course.

Whenever "Diamond Bachelor" Andy attend a good friend's wedding, he would always being questioned.

Andy spotted Ka Lok appeared nervous when he exchanged his vows as he sighs: "What's there to nervous about?" When asked if he had experience of exchanging vows, he immediately said: "I just feel that he was stuttering, I'm so touched!" He was heard saying that he was touched during Ka Lok exchanging his vows, Lydia immediately asked him: "Since you're so touched, thus faster your turn!"

Andy was later asked by reporters if the scene really touched him, he said: "I'm really touched, Lydia didn't fasten me to get married." Andy then tried to change the topic: "I'll let you know if I'm going to hold a wedding dinner!" When asked if he had any feelings after seeing Ka Lok got married, he replied: "Ha! I think he (Ka Lok) should have more feeling for a bachelor like me."

news from: SingTao News, MingPao, Oriental Daily News, Wei Wen Po, Sun News

| Friday, March 17, 2006

In a recent report Hong Kong showbiz gay artistes exposed announced in the Internet is gathering the attention of netizens. Although the report didn't state the name of the artistes but from its description, netizens could analyze and uncover the secret, surprisingly, the handsome and manly heavenly king Andy Lau was tagged as being a bisexual.

The report stated that actually there are quite a few in the showbiz is gay but they're scared that their identity being revealed, it would affect their career thus throughout these years only the late Leslie Cheung and director Stanley Kwan Kam-Pang openly expressed their sexual orientation. Recently, an active gay Hongkonger in the showbiz revealed the "brokeback" namelist to the media, there are a total of 50 names, among them were popular singers and actors, behind-the-scene high officials and radio deejays. The report listed 18 high popularity "gay" but didn't announced their names as they were describe in details as in descriptive words that the person is a wealthy family son, singer-song writer, talented composer and Hong Kong Film Awards Best Actor.

When the news broke out, it appeared in Sina's website and netizens begin to post messages. From the messages posted, netizens revealed them one by one and unexpectedly, Andy and Simon Yam whom fans considered many females were in the list!

In the "brokeback" report, one artist whom although become a father but fail to change his sex orientation. "All along, although this gay father has a girlfriend but actually they played on their own, even though having a daughter recently but still fail to change his sex orientation, each of the husband and wife had their own excitement." As Simon and wife QiQi recently borne a daughter and with similiarity of the "gay father", netizen thinks that it was referring to Simon.

Whereas reported that "alleged to be married and have a daughter, but actually a killer of both sexes" Hong Kong Film Awards Best Actor, netizens thinks that it was referring to Andy as he was won Hong Kong Film Awards Best Actor before, alleged to marry alleged Malaysian girlfriend Carol Zhu Liqian and borne a daughter, this "Hong Kong Film Awards Best Actor" can be easily related to Andy.

In addition, talented lyricist Lin Xi, TVB artiste Bowie Lam, Wong He and singer Calvin Choi of Grasshopper made into the list of the netizens.

news from: Sina.com

Andy Lau whom is an actor for so many years as he collaborated with countless actress, he's experienced and natural with kissing scenes, he is so lucky as he even tried kissing with a dolphin before.

He was in Kunming earlier to shoot a new commercial for Taoti green tea which had collaborated with him for many years. The commerical narrates Andy going to the tea garden to look for new creativity.

During the shoot, the shooting crew bump into groups of goat and their breeder. The director then shoot on location as he invites the goats to join in the shoot. The black goat gave Andy a kiss on his forehead as a professional Andy had to endure the smell of the goat and its saliva for this take, this can be considered the hardest intimate scene he had filmed!

Andy stayed in Kunming for 3 days as he was location shooting at the tea garden, the director also approach a few tea leaves pickers to collaborate with Andy as they sing along as they pick. In addition, a group of children was arranged to play with Andy but during shooting, they bump into a goat breeder organising and asking his goats to move forward, they went past Andy and the children whom were standing in front of the tea tree, the director immediately shouted Cut and Andy assist the goat breeder to get the goats away from the camera, it's a comical sight.

After leaving the tea garden, the whole crew set off to a big grassland as once again bump into another goat breeder and his goats. The creative director immediately asked his crew member to approach the goat breeder to borrow one of his goat to shoot some angles. In the end, the goat breeder borrowed a black goat as the director request Andy to lie on the ground to shoot a scene where he communicate with the goat, unexpectedly the goat like Andy a lot as it was making noises and during the official shooting, the goat went forward to kiss Andy's forehead which gave Andy a scare but he could not move away as the director didn't shouted Cut thus he had to give a bitter expression as the crew members burst into laughters.

Andy says: "The director wanted to take a angle where I communicate with the goat, in the end instead of one, we take a total of 7 takes as we need to wait for the goat to make noise to me as if it was communicating with me, initially the goat refuse to make any sound, sigh.... this is the century's hardest to tackle intimate scene as the smell from the goat cannot be describle, it's so strange as it kiss me, it gave a spicy feeling, plus its saliva!"

news from: SingPao, SingTao News, MingPao, Oriental Daily News, ChinaTimes, Ta Kung Po, Wei Wen Po, Sun News