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| Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Andy Lau is a undisputed busy man, he would be the most relax during the Chinese New Year holidays as he need not work thus could stay in Hong Kong to gather with his parents. Andy is the Ambassador of Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, as this year is the Year of Dog, he paid a visit to the dolphins and sea-dogs. Andy says: "Dolphins represents peace and harmony, everybody will be happy and things goes smoothly."

When Andy arrived at the Ocean Park, he was told that there was no sea-dog but rather only seals, he was told by the crew members that seals were called sea-dogs in some countries, Andy says: "I've never made friends with sea-dogs, never shake their big hands, it blew air at me and show me it's tongue, so mischievious."

When Andy visited the sea creatures, concidentally God of Fortune, God of Success, Wealth & Longevity were filming Chinese New Year commercial, he get to collect a red packet from the God of Fortune, he quipped: "Able to meet the God of Fortune and collect 2 red packets from him is good, there's also God of Fortune, God of Success Wealth & Longevity, this represent this year I would be bless with fortune, wealth and longevity."

As the past year has be work, work and work, he had a phobia of flying due to his frequent jetting around, he says: "I took at least 70 flights last year, I took the most flights during my concert's world tour and promotion in Taiwan, took a flight early in the morning then back in Hong Kong by midnight, that's scary!"

After completing his jobs and return to Hong Kong, Andy need not travel around as he would kept on eating at home, he says: "I weight myself and found out that I put on 8 pounds!" When asked if his new year wish is to lose weight? Andy says: "Actually everyone tell me that I'm very thin, I think I should wish to put on weight when required, not become a fatso, I wish I need not take so many flights this year!"

news from: Apple Daily News

8-nights Hacken Lee 2006 Concert was held at the Hong Kong Coliseum on 29 Jan to welcome the Year of the Dog.

After the countdown to the Chinese New Year, Andy Lau appeared to send greetings to one another and Andy quipped that he's the mascot of Hacken. They then duet 'Cai Sheng Dao' and 'Gong Xi Fa Cai' and several other Chinese New Year's songs with Hacken.

While singing, both of them distributed red packets, meanwhile they also collected some red packets from the audience. Andy then tell Hacken: "Next year, I'll follow you to announce amy marriage.... in order to win the Most Popular Male Singer."

Hacken then replied: "Then, I could not become your best man!"

Andy quipped: "Silly! I won't follow you to say such things in award presentation ceremony."

news from: Ming Pao, Sina.com, Oriental Daily News

| Sunday, January 29, 2006

Entering the Year of the Dog, Andy Lau uses a special way to send his greetings to MingPao readers. Accompanied by 'fortune dog' Jackal, Andy wrote a calligraphy "Stronger Society" to send out his blessing of 'yun zhuan qian kun' (changing for the better!) Andy is a strong person in showbiz, facing difficulties resulted him to peak even higher. Hong Kong is facing different challenges and accepting new challenges. Andy wishes to use his calligraphy to motivate Hongkongers.

For the past year, Andy had been location shooting in different places and seldom stay in Hong Kong. Chinese New Year is his only holiday this year thus he chose to enjoy the holiday with his family and friends in Hong Kong. Quoting the phobia of flying, Andy enjoyed the Home Sweet Home feeling, after the needed rest to recharge himself, he could fight again.

His work schedule is tight as his first work for the new year is Metro concert on 10 Feb, his new album is being worked out, shooting of a new movie would start in May, Andy would want his fans to see him more often in the Year of the Dog.

Talking about dogs, he says: "When I was staying at Diamond Hill, my family rares a dog, it's a working dog, its main responsibilities was to look after our house and catching mices. Then, I never rare any dog." For a person whom never get enough sleep, he never consider keeping a pet. "If I've the free time, I really chose to communicate with human, give more time to accompany my family, show concern to them isn't more important?"

Although you had seen Andy perform calligraphy at other venues before, this time round 4-years-old Golden Retriever Jackal accompanied him as 'fortune dog'. Jackal is the precious pet of the studio owner, although baring a fierce name, actually it is mischievous as it chase, bark, run and jumps during the photo-shoot. Lucky it stand quietly to watch Any writes the calligraphy and never mess around. It also acomodate Andy to do the 'gong xi' action to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year!!

news from: MingPao

The Year of the Dog is always prosperous for Andy Lau, his fans were spreaded around the world, even classic cartoon character Snoopy became his dans. Earlier, they met to send their Chinese New Year greetings to Sun News' readers!

Both Andy and Snoopy were idol of the media, never expected Snoopy was attracted to Andy's handsome look as it tagged him as "Super Idol". Snoopy bring his good friends - Charlie Brown and Lucy to Andy World Club to fill up membership application form but never expect they bump into their idol.

When Snoopy see Andy, it dashed forward to kiss and touches him. With such close contact, Andy have no reaction at all, actually the 3 of them mistaken the classic Andy standboard at the hall as the real mcCoy. Although making a fool of themselves, but knowing the arrival of these rare guests, Andy treated them well and invited them to take some photographs for the Chinese New Year, he also kiss each of them which excites Snoopy.

It was said that those born in the Year of Ox would prosperous in the Year of Dog, and would get chances of being promoted. Andy recapped the 3 Year of the Dog and indeed big happening occurred. He narrates: "In 1970, I was only 9-years-old, had my first and only pet dog named Jargar. In 1982, I was 21-years-old, in my first drama serial Eagle Hunter, as a TVB artist, I wishes Mr. Run Run Shaw a Happy Chinese New Year and collect red packets from him, that was great! In 1994 when I was 33-years-old, could be considered as an important year for my career, although my own company was folied but my song - 'Wang Qing Shui' became a classic, it was fruitful for my career!"

In to the new year, Andy hopes his work will continue to improve: "Hope Wait 'Til You're Older will bring me good news as it help me to win the Best Actor at the Hong Kong Films Awards, that would be Very Good!!!"

news from: Sun News, Oriental Daily News

| Saturday, January 28, 2006

Cyma of Switzerland is introducing a watch which caseback is engraved with Andy Lau's signature in a limited edition of 1,800 pieces. Each watch comes with a unique serial numbers and Certificate of Authenticity. Part of the sale will be donated to the "Andy Lau Charity Foundation" to help those in need.

Click HERE

| Friday, January 27, 2006

Well-known saxophonist Kenny G held his musical earlier in Hong Kong and Wong Lee-Hom was his special guest performer.

After collaborating with Andy Lau and Wong Lee-Hom, Kenny G expressed that both of them could not be used to compare, "Andy is a mega-star and good actor, he's a good man, we still keep in contact, Wong Lee-Hom does different type of music, always try new style of music which is rather Hip Hop."

news from: MingPao

Don Li's birthday is on the 25th of this month, his record company and fans specially held a birthday party for him.

At the party, fans prepared all kinds of present for him but he exclaimed that he wished to receive the present from Andy Lau. Andy had promised to give him a bowling ball earlier, he express: "I saw him use it in bowling alley before, very stylish, he promise to give one to me, hopefully he fulfill his promise soon, it would be best that it comes with his autograph!"

| Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Courtesy of good friend Cally Kwong, Heavenly King Andy Lau gets to borrow glamours pet Bichon Frise - Cash for Lunar New Year phototaking. Initially Andy thought that he was not familiar with Cash thus need more time to nurture relationship with it, however when Cash came into the photo studio, Andy quipped: "Why you find a woolly doll?" Cash is a professional dog artist as it could get close to Andy, throw hat around as the shooting was completed within one hour.

Andy whom had just completed the shooting of the movie, Battle of Wits, he kept moustache for 4 months for the movie, he insist shaving it off before the photo shoot to return to his clean handsome look which is more suitable to the Lunar New Year feel.

This year, Andy borrow Cash, good friend Cally's adored pet for photo-taking. Cally loves Cash very much as she design table calendar, mobile phone pouch and other products for it, with Cash's outlook, which look rather glamours, with its good name, approaching it to take photographs could trasmit good luck in the new year and good fortune blessings.

Actually Andy once have a pet dog but due to his busy work schedules, he had not time for his pet dog, whereas he get to collaborate with dog quite often. On seeing Cash's big head, Andy feel that it look like a woolly doll, he also enjoyed playing with it in the studio.

Last year, he was busy with his concert tour in Mainland China, Andy took 40 flights in total, he had phobia when talked about jet planes. For the Lunar New Year, he would stay in Hong Kong to gather with his family and help his mother to decorate the house. Andy would also follow his plan to release a new Mandarin album.

news from: Apple Daily News, udn news

The finale music award ceremony - 28th RTHK Top 10 Mandarin Hits Award was successfully held 2 nights ago as Eason Chan was the night's biggest winner with 7 awards thus adding to a total of 21 awards in the 4 ceremonies to become the Media Award winner.

This is the fourth time that Eason won the Media Award but he express that this is the first time that he didn't share the award with other singers as in his previous win, he share the award with Faye Wong, Kelly Chen, Andy Lau and Joey Yung. Out of his 7 awards, Eason express that he's delighted to win the Country's Most Popular Male Singer (Silver) as in the past one year, he indeed spent a lot of time promoting in Mainland China, he admit defeat to Andy winning the Gold award as he think if Andy is absent in award presentation ceremonies, he feel that the leader was not around.

It was alleged that this would be the last RTHK Top 10 Mandarin Hits Award, Mr. Cheung Man Sun, Assistant Director of Broadcasting expressed that he had not heard of the allegation and stress that RTHK Top 10 Mandarin Hits Award will not be nailed.

During the rehearsal of the ceremony, Andy was told by the crew member on the news of RTHK Top 10 Mandarin Hits Award to be nailed. He feel that it would be a pity as he feel that RTHK should not hesitate whether to have the event but rather consider if the audience like it, if the audience like it, RTHK should carry on the event.

When asked if he would like RTHK Top 10 Mandarin Hits Award to continue, Andy expressed that of course he would like RTHK Top 10 Mandarin Hits Award to continue as there would another ceremony for him to win more awards, he quipped: "Everyone should consider if they should collaborate to hold a music award ceremony, in the meantime should do survey of the audiences' level of loving the ceremony before making any decision, of course I would like RTHK Top 10 Mandarin Hits Award to continue as there would be more awards, if not how to win the Media Award, Haha, I believe the fans will still support them. To me, I had experience the audience's cheer, no matter if it will still exist, I'll remember it."

Andy express that when he read through the RTHK Top 10 Mandarin Hits Award magazine that night, he discover that he was crowned Country Most Popular Male Singer for 6 consecutive years, he says: "If without the award ceremony, I don't know what to do, of course I won't know for how long can I win this award. (Mr. Cheung Man Sun said that it would continue?) That would be great."

Andy added that he was satisfied with 6.5 award won at RTHK Top 10 Mandarin Hits Award. When asked about Eason referring him to be a senior singer, Andy quipped: "I think I am."

news from: Ta Kung Po, Wei Wen Po, SingPao, Oriental Daily News, Sun News

Korean actor Choi Si Won participating in the shooting of Battle of Wits was his first time location shooting in Mainland China, he don't used to the food and living condition there as he had a "stranger losing his way" feeling.

This is Choi's first movie and his partner being Andy Lau makes him excited as it was like a dream. It's because he had adore Andy since young and he was very nervous when he see Andy in the flesh for the first time. He says: "Andy is very friendly, he take care of me like a little brother, we soon find the chemistry in our collaboration. I feel that he's a very cheerful person, he taught me magic and carve a picture for me, he also guide me on the things to take note during shooting."

He added that he's interested to venture into Hong Kong as he's curious of Hong Kong. When asked if which Hong Kong artistes that he would like to collaborate, he says: "The artist that I would like to collaborate had came true, he's Andy. In addition, I hope to collaborate with Jackie Chan and Maggie Cheung as I always watched their movies when I'm young in South Korea, their acting was terrific, I like them."

news from: Ta Kung Po, Wei Wen Po

More than 1 month of music awards presentation ceremonies had finally came to the last one. Eason Chan whom had already won 14 awards in the previous 3 ceremonies win a further 7 awards in RTHK Top 10 Mandarin Hits Awards to win the Media Award with a total of 21 awards.

Although Joey Yung lose out in the Media Award but she won the most awards among all female singers. Andy Lau whom was tagged as the evergreen in music awards ceremonies also won several important awards. Andy, Eason and Joey were the biggest winners for the night.

Andy whom had been busy from start to end of the year, kept jetting around finally could find some time to spend the Lunar New Year with his family.

He says: "For this year's Lunar New Year, I should be staying in Hong Kong as I've just wrap up the shooting of my movie, I think I'll rest for a while, should be spending with my family."

news from: TVBS E-News

After winning a Golden Globe Awards with his movie - Brokeback Mountain , Taiwanese director Lee Ang had completed his promotion in Taiwan, he jetted off to Hong Kong to start his world promotion as he joins Golden Horse Film Awards Best Actor Andy Lau to discuss about Brokeback Mountain.

Andy and Lee Ang look at independent movies from Brokeback Mountain in the seminar. Although Andy had yet find time to watch Lee Ang's latest movie but he still remember Lee Ang once quoted that he would collaborate with him once he won the Best Actor award in Golden Horse Films Awards.

When talked about gay theme movies, Andy express that he will try to accept. He says: "Actually gay is rather a common sight in society, this one thing we could not deny, thus I hope that if there's one that could attract those that think this theme is horrible to watch it, I think it'll do, I could accept it as I will watch such theme movies."

Lee Ang feel that Andy is very cute and could become his Brokeback Mountain. Lee said: "I think that Andy had worked hard for so many years, he had break his artist's charisma barrier, he's one actor that I respected."

news from: TVBS E-News

| Tuesday, January 24, 2006

At the 28th RTHK Top 10 Mandarin Hits Awards presentation ceremony, Andy Lau had the most fans among the audience thus whenever he win an award and get to sing a song, the atmosphere at the Hong Kong Coliseum transformed to be his solo concert.

news from: Apple Daily News

RTHK 28th Top 10 Mandarin Hits Award presentation ceremony was held at the Hong Kong Coliesuem last night to conclude the 4 major stations' music award ceremonies. Eason Chan was the final biggest winner as he won the 4-station joint presented Media Award with a total of 21 awards. Andy Lau and Joey Yung won the Country's Most Popular Male and Female Singer.

Andy whom had entered showbiz for so many years but he had never won a newcomer award thus RTHK arranged him to be the prize presenter for the newcomer award. When the compere passed the award to him, he quipped that he was presenting the award to Andy. Andy quipped: "You're joking with me, so easily and happily presenting me this award, what do you want?" The compere also describe Andy as "music industry's lucky star".

The orgainser started off by presenting the Golden Pin award to Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra before giving out the Top 10 Best Singers to Andy, Joey, Miriam Yeung, Eason, Hacken Lee, Leo Ku, Denise Ho, Twins, Jay Chou and Justin.

Andy also won the Country's Most Popular Mandarin Hit Song (Gold) and Country's Most Popular Male Singer. When Andy receive the Male Singer award, he express that no matter how many awards he had won in the past, he would still work his life to continue to win awards.

He says: "I hope people in every part of the world would feel my happiness and music, thanks for everyone's support for so many years, I'm feeling great today because I don't know how many awards I could win how many awards in future, currently I've a group of people which I don't have for so many years that I'm singing, thanks to them, I'll continue to fight with my life to win awards."

When Liu Xuan present the award to Andy, he expressed that Andy is suitable to be the image ambassador for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Andy also hope that the Olympics approach him to be its mascot as he would continue to work hard and write a song for the Olympics.

Andy added that although this might be the last RTHK Top 10 Mandarin Hits Awards but what important was the applause from everyone.

:: More picture of RTHK 28th Top 10 Mandarin Hits Awards here

news from: Ta Kung Po, SingPao, Sina

Short note: Red HOT NEWS 'just out from the oven', you read it FIRST here in ALS!!!

RTHK Top 10 Mandarin Hits Awards presentation ceremony was held on 23 Jan 2006, this awards ceremony started in 1979, this year is the 28th year. As the finale of all music award ceremonies in Hong Kong, thus it catches the most attention from music fans.

Eason Chan was the night's biggest winner with a total of 6 awards as he walks away with the World's Chinese Top Hit Song, Joint 4 Station Media Award and Best Male Singer, Andy Lau was second with a total of 5 awards which includes Country's Most Popular Male Singer (Gold Award), Country's Most Popular Mandarin Song. Jay Chou and Joey Yung were the Year's Top Selling Male and Female Singer.

Andy's 'Zai Shou Yi Ci Wo Ai Ni' was the second hit song announced. When receiving his award, Andy expressed that he had pass the age of telling everyone that he love you but he was touched by the fans' support and thanks everyone that this song was still adored by everyone before singing the song.

The awards that Andy won at the 28th RTHK Top 10 Mandarin Hits Awards were:

  • Top 10 Mandarin Hit Song: 'Zai Shou Yi Ci Wo Ai Ni'

  • Best Mandarin Hit Song (Bronze): 'Zai Shou Yi Ci Wo Ai Ni'

  • Top 10 Best Singer

  • Country's Most Popular Male Singer (Gold)

  • Country's Most Popular Mandarin Hit Song (Gold): 'Zai Shou Yi Ci Wo Ai Ni'

news from: Sina.com

| Monday, January 23, 2006

It had been years since Andy Lau and Maggie Cheung collaborate in a movie and both of them deny collaborating in new movie, 'Ti Tian Xing Dao' .

There was allegation that director Wong Jing is preparing a thriller 'Ti Tian Xing Dao' with plans of inviting Andy and Maggie to collaborate, Maggie would be collecting a 8-figure fee and Andy had read the script.

When rectifying with Maggie's management company, a spokesman expressed that he had not heard of or read the script for 'Ti Tian Xing Dao' , furthermore Maggie would not be accepting any new movie offers.

Meanwhile, Andy's Taiwan's Focus Films replied on allegation that Andy had read the script was a mis-quote as Andy never read the script and nobody had discussion with him on casting him in this movie.

Andy and Maggie had collaborated in classic like As Tears Goes By some 18 years ago, where they had a passionate kiss inside the telephone booth for 10 seconds which leaves a deep impression to movie fans. Although Andy and Maggie are a compatible pair on-screen but they seldom collaborate, only in What a Hero and Days of Being Wild. Their 1988's collaboration in As Tears Goes By being their 'closest' collaboration.

Andy had exclaimed that he hope to collaborate with Maggie again but he had mentioned earlier that there must be a good script before they could collaborate.

news from: Sina.com

Two nights of Luk Fook Jewellery Stefanie Sun In Concerts Part II was successfully completed 2 nights ago and it attracted best friend Sammi Cheng whom seldom appeared in public recently to show her support among the audience. Sammi also went to backstage to celebrate with Stefanie which delights her.

The other guests among the audience were Peter Lam, Kwok Kai Wah and Kenny Kwan. The performing guests includes Chet Lam, Tanya Chua and mystery guest Andy Lau. Sammi whom was dressed in a black blouse with peach red scraf was accompanied by her manager Kwok Kai Wah, she had resumed her "seed shaped face" and appeared refreshing, she looked concentrated watching the performance. On seeing her old partner Andy's appearance, she applause loudly amd Sammi left with her manager after watching Andy performed.

It was told that during Sammi's fans gathering in the afternoon, she revealed that she would collaborate with Andy again in a Peter Lam invested, Chan Tat Sum directed new movie.

Stefanie could have been touched by her songs' lyrics which bring up her pain of her recent failed relationship as her eyes were teared after singing 'Wo De Ai' and 'Hai Pa', she tried to hold back her tears until the appearance of Andy which bring back the smile to Stefanie's face. When she introduce Andy, she said: "Recently many people was asking of my private matters, but I already have my "prince charming" and we had not met for 5 years, when I yet venture into Hong Kong, I'm so nervous and excited when I see him, although he doesn't know me but he's very friendly, easy to get along and he chatted with me, today I've a feeling that I'll meet him."

At this time, Andy was slowly raised onto the stage and Stefanie took the initiative to request: "Can you hug and kiss me?" Andy mischievously wipe his mouth and says: "Hope everyone allow me to enjoy this kiss." After kissing both Stefanie's cheek, a delighted Stefanie quipped: "Kiss twice!" Andy gave a OK hand signal while Stefanie gave a "V" hand sign and appeared excited. Andy then quipped that he was sent by the Chief Executive to represent Hong Kong to welcome the special guest (Stefanie) and pointed that she was too skinny thus need to slow down when talking and hugging her as he quipped: "I'm so nervous as I've never seen such a skinny female before, can you be hugged", the audience burst into laughters.

Both of them then hold hands and walked towards the audience, as Andy didn't bring his camera thus he asked the fans to help him take photographs and remind them to mail it to him.

When Stefanie went backstage to change her costume, Andy quipped: "Take your time, I've prepared 11 songs to sing." Andy sang 'Zai Shou Yi Chi Wo Ai Ni'.

During the post-concert celebration, when asked if she's happy that Andy was her performing guest, a delight Stefanie said: "I'm, he's very gentleman, really happy to see him as my performing guest. He's a very experienced singer, he should know what to say and bring out the atmosphere."

news from: Oriental Daily News, Sun News, Apple Daily News, SingTao News, SingPao, MingPao, Wei Wen Po

| Sunday, January 22, 2006

Two nights of Luk Fook Jewellery Stefanie Sun In Concerts Part II was held successfully and the special performing guest for the night was Andy Lau.

Sammi Cheng whom had not made any public appearance for a long time was also present to show her support.

Stefanie Sun express that she was delighted to complete the 2 nights concert as she could finally relax and jet back to Singapore to celebrate Lunar New Year, however she would only have a few days of holiday before starting work again.

news from: Sina.com