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| Wednesday, August 31, 2005

In the afternoon of 29 August, heavenly king Andy Lau seize some free time of his Mainland China concert tour to hold a press conference for his movie - All About Love in Shanghai.

The movie is a collaboration between Media Asia and Andy's Focus Film, directed by Andy's classmate Derek Yu, other than himself in the cast, there are one half of Twins - Charlene Choi, Charlie Yueng and Mainland China singer Allen Wu.

In the movie, Andy played 2 different character, one male from the novel, a medical firemen officer, a perfect man, a realistic man, have a sick wife, one whom always lose temper and result in breaking off. Andy express that although the 2 character of different characters, but you'll feel a transit between prefect and one with disadvantages.

Andy thinks that it's not hard to encounter crash of personality as playing the 2 characters allows him to be in a transit between romantic and reality, the difficulties in playing the 2 characters is also a challenge to him, it's a great feeling to be able to handle matters in reality and dream, you would be able to experience the prefect feeling.

It was earlier in a Hong Kong visit that Charlene talked about kissing with her idol as she feel embrasses! With Andy's actual age so much older than Charlene, he was asked if there are any funny incident when filming the kissing scene? Andy quipped: "There isn't any funny incident, I kinda enjoy it!!!!"

Andy also expressed that he and Charlene do looked like father and daughter but I thought that I get close to her thus she won't feel being distance, I also did my homework by asking my colleagues ways of getting along with younger people, we communicate well, we also get along well but when shooting starts, we become very serious and collaborate well, although I'm older but old with charisma, you don't feel my attraction?

With regards to the movie having the same name as his album, the media was curious if he did it to make it easier during promotion? Andy denied and claim that it's a concidence, as the album, radio drama, comic and movie used the same name as he hope people will use the same phrase of words to do what they wanted to do, he think that he need not explain as he only want to tell everyone "Say I Love You One More Time".

Being in showbiz for so many years, experienced many matters with human, he feel that he's using this chance to tell everyone to chersih their time and tell their loved one - "I Love You One More Time", if not they'll regret of their missed chance as one need to show care and concern to the ones by their side.

When the media talked about Anita Mui, although Andy didn't officially replied about the allegation, but from his words, Anita is a sad memory to him, he had many different person in his life, they all made me feel something meaningful, my teacher also left me last year, he changed my life, without him, all would now see the him of today, they all made me feel that I'm late telling them this phrase, they made me feel the pain when they left me, hope those whom still have the chance to say this phrase to your loved ones, seize the chance and express your love to them.

news from: ent.qq.com

Earlier there was news that Andy Lau's face was almost disfigure when shooting Wait Till You're Older as it was confirmed by the movie company yesterday. From a woman disguise in Running Out of Time to a fatso in Love On A Diet until the muscleman in Running On Karma.

Throughout these years, Andy kept torturing his own image until this year's Wait Till You're Older as he went through the danger of being disfigure by allowing chemical gel poured on his face for 8 different images. The after effects of the makeup result his skin to be thin and red spots near his mouth which will cause pain when he shaved, he also need avoid eating seafood. The doctor expressed that his skin sensitive will carry on and the only way is preventing it from getting worst.

As Andy had many promotions earlier, if he didn't put on any makeup, the side of his mouth would be red thus he had to use some powder to cover it which will in terms create more damage to the skin. His mother was touched after watching the movie and was worried of her son's skin, "Although he didn't told us about this, but at his age he still torture his own face by pouring chemical gel on his face, this is not good for his health."

Andy promise her mother's request and asked his assistant to check on the condition of an insurance on his face, he says: "I also wanted to give my mother some consolidation, I think my face was insured for $5000,000."

Before the interview started, reporter was reminded not to mention Wait Till You're Older and questions asked would not be answered, although it was also Andy's movie but with All About Love a production of his own company, being a boss, he could only shake his head.

All About Love is an artistic movie, the story is from his album of the same name as he played 2 different characters, to prevent piracy, the movie will premiere worldwide at the same date, that is, 25 October.

When talked about the screening date, Andy sighs: "We're just a small company, in Novemeber, movies for Chirstmas and Easter Day had been arranged, no slot for artistic movie thus we can only be arranged to be screened in October." Didn't Andy went to discuss personally, he express: "They knew that it's my company by just hearing the name, my colleague had try their best discussing, why I want to go and hit the wall? Further said, there are only 24 hours per day, I've no time for such matter."

Andy sighs: "Because artistic movies don't earned money, thus there are lesser artistic movie in Hong Kong." To produce an artistic movie, some risk must be taken, with regards to the box office collection of All About Love, Andy doesn't have a high expectation: "Normally artistic movie can collect $6 million while normal movie can collect $10 million, producing an artistic company logically is losing money. The content of this movie attracts people, I forecast it can collect $8 million, anyway I'm not pressurise, it's okay it don't do well."

Although the case, Andy didn't lower his asking fee, "Thus the earning at the end would be more accurate, if not it'll be too fake." However in order to save money, he's also calculative: "Normally people use $200 to shoot the scene, I request everyone to settle it with $200. I did a market research before, if you invest $200 you could earn $300, if I don't think like that, many people will worry that I lose money, they're more worried than me."

In the movie, Andy played 2 person of different characters but in real life, Andy had a bad temper as when he goes out from home, he'll remind his sick father to eat his medicine and not eat things that he's not supposed to eat but his father didn't take his advice which angers him.

Andy says: "Of course I can't vent my anger at reporters, if I encounter questions that I don't wishes to answer, I won't hate him, I understand that it was the requirement of your job. Furthermore, those whom are closer to me at work would get hurt but they understand why I'm angry." In the company, Andy was nicknamed as "demon" because of his temper and picky character, "During post editing, I'll call them 3-5 minutes later and request for a sample, they find me troublesome."

news from: Sina.com

It had been six days since Cen Haoran, 7 was attacked by 2 men as he continue to stay in hospital for treatment as many Hongkongers went to visit him at the hospital to show their care and concern. Although they could not meet Cen in person but the care and concern shown moved people's hearts.

Cen's idol - Andy Lau also send a flower with a regards of wishing him a speedy recovery to him.

news from: Apple Daily News

| Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Compere A-Ya whom adores heavenly king Andy Lau for a long time exclaims that he still adores him.

She exclaimed that Andy's serious in his work makes her experience the charisma of a real man. When talked about this, she can't help but showing her fingers to the reporter and describe: "Then, Andy teaches me a theory, you look at the 5 fingers, isn't that the thumb need the support of the other fingers in order to complete a task, even though he (thumb) was the shortest, he's still the big brother."

news from: Sina.com

For All About Love, Andy Lau came to Shanghai for the second time in the space of 10 days. However, what's difference is that the previous was for his album, whereas this time round was for the movie of the same name. Being actor, investor and producer, although Andy was rather "used" to the love story of All About Love but he says confidently: "This is rather an artistic movie, want to compare with Wong Kar Wai! Although the review might lose out to him, but I think I can still get good box office collection."

Having invested HK$10 million in the artistic movie, Andy doesn't feel pressurise of the box office, "To be able to collect HK$6 million in box office is a common figure in Hong Kong, if it can collect HK$8 million, I think I've won." With regards to the review of the movie, Andy doesn't feel pressurise at all, "I think there is no problem with the movie, I've confidence in my own movie."

Confidence is what the producer in Andy as he maintain his high standards from start till the post editing of the movie. "When shooting started, I've already decided everything with the crew member. I request to be actor Andy Lau during shooting. After the movie finished shooting, I'll gave them a phone call after 3 minutes to ask them if the take was good. Could they mail it to me to take a look?" He knew that his actions is very troublesome to the crew members but he also doesn't like the title of "boss", he says: "When I was addressed boss by them, suddenly I felt so pressurise!"

Director Derek Yee once exclaim that Andy was "too stupid" as since he know that he'll lose money but he still invest in movies. It seems that Andy had slimmed down as compared to when he collected the Golden Horse Films Awards, he seems to lack concentration as questions had to repeated several times before he understand them. But when heard of the word "retire", Andy suddenly become very sensitive, he says: "Nope, I still have many project plans, take for example, I wish to have a good script to collaborate with Maggie Cheung again, as she managed to moved me some 10 years ago, I wanted to find out if I can still be moved by her? " Although he didn't state properly, Andy indicate that in the Hong Kong original version of As Tears Goes By, his character didn't die, thus the thought of a sequel was in his mind for a long time.

news from: dfdaily.com

| Monday, August 29, 2005

News reports as per Andy's concert tour kicks off in Xi-an, anyway, more pictures below:

news from: Apple Daily News, MingPao, Ta Kung Pao, Wei Wen Pao

Recently, Andy kept jetting to Taiwan for his promotion of his latest Mandarin album, with his tight schedule, he could only eat to de-stress. On seeing a table full of his favourite food, Andy appeared spirited again as being in Taiwan for so many years, he had ate many local food as he quipped that he had eat like a Taiwanese.

What Andy ate is very "normal". He love the small dishes of Fu Xing Road's porridge especially its porridge with beancurd. Seizing some free time from his promotion, he ate the dishes again, he claims: "Small dishes of Taiwanese porridge tasted the best!"

Andy loves the rice cake, soy bean drink. "When I was on the plane to Taiwan, I kept thinking of the rice cake and soy bean drink." The crew member had prepared the items for him in his nanny car as he could taste them when he went onto the car. He could eat them everyday and would not get sick of them, especially its you tiao, spicy steamboat is not to be missed and he had a special way of eating rice cake as he would eat the suff the yu tiao into the rice cake and eat them together.

There was once he's shooting a commercial, the crew member bought for him Japanese eel mealbox, on seeing the sauce, he quickly minced the you tiao and dipped into the sauce before stuff it into the rice, everybody follow him and indeed it create a different taste.

Andy loved to eat roasted duck tongue and duck wings as he would always order from a famous shop in Tainan. He also discover a nice shop which sell duck tongue in Nanjing East Road, the shop also sells bambusa which he ate several plates.

Andy always carves for Taiwan's guava, honey tomatoes, peaches but he don't like squid beehoon and sweet sour soup as he says: "I don't like the sticky feeling."

After his promotion in Taiwan, Andy will start his concert tour in Mainland China, there's allegation that his alleged Zhu Liqian accompanied him on his trips and this will be his last concert tour. Andy whom always doesn't answer allegations, but with regards to his last concert tour, he clarify: "I'll continue to sing until I cannot sing, I'll have concert again next year!"

news from: udn news

| Sunday, August 28, 2005

Andy Lau's Mainland China concert tour kicks off last night at Xi-an as it was a full capacity crowd of 40,000, some even camp outside the venue to listen to the songs for free. Before the concert ended, more than 10,000 gathered outside the venue and Andy had to mislead the crowd by leaving the venue in a police car to get back to the hotel while Andy's private car which all his crew members sat in was surrounded by the fans as they thought Andy was in there.

For this tour, Andy will have 9 stations which includes Xi-an, Wuxi, Zheng Zhou, Wuhu, Shengyang, Guiyang, Zuo-si, Changsha and Hailing, it will end at the end of September. For this year coming to China again, Andy quipped that he had to come as the response for last year's concert was too good as he doesn't have the time to go to other areas last year thus several organisers approached him, hoping that he could perform in their area, thus he came this year which will satisfy the other fans.

After a year, Andy return to the stage which was more grand that last year as more efforts was used on the stage's lightings and decoration, the red gaint door was re-made and 2 gaint Roman sculptures. Andy appeared onstage riding on a horse with red laterns hanging, a gaint 'shuai' (handsome) banner, the fans cheered him on.

For this concert tour, Andy cut his hair short again and started rehearsing one month ago. It was the second time that Andy came to Xi-an to perform and he exclaim that he had a good impression of Xi-an as the fans were enthusiastic. He also held an activity at the Bing Ma Yong and visit them once but due to work committments, he could not look at them closely. One of his crew member visited the Bing Ma Yong in the morning and took some photographs for Andy to see, among the photographs, one general looked like Andy which surprise him. The crew member then told him that it was a doctored photograph as the Bing Ma Yong Museum had a service which will use the computer to doctored tourist's photograph onto the photograph of a Bing Ma Yong to kept as remembrance, on seeing that Andy couldn't visit the museum himself, thus he use Andy's photograph to be doctored with the Bing Ma Yong for Andy to keep as remembrance.

With regards to a Hong Kong male fan (Xian Zai) whom was hospitalise wished that Andy could visit him, Andy said that he was currently on his China tour and do read in newspapers and news website that many Hongkongers were concern of the boy, "there is love among Hongkongers", he hope that the boy would recover soon and listen to the boy's instruction and treatment, if he completes his concert, he'll visit him. Andy says: "I wish that when I visit him when I'm back in Hong Kong, he would be already recovered." Andy also said that he was not sure of the family background of the boy, with everybody concern of the boy, he hope that all could also show concern to his grandmother as she was also given a scare, with her age, it's quite tough to take care of the boy. With regards to donations to the boy, Andy think that it must be handled carefully and one should not fall prey to crimmals whom seize the chance to make money.

news from: Sina.com

| Saturday, August 27, 2005

No doubt that Andy Lau is a singer of heavenly king status as he performed a magic trip on 26 August's press conference to bring his distance closer to the reporters among the cheers.

As 27 September is Andy's birthday, a reporter from Changsha asked him how he would spend his birthday, Andy reveals: "During that period, I would be busy with my concert tour, on 27 September, I'll be spending it with everybody."

It's a rare chance to be face-to-face with Andy, after answering several simple questions, a Shenyang reporter asked a tough question , he asked: "You encountered some unhappy incident during your 2000 concert in Shenyang, why you chose Shengyang again?" Andy indicate to the compere not to change topic and reask the reporter: "Unhappy? Why unhappy? I forget about it." A slightly unhappy Andy says: "If fans like to hear me sing, I'll go there!" In the meantime, he told the reporter. "In Hong Kong, I always held a 3-hours long concert and maintain my standards, thus everybody not worry as I'll maintain my best conditions and gave a 100% performance."

Then, a Xi-an reporter asked about the allegation that a "secret girlfriend" of Andy will be presented at the concert and it will be "Andy Lau's last concert tour", as the 2 sensitive phrase was thrown at Andy. With his experience of previous questions, Andy answers: "I'm not sure how these questions came about, I'll perform at different places, if people were willing to see, I'll perform."

When asked if it would be any difference from his last year's August concert in Hong Kong, he says: "Most of the programmes would be the same, if you want to see any different segment, I think it should be during the communicating with the fans. It will depend on the audience response, if they like it, I could perform more. If you want to listen to whether songs, just request and I'll perform. If the audience don't like and didn't communicate with me, it's meaningless for me to stand on stage, it would be better that I kneel down. I hope to have a direct communication with the audience."

Soon, there would be 2 movies to be screened in the cinemas and a situation of Andy verus Andy appearing, Andy explains: "I could only give way as I would not wish the 2 movies to be screened at October but it seems that the boss had made the arrangement, thus it had to be screened, if not it'll be delayed to a much further date. If proper arrangement by the cinema with one screened on 1 October and the other start screening on 25 October, it would be better. As it's being some time that my own company had produced a movie, I don't wish to lose money."

A reporter brought a 55 cm long banner with 999 different signature of Xi-an fans for him as they hope Andy would sign his name on the banner. A touched Andy opened the banner and agree that he'll bring it back to his hotel room and sign his name on it before entrusting the organiser to return the banner to the fans.

news from: lzcb.dzwww.com, xawb.com

Andy Lau wil grace the cover of September issue of Esquire which will create history in men's magazine as it will be more than 520 pages.

news from: Sina.com

| Friday, August 26, 2005

Being a heavenly king, Andy Lau was paid millions to be the China and South-east Asia endorser of Cyma watch as he changed into 6 different images for the printed commercial as he also cut his hair twice in the of 1 day, no wonder the company was delighted with him as they spend HK$30000,000 on the commercial budget!

Andy was invited to be the endorser as he had a certain status in showbiz, he's good in bowling and calligraphy, can be said as skilled in all areas. With his looks and every movement of his spreading off male charisma, he's the best selection to be the watch's endorser.

Earlier, Andy wore a 6-figure sponsered 6 branded suits for the commercial, one of the image being the prince charming which will moved hearts. To accomodate the image, he arranged a hair stylist to cut his hair twice on the spot in order for prefection, he also took part in the discussion for the commercial style, contents, images and best poses to display the watch on his wrist.

In addition, Andy will begin his concert tour in Mainland China soon, as he'll held his concert in Xi-an, Wu-xi, Hai-ling, Zhengzhou, Changsha and other areas. The black market took the chance to sell the tickets at sky high prices as some fan spent $2,500 renminbi on the ticket of his Wuxi stop that originally cost just $1,800 renminbi. According to news from Mainland China, Andy had been training hard in ballet as he hope to surprise the fans in his Hailing stop on 19 September.

news from: Sun News, Oriental Daily News, Ta Kung Pao, Wei Wen Po

On the night of 25 August, Alan Tam's first night of his "Singer's Love Songs 30 Years Concert" kicks off in the Hong Kong Coliseum.

His special performing guest was Andy Lau and it was a bustling sight.

More pictures here

| Thursday, August 25, 2005

Andy Lau's Mandarin album - All About Love sold more than 1200,000 copies, a celebration was held at Taipei's Grand Formosa Regent Hotel. Boss Peter Lam was present to show his support for Andy as they made a fruit dessert to treat the media present.

In order to let all the photographers to take pictures, Andy added too much milk onto the dessert as after having a bite, he says: "Wah! So sweet!"

More pictures can be found here

news from: Tom.com

Andy Lau whom couldn't believed that he looked like Mo Zi as per featured in primary school's textbook, some alleged that the picture was drawn by an Andy Lau fan, thus we decided to solve the mystery in the national library.

On the left is Andy while the right is Andy in period costume, wrong, he's China's famous philosopher - Mo Zi, they looked too alike!

TVBS reporter thought: "Andy looked like Mo Zi, is that a joke of a fan or it was really drawn by people of that time, we go to the national library for an answer!"

After spending 2 hours looking through the reference books collection, we did find some reference books with pictures of Mo Zi, no matter it's primary 6 society textbook or high school's history textbooks, the same picture was used, who draw the picture, could it be someone whom use his idol's look and draw into a historical figure? Only the publisher of the textbooks had an answer.

The spokesman of the national library resource centre says: "This version is published in 1983 which is based on the 1974 version, this is what was provided, the source of the picture is unknown!"

The picture already appeared in textbooks in 1973, which is a fact, then Andy had yet entered showbiz, Mo Zi had a face that looked like a celebrity, which is a coincidence!

Andy exclaims: "Really looked like Mo Zi, it's true, it was not drawn purposely!"

news from: TVBS News

| Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Within 2 weeks, Andy Lau's latest Mandarin album - Say I Love You One More Time's sales had exceeded 1200,000 as he held his celebration party yesterday at Taipei's Grand Formosa Regent Hotel. Other than the break-ice ceremony, he also ate ice-cream fruits dessert and drank milk to celebrate the occassion, however too much sweetener was added into the milk, it was so sweet that Andy almost vomit out the milk which is a comical sight. The boss of the recording company that distribute Andy's album, East Asia's Peter Lam was also present as he quipped: "This is the first album of the company that sells more than 1000,000 copies.It's a huge success for our first collaboration with Andy, hope the sales can keep on increasing to create a great result!"

Andy thanks for everyone's support as whenever he's in Taiwan, there would be many people to see him and buy his album to show their support, he hope that this album could exceed 2500,000 copies in sale, he also announce that the comic of the same name will be released next month, the comic author was present to give him a copy of the comic and also sing praise of his "electric" eye and brain, he exclaimed that Andy is the "strongest" person that he had met.

It was Andy's first time reading the comic and he quipped that the author had many versions for him to chose from, in the end, he selected a image that doesn't look like him as he hope to let others have more space of imagination.

Andy revealed that he was approached to release the novel and movie picture book and his company was currently considering the offer.

As Korean high popularity idol Bae Yong Jun was promoting with Andy at the same time in Taiwan, he quipped: "I'm so handsome, those whom adore me will feel that I'm better looking, everybody have different taste." With regards to Bae "forever-the-same" smile, Andy quipped: "With so many people adoring him, of course he had his plus points, but I can't follow him and smile all the time as there'll be times that I'm angry and unhappy." Meanwhile, Bae had revealed that Andy was the Hong Kong male artiste that he idolise most.

Due to the current Korean craze, to catch up with the trend, Andy also bought many Korean dramas back home to watch, the titles he bought includes Jewel in the Palace (Dae Jang Gum),Full House and other titles, but he like Woman's World the most. Andy stress that before the Korean craze, he once collaborate a commerical with Lee Young Ae (Lee's first commercial) but not knowing that she's also an actress, he only feel that she's as beautiful as Lin Ching-hsia. When Lee was in Hong Kong earlier, she wanted to meet Andy, but it didn't happen due to different in time schedule.

Andy revealed that before he held his first solo concert in Hong Kong, he had already held his concert in Seoul in 1991 as more than 8,000 fans attended, however the Korean government went on to promote their own artistes and with their movies doing well, his busy schedule thus seldom went to Korea, his fan shrink to around 1000 but they still come for fan gathering and concerts in Hong Kong.

In addition, someone in Mainland China uses Eric Tsang's, Tong Chan Yip 's and his name in suggesting to hold a Supergirls competition, when told, Andy was angry and worried that female fans be cheated and clarify: "I wanted the people in China to know that that particular competition is not real!!"

news from: Sun News, Oriental Daily News, SingPao, Wei Wen Po, Ta Kung Pao

For his latest Mandarin album - Say I Love You One More Time, despite being an heavenly king, Andy Lau was like a newcomer as he went to different countries for promotion, his hardwork and professionalism is for all to see. Earlier, one of his promotion stop at Fudan University, Andy reveal that he won't be a mentor as he exclaimed: "Because when I'm the mentor, I'll scold people."

Some students asked him: "Do you have any turning point in life?" Andy gave a thought before revealing that he had a unforgettable mentor-student relationship, "Then, I wish to become a director, thus I venture into that area, then one day, my mentor suddenly tell me that I'm more suitable for acting. In the end, I take his advice and change." From then on, no matter how busy he was, Andy will still visit this mentor.

After being in showbiz for so many years, always being hardworking, he was asked by reporters if he had any thoughts of taking in disciple? Andy replies: "I can discuss problems with others, but I won't teach them as I'll scold people." Andy's suggestion to youngster that if they're interested in showbiz, they must first find a good mentor and secondly, don't always complaint, "because when one complaint, the matter will be dragged further."

After Chow Yun Fat and Jet Li's venture into Hollywood, recently Tony Leung also signed on with an American manager getting ready to venture overseas, with so many good friends in showbiz venturing overseas, Andy exclaimed: "It's not that I don't want to go to Hollywood, but was waiting for a suitable script. If I met a good script, I'll take it if I've the chance, the best actir won't run away."

news from: Sina.com

| Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Wong Lee Hom and Jay Chou had directed their own music video but Andy Lau doesn't admires them as he turn down the role of a director, he says: "I like acting better and enjoy it more."

With regards to him cracking his brains for his music video like he did in his latest video - Wei Zhi Shu which was complete during the shooting of his movie - All About Love. Shooting the music video and movie at the same time, Andy was busy with checking the camera angles and thoughts of picture.

At the end of the year, Andy will start shooting on a new movie titled Mo Zi Gong Yue, recently, there was an email circulating in the Internet which pointed out the drawing of the looks of Mo Zi in a textbook as Mo Zi's look resemble Andy as if it was him wearing the head gear!

After seeing that picture, Andy was also surprised as he says: "Why he looked like me?" As Andy was busy rehearsing for his concerts but Andy still find time to jet over to Taiwan for the celebration of his album whose sale is doing well.

news from: Apple Daily News

Last Sunday, Andy Lau was at Fudan University to attend its 100th anniversary celebration activity. News of Andy attending the activity had being spread around the university, with lecturers informing students and vice versa, even students from other school would like to get into the hall to get close contact with Andy.

Around 2:00pm, Andy arrives at the university where many students were waiting for his arrival, crew members had to fence off the students in order for the car to drive on, the students kept shouting his name, this shows how the students adore Andy. When Andy arrived at the hall, he found out that its 3 levels were jam packed, screams welcome Andy as he exit from the car. After some protection from the securities, Andy manage to get into the hall as the crowd outside the hall begins to try squeeze themselves into the hall as the securities had to call for more help to maintain order.

Around 3:00pm, 2 comperes from Shanghai's Oriental Music Channel appeared onstage to introduce Andy to appear where flashes from cameras of the media and students follows, the gaint screen begins to broadcast the VCR of Andy's new album. During the chat with the 2 comperes, Andy express that he was currently preparing for his concert tour and the shooting of Mo Zi Gong Yue, they also discussed about his new album. Andy seize the chance to promote his album, citing the hardship he encountered during the filming of the music video where there was a heavy rain, got bitten by mosquitoes, hit his head against the floor, fake snow resulting in breathing problems, he expressed that he was not sure how he was promoting his album in Fudan University. Most of the difficult questions asked by the comperes were answered by Andy, when the compere revealed that Andy had released a total of 101 albums, the undergrads were surprised of the number.

The undergrads were excited that they could ask Andy questions. When asked: "Facing his current status and glory, did he feel pressurise and how you manage to be evergreen?" Andy answers: "I have everything, I just have to be serious in whatever I do, thus I'm not pressurise, with regards to staying in showbiz for so long depended on my will of staying on, of course also the support of all of you."

The undergrads also asked: "27 September is your birthday, we wished to wish you a happy birthday in advance, do you have any birthday wish?" Andy then wishes that all in relationship will lead a happy life, although it sounds simple but it's still a blessing from Andy.

When asked if he had heard of Mainland China's popular programme - Supergirl, Andy exclaimed that he had not watched it before but he had a piece of advice to the young contestants, he says: "Everyone has their own dreams, there are different chances of entering showbiz, the programme is one way, most important is to use the most true way of showing off your talent, of course, selecting a good teacher is very important."

In the end, Andy send his blessing to Fudan's 100th anniversary and express that he was influence by Fudan's 100th year of culture and it was the special of this institue with rich history that he chose to held the activity here.

When it was time for the media to ask questions, all reporters rushed forward but the students stayed on as they seek chances to break through the securities to get closer to their idol. Due to Andy's tight schedule, the reporters also doesn't wish to miss the chance to bombard Andy with questions, the students also kept on asking questions. Andy revealed that if his schedule permits, he will return to Shanghai to meet his fans.

news from: Sina.com