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| Friday, April 28, 2006

Emil Chou whom had not been to Hong Kong for promotion for many years had finally came to TVB's studio for the recording of Jade Solid Gold Selection which is refreshing for him.

It happens that Andy Lau was also appearing in the programme, both of them whom were around the same age meet at the studio as their greeting methods were different from the youngsters. Andy says: "Olympics master." Emil says: "Hong Kong ambassador."

During the official recording, both of them did not meet on-stage as Emil get to duet with a female group from Mainland China while Andy gets to collaborate with a female singer whom was 20 years younger than him. Andy says: "When collaborating with young people, I feel that I'm older, but I'm still very young, but just feel that after so many trainings in showbiz, when collaborating with youngster, their kind of nervous, allows me to remember the motivation when I first entered showbiz."

However, when the same question was asked by a different person, the effect would be different. The programme compere asked: "Would you acknowledge at17 (a Hong Kong female group) as your god-daughters?"

Andy replied: "I'm not that mature, you really think that they're 17-years-old," before bursting into laughters.

news from: TVBS E-News

In Association with YesAsia.com: The Return Of The Condor Heroes (End) (English Subtitled DVD) (TVB Series)

Hong Kong megastar Andy Lau is known for making Asian women swoon, but he's more than just a pretty face.

For close to three decades, the 45-year-old has been an all-around entertainer, singing on some 50 albums and appearing in more than 120 movies. Throughout Asia, his face is plastered on posters promoting his films. And although he's known for his lover-boy roles, he's also done kung fu fare and serious drama.

In person, the artist is laid-back, down-to-earth and emits a dorky laugh. He enjoys bowling and has a high score of 279.

Lau's latest album will be coming out late in the summer, while his most recent movie, ``All About Love,'' was just screened at the San Francisco International Film Festival. The theme of this film is similar to that of the 2000 U.S. movie ``Return to Me,'' which starred David Duchovny and Minnie Driver. In both, the story centers on a man who falls in love with a woman who receives his late wife's heart in a transplant.

``It's a movie for the men,'' says ``All About Love'' director Daniel Yu, who adds he hopes it will make them more sensitive to the feelings and needs of their wives or girlfriends. ``Chinese men always forget about our partners, he says. ``We always think that she must be there (for us). . . . When you promise to have dinner with her next week, you must do it. It's a small promise. Men think, `It's just dinner. I'm busy. I can do other things.' . . . (But) you have to pamper your partner.''

The Mercury News talked to Lau this week when he passed through San Francisco to promote the film for the festival.

Q How do you feel about your heartthrob image?

A I'm really happy (laughing). Yeah, I really enjoy being Andy Lau. I'm just like a friend of everybody. I feel like when I walk everywhere in the world, as long as I meet some Chinese, they all know me. . . . If I'm young, if I'm handsome, then you can love me, but I'm 45 already. They still love me. . . . I think it's affection. It's not the audience and the idol; it's friendship.

Q Are there differences between the Andy on the screen, on the stage and in person?

A I'm just a hardworking guy in Hong Kong. I think most of the artists in Hong Kong -- they all work hard, because it's just a very small market. They have to take part in all kinds of roles to get exposure.

Q Your current movie focuses on love. How would you define love?

A I need love (laughing). Just like the audience, they all love me; they love me without any reasons. I think love is blind. Once you choose the one you love, you can give all your energy, all your money. Just like when a man loves a woman -- if the woman is a liar, he's the last one to recognize that.

Q Are you currently in a relationship?

A Huh? No, no, no, no (laughing).

Q How do you choose your roles?

A It's my career, so I will pick one every year, but some are very commercial. . . . But sometimes I try to do something which is different than the market. [With this movie] the box office is OK, not the No. 1, but it is in the Top 10. . . . We try to make different movies besides kung fu. I want people from other countries to know that we have great love stories.

Q Do you see more crossover happening now?

A Chow Yun-Fat, Jet Li -- they repeat their careers here. And people try to put them into projects that are not that good. I can wait. . . . I want to show what Asian star style is all about.

Q What would you like your image to be here?

A I prefer drama.

Q Is there any American actor you would compare yourself to?

A I like George Clooney.

Q Out of the 120 to 130 movies you've done, what's your favorite?

A ``Love on a Diet'' (a 2001 movie in which he wears a fat suit and facial prosthetics to play an overweight knife salesman). You know, people try to classify Andy Lau as an idol so they won't care about how he acts. He just stands there, has a very good posture, has a very handsome face, that's it, OK. But after this movie, people will recognize that I can act, because all my face is covered by the special makeup. You can't see my original face, so I can tell them my feelings through my eyes. After this movie, people will accept I'm an artist, . . . not just a star.

Q What do you do for fun?

A When I'm not working, have no work to do, I try to bowl and do Chinese calligraphy.

Q You have a new album coming up?

A This time, we're trying to tell about life, friendship, love. . . . I'm really a mature guy in the market, so I can't write some songs for the youth. I have to write some songs for mature people. . . . I'm more concerned about the lyrics -- what's the message of the whole album.


Age: 45

Chinese name: Lau Tak-Wah

Birthplace: Hong Kong

Hobbies: Chinese calligraphy, bowling (highest score 279)

Years in the entertainment business: 26, spanning from TV to movies and music

Number of films: 130 as an actor, according to Internet Movie Database

Number of albums: About 50

Entry in Guinness World Records: Most awards won by a Canto-pop (Cantonese pop) male artist

Next up: A song for the 2008 Beijing Olympics

An album tentatively set for release in August

news from: Marian Liu,Mercury News

In Association with YesAsia.com

After Mainland China actor Zhao Benshan won his lawsuit on image infringement in Guangzhou, Andy Lau whom also faced the same problem with a Guangzhou company also filed a lawsuit against them. Andy sued this comestic company for using his image on their products and seek a $2 million compensation from them, the case opened a few days ago.

The company's products has Andy's name and photograph on them. Andy's company in Mainland China discover this in January 2004 as the company used "wah zai" as their branding for the product where photographs of Andy were used on the product's packaging, free gifts and promotional poster, however they never had any approval to use Andy's image, thus a Hong Kong law firm was engaged to stop this image infringement or faced with a lawsuit.

After evidences were shown, Andy's company in Mainland China filed a lawsuit against this company asking them to stop using Andy for promotion of their products on 2 March 2005, all products baring the "wah zai" branding need to be destroyed, publish an apology in the papers and paid a compensation of $2 million. At the end of last year, the case was passed down that the company to stop using "wah zai" for the branding of their products as it's image infringement, the company was willing to face legal actions.

With regards to the $2 million compensation, the court quote that full evidences were not provided thus not support the compensation but it asked the company to stop producing products with "wah zai" as branding and destroy those products, free gifts and posters in stock, they also need to publish an apology in the papers for their actions, however other Andy's request was being denied.

Andy is unhappy of the decision as he filed another lawsuit as the case was open at Guangzhou's tribunal court 2 days ago, the judging will be decided in a few days. Andy's appointed lawyer pointed out that "wah zai" was the nickname used by Andy's fans to address him, thus it should be protected to Andy, the company used it without request is to be considered as infringement. The $2 million compensation is a kind of financial loss, it's being calculated from intenational influenctial, thus unable to provide complete evidence.

news from: SingPao, SingTao News, Oriental Daily News, Sun News

| Thursday, April 27, 2006

The 28th Hundred Flowers Films Awards online voting had started. Artistes from Hong Kong and Taiwan were currently having the advantages in the voting. In the Best Actor voting, World Without Thieves' Andy Lau is leading the pack with most of the votes, he collected 16381 votes while second-placed Jet Li has 9120 votes, followed by The Myth and New Police Story's Jackie Chan was fourth and sixth as his votes were distributed, Kungful Hustle's Stephen Chow was fifth with 2219 votes.

For the Best Actress, World Without Thieves' Rene Liu is leading with 24545 votes, followed by Ren Chang Xia's Zhang Yu and House of Flying Daggers' Zhang Ziyi third with 8307 votes. Being an international star, Zhang Ziyi failed to gain any advantage and was suffering the fate of "World's number 1, Mainland China's number 3'.

Among the films, World Without Thieves is the public favorite as it's director is leading with 3343 votes which subpress Kungful Hustle's Stephen Chow at number 2 with 2302 votes, with House of Flying Daggers and Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles's Zhang Yimou garning 542 and 394 votes.

The online voting is still on-going.

news from: Ming Pao

In Association with YesAsia.com: The Return Of The Condor Heroes (End) (English Subtitled DVD) (TVB Series)

The Kabuki Theatre in San Francisco turned into a mosh pit at the Sunday evening screening of "All About Love" as fans of Andy Lau rushed the stage to greet him. Shouts of "I love you!" and "I miss you!" floated out from the balcony. Lau, sometimes referred to as the Chinese Tom Cruise, sported the latest in hip-hop gear, and effortlessly pleased the crowd with jokes, a little singing, and some magic. Asked on-stage about the upcoming Martin Scorsese remake of the film, with Matt Damon playing Lau's role, Lau referred back to the audience: "Who's better looking?"

For his feverish fans, there is no contest. Since his debut in 1981 Andy has released 116 albums, starred in 110 films, and, 15 years ago, began producing them. In his latest, "All About Love," fans are given double their pleasure. Lau portrays not one, but two lovelorn characters. And what if one wants even more Andy Lau? He's just completed a big-budget Chinese historical warfare spectacle based on a popular Japanese manga series, "Battle of Wits." SF360 found Lau at the Hong Kong Economic Trade Office, where -- after three straight days of fan mobbing -- the actor retained his sense of humor.

SF360: You are an in-demand actor, a prolific singer; you write your own songs and music; you run a production company; you go on international tours, and probably do a lot more that I don't know about. What is it that drives you?

Andy Lau: You know I make lots of movies and people have supported me for such a long time. So I want to get closer to the audience. While I'm doing the concerts I get closer to them and really can feel how much they love me. Movies are a way that I can gain money and a way that I can create my own art, create my own movie, but singing is a channel for me to communicate with the audience

SF360: And how much sleep on average do you actually get?

Lau: Eight hours a day! But not before 1997. I got four hours a day. Once I get older, I need it.

SF360: You often play the romantic lead, and in 'All About Love,' you even play two, but Hong Kong films rarely show any romantic physical interaction -- not even kissing. How do you feel about that?

Lau: You know, the kids, they all love Andy Lau as the role model. So I have to behave like a good role model for them -- so I seldom take that kind of scene now.
SF360: Now that you have become such a mega-star and have basically conquered Hong Kong, do you have any interest in trying out international markets (like Japan, Korea, France, or the U.S.)?

Lau: I can sing in Japan and I've got concert there, and in Korea. I had one big song in English in Korea in 1990-something. And I also released a Japanese album. Actually I'm ready to do anything all over the world, but it's whether I can get some support from different countries. I'm willing to do some projects in the States, but what I recognized -- Chow Yun Fat and Jet Li didn't have very good support in the States. So I think I can wait for this; I don't think it's the right time.

SF360: I know that Hong Kong stars often do their own stunts so did you hurt your head when you slipped on that water in 'All About Love?'

Lau: Yes. I think you better ask Daniel about it. My best friend put me in the worst scenario!

SF360: How many magic tricks did you perform for guests yesterday? Did you learn to do magic for this film?

Lau: A lot! Yesterday I played some tricks with the ring but it's easy once you know how to do it. It's very easy. They all asked me to do them. Even while I'm doing a photo session the photographer said 'Hey can you do some of those magic tricks?!' I started to learn magic three years ago because I wanted to put some magic elements in my concerts. Actually I'm going to have a meeting with [magician David Copperfield's] production in L.A. the day after tomorrow. I'm going to have a concert next year. From Vegas, we have a professional production house for doing magic shows. Last Christmas I was there (Vegas) and I contacted the magicians for advice. Now I can have some demonstrations. Magic is interesting. Magic is fun.

SF360: Can you tell us anything about the war epic, 'Battle of Wits,' which you just finished shooting?

Lau: It's a comic book from Japan. It's telling about Sanguo (the warring states period, the three kingdoms period). Directed by Jacob Cheung, best friend of mine. We were at the same TV cast together, 1980. We spent about three months doing some tests and Jacob cannot be an artist so he started to develop his career in making movies. His first film was 1987 'China's Last Eunuch.' 'Battle of Wits' is a large-scale spectacle. The way that he directed this movie is just like a documentary; it really makes you feel like the history is real. No colors, just earth tones. It's really artistic. I love this movie but I don't think it is commercial; it's really an art. It will show next year at Cannes. The film stars Fan Bingbing, (famous Mainland actress and model), and Korean actor Ahn Sung-kee ('Musa the Warrior'). He's like an older version of Tony Leung Chiu Wai -- they look the same!

SF360: So the international co-production is very big now and you were in 'World Without Thieves.' Was that something new for you?

Lau: 'House of Flying Daggers' was the first time I took part in a production of Mainland China, but it was a just a small part. Zhang Yimou is a more artistic producer and director and Feng Xiaogang ('World Without Thieves') is more commercial. I'm trying to do some commercial movies in Mainland China in order to know what is the next step. After that I feel that Feng Xiaogang and Zhang Yimou are both great directors. They can control the feeling of the audience and they have a very clear direction and they know where they want to go.

SF360: I like commercial movies.

Lau: Me too! My last movie, 'Wait Til I'm Older,' I loved it. It didn't have any nominations in the Golden Horse Awards and I was really disappointed. It was a very good script but nothing.

SF360: Just like that little film 'Dance of a Dream,' a favorite of mine, with the great Anita Mui and wonderful Sandra Ng. Would you consider doing more musically oriented films? I know your music fans would love it.

Lau: It took a year to learn how to dance -- ballroom dancing. I will try to make more, but Peter just finished one, 'Perhaps Love,' so I feel there needs to be some time in between -- maybe two years later. I prefer 'Chicago' and 'The Producers' -- to create that kind of musical movie. I can dance...I can sing....

SF360: One of my favorite directors is Sammo Hung, and one of my favorite films is 'Moon Warriors' (Zhan Shen). What was it like working with the big guy (Sammo)?

Lau: He was the one who discovered I could be a star. I just finished working with TVB, where I stayed for about 4 years. They put me in some period pieces. And after that I wanted to pick some movie projects. I started to talk with Hung Kam Bo (Sammo) and I signed the contract with his movie company. He taught me how to fight, and he spent lots of time on set to make me look like a fighter. So in 'My Lucky Stars,' I got the chance to fight in the same scene with Jackie [Chan] and Yuen Biao, and after that scene, I got praise because every body except me was a martial artist. So Sammo Hung was just like a teacher for me.

news from: SF360, posted on Apr 26, 2006

Andy Lau

| Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Hong Kong superstar, Andy Lau introduced his romantic film "All About Love" at the festival Sunday. Young fans squealed at the sight of him in a crisp white shirt, black suit and sneakers, and rushed the stage of the Kabuki. There were more squeals when he said that if they had any questions about love, "just ask me because I know all about love."

After the movie, in which Lau gives a melodramatic performance as a doctor in mourning the loss of his wife, who becomes enamored with the woman who received his wife's heart, the heartthrob reappeared onstage. He'd changed into a white jacket and jeans and looked ready to rock 'n' roll.

Nobody asked him about love, but people were curious if he'd seen "The Departed," Martin Scorsese's remake of "Infernal Affairs," Lau's biggest hit in Asia.

He said he had yet to watch it but wondered who played his role. "Matt Damon," somebody called out. "What you think?" Lau inquired, laughing. "I'm better or he?" The audience's judgment was obvious from their applause.

Asked when he'd be returning to San Francisco, Lau said he would probably be back next year for a concert. "It is not so strange in Hong Kong for performers to sing and act. I like having two ways to communicate with an audience." Make that three -- Lau communicated a lot by just standing there.

news from: SFGate.com

The Hong Kong celebrity soccer team was in Xi-an for a friendly match and Felix Wong, Sing Fui On and Wan Chi Keung wore sports gear to attend the press conference.

In the press conference, Sing and Felix crack jokes on each other as Sing said that Felix was initially one of the 4 Heavenly Kings but he was too ugly thus replaced by Aaron Kowk, Felix was also the most ugly among the TVB 5 Tigers thus he's the first to get married.

Sing then followed saying: "Unlike Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Andy Lau, although they didn't get married but they're cohabiting, this is much or less the same as married!" After saying, Sing realised that he let the cat out of the bag as everyone knows that Tony and Carina Lau were cohabiting but Andy never mentioned that he's cohabiting or even admitted that he has a girlfriend. Realising his mistake, he immediately changed topics.

After the press conference, he was asked about Andy cohabiting, Sing added: "He's cohabiting with a female, I can't talk on this anymore."

news from: MingPao, Sina.com

In Association with YesAsia.com

Andy Lau invested and starred in All About Love was invited to be screened at the 49th San Francisco International Film Festival (SFIFF). Andy revealed that several Hollywood film companies were interested in re-shooting this movie and he would suggest a person to play his character(s), he picked Academy Awards' Best Supporting Actor George Clooney as himself, Renee Zellweger for Charlie Yeung's character and Keira Knightley for Charlene Choi's character.

Andy was in San Francisco for his concerts and location shooting before, but he's excited on promoting his movie there, especially all 800 tickets were snapped up. The audience were curious of his sparks with the 2 female leads, Andy explain that he had worked with Charlie before thus the chemistry is there and it's his first collaboration with Charlene, with their age differences of 20 years, during the initial collaboration he feel that Charlene is like a small kid and would not be a wife but after getting into the character, he found the female charisma in Charlene.

news from: ChinaTimes

In Association with YesAsia.com: The Return Of The Condor Heroes (End) (English Subtitled DVD) (TVB Series)

Hong Kong megastar Andy Lau and All About Love director Daniel Yu were at 49th San Francisco International Film Festival (SFIFF) on 23 April as they get close to the audience there. Andy expressed that with the current Korean craze all over the world, it's very good for the Korean movie industry, he hope that filmmakers from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan can work hard to promote Chinese movies.

As All About Love will be screened on 23 April, the organiser specially organised a press conference for Andy and Daniel, it was a full house in the two-storey cinema. Daniel was the first to make an appearance as he said only 2 sentences: "I know that all of you are not here to hear me speaks, all of you are here for Andy Lau."

In a midst of screams and cheers, Andy went onto the stage of the cinema. Fans then dashed forward immediately to shake the hands of Andy, the camera flashes kept flashing, no matter it's film camera, mobile phone camera, digital camera, SLR cameras, digital-video camera, all were present. Andy's every movement was greeted by screams, the atmosphere was like being in Andy's concert.

Andy used fluent English, Mandarin and Cantonese to greet the fans. Like the press conference earlier, Andy sing praise of Daniel as he reveal that he knew each other when they were 20-years-old and were good friends till now. Using this movie, he hope more people would know Daniel Yu.

When asked why he approach Andy for this movie, Daniel answers: "Because Andy is a good actor, he acted very well."

Before the movie started screening, Andy remind the audience: "Prepared your tissue paper, if you have any questions with regards to love, asked me!"

In All About Love, Andy is doctor Kao whom always perform magic to the 2 female leads, he then perform a magic trick during the press conference. He then revealed that these scenes are specially arranged by Daniel to add some magical feel. When talked about the Korean craze in Asia as people were chasing Korean movies and dramas everyday, Andy thinks that filmmakers in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan should work hard as Chinese movies will conquer Asia one day.

Among the Andy's fans presented, some claimed that Andy was their idol since he entered showbiz. To be able to get close with their idol, they are excited as they asked different types of questions in the Q&A session after the screening. One local fan even willing to be Andy's tour guide to bring him to the attractions in San Francisco, but the offer was rejected as he need to rest in his hotel room.

news from: www.kzzj023.com

Hong Kong director Daniel Yu and Andy Lau were at the 49th San Francisco International Film Festival (SFIFF) as their movie, All About Love was one of the movies to be screened. Andy and Daniel meet the San Francisco media on 23 April before the attending the screening at Japan Town's Kabuki 8 cinema to get close to the audience as it attracted a huge group of Andy's fans to catch a glimpse of him, the screams and camera flashes were non-stop.

Andy sent his regards to the reporters in English, Mandarin and Cantonese. He express that he hope that everyone supported Hong Kong movies. When asked about his collaboration with Charlie Yeung and Charlene Choi in the movie, he express happily that they became good friends after the shooting as he taught them magic tricks during the shooting. Andy also demostrate the magic tricks he performed in the movie which stunned the audience as the female fans were memorise by him.

He also added that after this movie, it allows him to feel the everyone from every corner of the world require love and concern. With regards to Chinese movies, Andy thinks that the Chinese production is strong and Hong Kong need to work harder. With regards to his nomination in Hundred Flowers Film Awards, Andy express that he only acted in 2 Mainland China produced movies and was nominated for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor which made him more confidence and hope that the audience recognise his performance.

Daniel expressed that this is his second participation in SFIFF but his first time in San Francisco. He's very satisfied with Andy's acting and Andy gave many ideas and suggestions to him during shooting as he hope to collaborate with Andy again.

At the cinema, Andy get in contact with his fans as he answers all questions by them, one female fan asked him what would he be wearing if he's invitated to tour San Francisco together, it can be seen the level that Andy was being adored.

news from: World Journal

| Monday, April 24, 2006

Abercrombie&Fitch T-shirt - $1,000

NW singlet (Japanese designer label)

Tommy Hilfiger jean - $1,200

Adidas sports shoe - $800

Andy said: "Talking about the materials of clothes, I preferred cotton material as wearing it would be more comfortable. Take for example the singlets in my home, they're all cotton, I'll wear them when the weather is cool. This singlet focus on its cutting as it gives one the feeling of natural cutting, to prevent this singlet from going out of shape or thread coming out, the designer specially sew a cloth at the bottom, it also makes the singlet fit you better."

news from: Apple Daily News

| Saturday, April 22, 2006

The 28th Hundred Flowers Films Awards' nomination list was announced yesterday. Since Hong Kong movies were allowed to compete from last year, half of the nominated films were Hong Kong movies in this year's nomination. Currently A World Without Thieves is the movie with the most nominations of 8, followed by Kungful Hustle with 7 nominations while Jackie Chan's The Myth and New Police Story with 6 nominations.

The award presentation ceremony will be held in Hanzhou where the winner of the Best Film, 2 Outstanding Films, Best Director, Best Actor and Actress, Best Supporting Actor and Actress and Best New Artiste.

The Top 10 Films announed includes House of Flying Daggers, A World Without Thieves, Kungful Hustle, The Myth, New Police Story, Fearless, Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles, Ren Chang Xia and Zhang Si De, Hong Kong movies took up most of the slots.

For the Best Director, Zhang Yimou was nominated for House of Flying Daggers and Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles, whereas Jackie Chan was nominated for the Best Actor with The Myth and New Police Story. Stephen Chow was nominated for Best Director and Best Actor with Kungful Hustle. Andy Lau is nominated for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor for his performance in A World Without Thieves and House of Flying Daggers.

When asked for being nominated for Best Actor and Supporting Actor, a delighted Andy said: "This is the first time I'm nominated for a film award in Mainland China, the feeling is so refreshing, never thought that I'll be nominated for the Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor, this ceremony is held every 2 years thus it allows my previous films to be nominated, give the audience more chance to watch them again. Filmmakers and artistes from Hong Kong can also compete, it's more open, this will smoothen the collaboration between Hong Kong and Mainland China in movies."

Andy will be competing the Best Actor award with Jet Li, Jackie Chan and Stephen Chow, whereas he will be competing the Best Supporting Actor with Tony Leung Kar Fai, Ge You, Eric Tsang, Yuen Wah and Nicholas Tse which is rather a tough competition.

news from: SingTao News, Ming Pao

| Friday, April 21, 2006

Andy Lau was at Commercial Radio for the recording of an interview as he talked about Alive cheating reporters and was "banned" by them. In the interview, Andy did side either party as he said that the 4 members of Alive grew up in foreign countries as there have many secretly filmed clips becoming the society's important programme and production, thus Andy also feel that such matter is hard to differ right or wrong, it's just whether the Hong Kong society could adapt it, this will be decided by Alive.

When asked if there's a solution between the differences of reporters and Alive? Initially Andy express that he has no opinion but later said: "One must pay for one's deed, I'm not sure of the current situation, I'm not sure of the pressure that they're under, they must thought of this before doing anything."

The compere told Andy that it was not a big matter as it's just that the reporters are unhappy! However, Andy does not agree to this theory, he pointed out that the reporter was good friends with Alive but was betray by them, no matter how funny or huge the matter is, it will still cause some problems in their friendship.

Andy take the firemen in 911 as example, "When I see the firemen of the 911 incident, I feel proud for them as my father was also once a fireman, take a reporter was hurt this way, I would also stand at the side of the reporter. (Need of a settlement and treat the other party a drink?) I don't think of a need for a treat of drink, firstly Alive must repair their relationship with the reporter, how to settle is their means and not answering to others, they need not answer to any people."

In addition, Andy also attended the recording of TVB Jade Solid Gold Selection with Emil Chou, Kay Tse and VC Girl as they suggested to file a civil lawsuit against the invasion of privacy of artistes on the behalf of the Hong Kong performing Artistes Guild. Andy sighs: "I hope that there would be a ruling for paparazzi which allow them to have some rules to obey."

At the JSG recording, Andy duet with comperes at17 a few old classic songs before singing his latest song, 'Zhang Kai Yan Jing' (Open Your Eyes).

When asked how to prevent being filmed, Andy answers: "No way, the only way is to wear a mask, dressed like a bank robber to go home, it's really out of hand. Only a few magazine in foreign countries do this, but it seems that every magazine is doing this! Maybe should follow what Stephen Chow said to Zhao Wei in Shaolin Soccer: Earth is dangerous, you better return to outer space!"

Andy was unhappy that Adam Cheng was a victim of being photographed to be suffering from thinning hair in his apartment, he pointed out that the household must be on high alert, he quipped that his father should not wear just underwear at home and need to wear more before walking into the living room, there's also need to buy more clothes for his mother when she entered the kitchen.

Andy sighs that many people would not understand the difficulties that artistes faced, with regards to good friend Rosamund Kwan's claiming that she doesn't mind being haunted by paparazzi as she thinks she's able to "eat salted fish and withstand thirst", Andy does not agree with her, he says: "She's in a stage of being too angry!"

news from: SingTao News, Oriental Daily News, Sun News, Wei Wen Po, Sina.com, Ming Pao

In Association with YesAsia.com: The Return Of The Condor Heroes (End) (English Subtitled DVD) (TVB Series)

| Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The 49th San Francisco International Film Festival (SFIFF) will be opening next week, the organiser had sent invitation to the director of Perhaps Love, Peter Chan as it has flying colours in the recent Hong Kong Film Awards and Hong Kong's movie star Andy Lau and they would attend the festival in San Francisco.

Perhaps Love would be the opening movie for the festival as it would be the first Hong Kong movie chosen to be it's opening movie in its history, director Peter would attend the ceremony and not Best Actress winner Zhou Xun. Other than the festival, Peter was also arranged to pay a visit to San Francisco's San Francisco State University to share his experience of Hong Kong's movie making with students.

The movie, All About Love which starred Andy and Charlie Yeung was also to be screened in SFIFF, it would be the movie's premiere in North American area. Andy and director Daniel Yu would attend the festival.

Andy Lau

news from: Sina.com

Andy Lau have many fans, among them were several were rather crazy fans. When Andy was interviewed by RTHK yesterday, the deejay, Brian Chow Kwok Fung expressed that a female fan whom claimed to be his girlfriend always sent letters to meet requesting to meet him. Andy pointed out that such things always happens as some even self claimed to be "Mrs. Lau" will go to his company, there're even Japanese female fans waiting outside his apartment as they told the securities to let them in as they're the female owner of the apartment.

Andy was in RTHK to promote his new song - 'Zhang Cai Yan Jing' (literally translated as Open Your Eyes), Brian revealed that there was a letter from a Shenzhen female earlier claiming to be Andy's girlfriend, later she called in to the radio station to find Andy. Andy quipped: "How would you know that I gave my girlfriend cold treatment as I don't meet my girlfriend every day!" Andy exclaimed that he's not surprised of such incident as he says: "I've tried fans going to my company self-claiming that she's "Mrs. Lau". My employess than told me that I was such a playboy!"

The most comical being some Japanese female fans will wait outside his apartment, when they were chased away by the police, they would return again. The fan will tell the security: "Please help bring my luggage in," as they think they're the female owner. Andy expressed that he will explain to the fan and most of the time they would listen to him.

When asked if he faced any "danger moments" during his performance? Andy said: "It's not that dangerous, normally fans will dashed on to the stage and grab hold of me when I attend TV variety programmes, I just allow them to hold me before I slowly guide them off the stage, save the trouble of the securities!"

There was reports yesterday that dyeing of hair colour would result cancer, Andy whom dyed his hair blonde before to impersonate David Beckham in the late Anita Mui's concert feel that one need to be careful when dyeing hair colour, most important not to touch the hair root. He's also not worried of hair loss as it could be another form of beauty. When asked if he's vain? He quipped: "Don't say like that!" Andy pointed out that he took care of his skin as he would applied moisturizer when his skins are dry.

When asked what hairstyle would he like to try, Andy revealed that he planned to keep his hair longer as some period movies were waiting to start shooting as he don't wish to wear wig as the glue on the face, it's so scary and it would also look unreal, I rather keep long long for period movies.

With regards to Singapore singer used his name to rhyme into a song titled 'Liu x Hua', Andy was not angry but rather amused as he says: "The song title sounds vulgar, why not named it 'Liu Hua' would be better! His voice sound like Aaron Kwok!"

In addition, Alan Tam is currently doing the preparation for the Beijing Olympics theme song, Andy pointed out that Alan did invite him to sing the song, he personally loved sports meet as he could also participate in its activities, he will surely support it. Andy also pointed out when the Chinese volleyball team won in the last Olympics, he was so touched that he cried. When asked if he would join the Asian bowling selection, he expressed that he won't take part as Ng Ka Lok had exceeded him to become the artiste that have the best results in bowling.

news from: SingPao, Ming Pao, Oriental Daily News, Ta Kung Po, Wei Wen Po, Sun News, Sina.com

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