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| Monday, July 31, 2006

Soft Hard Long Time No See concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum was into its third night two nights ago where Andy Lau was one of the special performing guests. Eric Kot immediately prove that Andy's nose did not go through any "modification" while Jan Lam used his hand as a "gun" to point at Andy's head to say: "I'm a cop" as what Chan of Infernal Affairs had said, the audience burst into laughters.

Other than Andy, several celebrities were among the audience include Hacken Lee, Charlene Choi, Stephy Tang, Sandra Ng, Margie Tsang, Chapman To, Tin Yui Lee, Daniel Wu and Jaycee Chan. Soft Hard made fun of Jackie Chan's drunk incident in Hong Kong Coliseum which the audience burst into laughters whereas Jaycee didn't.

Andy whom wore the Soft Hard black uniform raised from the platform under the stage to sing 'Wo Heng Wo Ci Xin' which lights up the audiences' spirits. When Eric appear, he had a "sneak attack" on Andy's nose and announce: "Recently it was alleged in magazine that your nose is different from the past, tonight I'll take a closer look, this nose is the real thing, the same as the one in Eagle Hunter, if undergone surgery would be different, it has not undergone any surgery!"

The stage design was similiar to a building's rooftop as a mischievious Jan used his hand as a gun to point at Andy's head to renact the classic scene of Chan and Lau in Infernal Affairs. Jan said: "I'm a cop!" which Andy answered: "Who knows?" to the audience burst into laughters. Jan then sing praise of Andy having fast reaction and know how to joke before he and Eric kowtow to Andy. They also change the lyrics of Andy's 'Wang Qing Shui' lyrics which makes him burst into laughters. During their duet with Andy, they also change the lyrics of 'Du Zi Qu Tou Huan' to "Andy loves bowling, Andy loves reading ... Andy is great .... good at calligraphy... since when I put my nose under the knife..." , the audience replied with loud applause. Jan then quipped that: "You're the real owner of the Hong Kong Coliseum."

When Soft Hard congratulate Andy of holding his own solo concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum in July 2007, Andy announced a bad news: "I wanted to cry, the government just rejected my application, they told me that many government activities need to be organised at the Coliseum in July, they asked me to send in another application for slots after 15 August."

Andy then quipped that Soft Hard could lead his fans for a demostration on the streets. Jan then quipped that Andy's popularity is higher when compared to Chief Executive Donald Tsang. Andy then quipped: "Maybe whoever has show in July, I'll be there, or all of you don't watch the shows in July, save up the money to watch me instead!" The audience then applause in agreement.

news from: Oriental Daily News, Apple Daily News, Ta Kung Po, SingTao News, Sun News, Wei Wen Po

| Saturday, July 29, 2006

Product Information

Product Title : Voice
Singer Name(s) : Andy Lau
Release Date : August 8, 2006 (Pre-order your copy now!)
Language : Cantonese
Package Weight : 200 g
Publisher : East Asia Music
YesAsia Catalog No. : 1004475438
Shipment Unit : 1 (What is it?)


Andy Lau's latest Cantonese album - Voice includes 'Ni Ke Yi', 'Shui Yi Di', 'Bi Shang Yan Jing', 'Dan Shi Ni', 'Que Wu Fa', 'Qin Yi Di', 'Bi Shang Er Duo'

This is an invitation to listen to Andy's latest album - Voice

| Friday, July 28, 2006

Singer Andy Lau had accepted the invitation from Voice of Taipei Hitoradio FM107.7 to record a commercial message titled 'Bi Shang Yan Jing' (Close Your Eyes) urging people to listen to the most beautiful sound of FM107.7's classical music station. Andy thinks that the current society requires more concern instead of criticism, hope that more people would discover the beautiful voice beside you and passed the concern to more people.

Andy's voice is full of sexiness and emotion which delighted the radio station. The station sing praise that he's indeed the Golden Horse Film Awards Best Actor as even his voice is "acting" too, the new message would be broadcast from August at every 30 minutes intervals.

Andy is the first artiste to be invited by Hitoradio to record its station's message. Andy had just conclude his promotional activities for All About Love in Japan and would return to the shooting of Derek Yee's Protege.

news from: Central Daily News

11th Golden Bauhinia Awards had recently announced it's nomination list for the Best Actor award. Andy Lau (Wait 'Til You're Older), Chapman To (Isabella), Eason Chan (Crazy in the City), Tony Leung Kar Fai (Everlasting Regret) and Simon Yam (Election) were nominated with their outstanding performances in their individual movies.

With regards on being nominated for the Best Actor award, Andy said: "Of course I'm delighted to be nominated for the Best Actor award, however I more happy that Lam Ka Tung was nominated for Best Supporting Actor as I hope he could win as he's a very hardworking actor."

In addition, with regards to the script of Wait 'Til you're Older being nominated, Andy feel consolidated, he says: "Finally someone had noticed this script! Actually among the common commercialise and triad movies scripts, it's a brave move to write the script of Wait 'Til you're Older, such family related scripts are not common in Hong Kong, it also comes with some educational meaning, it's a very "heart" script! Previously in the Golden Horse Film Awards and Hong Kong Films Awards, it was not nominated, I always feels that it's a pity, I feel sad for the scriptwriter - Cheung Chi-Kwong. He spent a lot of time and effort to write the script, there was many times that I studied with Cheung on how to come up with the best script, it's a rare case that a scriptwriter be present throughout the shooting, he working very hard, I feel that he should win the award!"

news from: Net Ease

| Thursday, July 27, 2006

A short clip of Andy appearing in Warratte litomo (20 secs)

Soft Hard will be holding 10-nights of concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum - Soft Hard Long Time No See will kick off tonight. The special performing guest list had been confirmed as the Four Heavenly Kings had gave their words to attend.

Soft Hard was very popular in the 90's which is the same as the Four Heavenly Kings namely Jacky Cheung, Andy Lau, Leon Lai and Aaron Kwok will appeared in the concert, however they would not appear on the same night. Andy will appear on 27 July 2006.

Other guests includes Hacken Lee, Leo Koo, Eason Chan, Grasshoppers and Tat Ming Pair, even rockers Paul Wong and Kung Jun Shek Leung had also gave their words to attend.

news from: Apple Daily News

Andy Lau was in a record store in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo two nights ago to continue his promotion of All About Love. Other than singing, he also participate in psychological test and performed magic. He quipped that he would release a magic DVD and was quipped by the emcee that he like to make money which embarrasses Andy.

Recently, Andy was in Japan promoting his movie All About Love which will be screened on 12 August. Other than being interviewed by many newspaper house and magazine, attending fan gathering, he appeared in a record store in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo to promote the movie, he sang 'Zai Shou Yi Ci Wo Ai Ni' and 'Ai Ni Yi Wan Nian' to the delighting fans.

In between, he also played psychological test with the emcee, initially wanted to asked why is important between work freedom, time, money and love, before the full question being asked, he immediately picked money and was quipped by the emcee to be crazy for money.

After listen to the full question, he picked love and explains: "I picked love, because it needs love to have the strength, in order to have work freedom, followed by money, with money one can select the work he like, then comes the time."

In addition, Andy performed magic again which makes the fans screaming, he quipped that if fans wanted to know the secret of his magic, they could purchase his magic DVD, Andy quipped: "I'll be releasing a magic DVD." However, the emcee made fun of Andy again by saying: "It seems that you like money a lot!" The statement embarrasses Andy.

news from: Apple Daily News

| Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Andy Lau's soon-to-be-released Cantonese album Voice has a single Mandarin track titled 'Xin Gan Bao Bei' which is a breakthrough of previous singers' premiere of the song as on 10 July, it was premiere through mobile phone network, within 2 weeks, the earning had exceeded millions. On 1 September, Andy will have a fan gathering at Guangzhou to meet his 'xin gan bao bei' (darlings).

The song 's lyrics was written by Andy as he used "life observer" to write the love song. He used the song to express that when loving someone, other than one need to give all for the other party, one also need to take care of oneself, arrange one's life properly, that's the attitude of loving someone. According to the distributor of the album, the result of the premiere through mbile phone network delights the company and Andy. Till now, the song is still number one on the chart.

In addition, the music video is also undergoing shooting as computer effects were used, thus it required more time to post-production, even Andy was anticipating to watch the completed music video. For the whole video, there is only Andy with a drawing book, being an experienced actor, he also display all the facial expression requested by the director, his every movement and expression were like acting opposite another person.

On the other hand, the director also asked Andy's fans to join in the cast as they were arranged to stationed themselves at a big space to use ink to draw Andy, this is to show that it's everyone's undying support and encouragement to be what he was today, this is what Andy wanted to tell his darlings, he hope that the message of the lyrics: loving oneself and facing life bravely although with difficulties would be passed to the fans.

On 1 September, Andy will be in Guangzhou to promote this album where fans could communicate with him in zero distance. For more information of the activity, watch out for the information in Andy World Club website.

news from: Sina.com

The movie All About Love will be screened in Japan on 12 August thus Andy Lau touched down in Tokyo on 23 July for a series of promotion activities of the movie. It was heard that even before the movie was screened, it had already won good reviews from Japanese movie critics. Many Japanese TV stations and magazines were fighting to interview Andy, it was heard that his schedule for the few days stay in Japan was full as he need to work from day to night.

Andy was first interview by TV stations and magazine before rushing off to Fuji TV station in the afternoon for the recording of Warratte litomo, which had been having live telecast for more than 30 years, as it's special guest where he met Smap's Katori Shingo. When he was promoting A Fighter's Blues some years ago in Japan, he had already attended SMAP's programme, to be able to meet Katori Shingo, both of them quipped that they have affinity to meet again.

In the programme, Andy and Katori Shingo played blackjack game, using Japanese most popular ice-cream popularity chart as "points". Andy whom seldom eat ice-cream was unfamiliar of which ice-cream flavours are popular thus he guessed the wrong points after several attempts thus resulted to "over 21 points", even Andy can't help but to burst into laughters, some female audiences called out "andy" to cheer for him. With the clues given by the compere, he manage to guess the mango ice-cream as number one to obtain one point. Andy doesn't know he should cry or smile.

At night, Andy was at a cinema in Ginza to meet the 300 audience whom had bought the premiere screening on 12 August for a shake hands appreciation event.

When Andy arrived, close to 200 fans were waiting for him, there were around 500 fans waiting at the cinema's exit after the event, the crowd jam packed the street which attracted TV stations sending out crews to report the news.

This made the cinema and organiser anxious where they initially suggested that Andy should not leave until further arrangements by them.

Andy whom had experience such situation told the Japanese crew members not to worry as he has confidence of his fans all over the world as he believed that they would behave themselves, he later exit the venue with the securities' escort, some hundreds of fans were walking behind and cheering him, the situation is like a VIP walking down the street.

Other than the tight schedule of promtion activities, Andy also seize the chance to have a gathering with 600 Andy World Club members where they gave him specially made Honorary Fellow and 2 All About Love teddy bears which delights him, as it would require 4 huge luggages for all the presents that he had received for this trip.

In addition, it was also an unforgettable trip for Andy as all his luggages were lost when he arrived in Tokyo on the first day, thus he had to use the 30 minutes free time to purchase all the items that he need at the department store of the hotel that he was staying. He bought shirts, pants, shoes, undergarments, shavers and skin care products.

Andy said: "I've never tried buying so many stuffs in a short time as I really don't have the time, if I failed to buy the items within 30 minutes, I'll need to attend promotion activities, I'll be working from 9 in the morning till 11 at night, there won't be any chance to buy any item, I still remember that I just shop at the department store's male section, I just buy whatever items that I see, there's no time to try."

When Andy checked out at the airport, every crew members managed to collect their luggages except him, initally the airport staffs told him not to worry as there would be a possibility that someone took his luggage by mistake and the person would return them soon, however after checking, it was found out that his luggage was not loading onto the same flight he took but was loading to a flight for China's Qindao, the airline seriously gave him a super big present!

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| Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Andy Lau will release his latest Cantonese album titled 'Sheng Yin' (literally translated as Sound) on 8 August with 'Xin Gan Bao Bei' as the only Mandarin track, the lyrics was written by Andy.

The 10 new tracks were being transmitted through mobile phones in Mainland China, he's also the first singer to do so, it came with good results as within 2 weeks, the earnings from ringtone and wallpaper downloads had exceeded millions renminbi (estimated to NT$4 million). The lyrics of the song can also be found in the Internet after the song was being distributed in Mainland China.

Fans from Taiwan could also listen to the new song from radio stations. The fans were delighted after hearing the song which was composed by Andy as they could feel the warmth from the song.

However, fans would have to wait till August before they could watch the music video of 'Xin Gan Bao Bei' on TV as many computer animations were used, thus it required a longer production time.

news from: udn news

Andy Lau jetted off to Japan to promote the movie All About Love two days ago. At the press conference yesterday afternoon, it attracted hundred of media to report on the event. During the press conference, Andy didn't forget to send his regards to the victims of the rain storm in Kyushu, he also took the initiative to go off the stage to take photographs with a group of Japanese female reporters which caused a chaotic scene.

Andy whom had not been to Japan for some time was in Japan to promote All About Love which will be screened soon there. Andy first appeared at Shinjuku's Fuji TV station to be the special guest for evergreen live programme No Harm Smiling (literally translated) as he played games with the compere Katori Shingo whom was one member of SMAP. On that day, Andy participate in a game similiar to Blackjack guessing the favourite ice-cream of Japanese girls, howeverAndy made the wrong predictions and thus his group lost.

Andy then rushed off to Ginza for the press conference with director Derek Yu. Earlier there was a terrible rainstorm in Kyushu which resulted in many injured and death, Andy send his regards and concern in the press conference, he says: "Although many natural diseaster happened in recent years, but I hope that all victims could be strong." Andy also performed the magic in All About Love to spurn up the atmosphere.

Andy's Infernal Affairs and House of Flying Daggers were screened in Japan before thus he had a certain level of popularity in Japan and has quite a number of fans, unexpectedly some female reporters were also his fans, to be able to get close to their idol, they were delighted as they screamed out loud when Andy was performing magic.

After the press conference, Andy took the initiative to walk down the stage to take a group photograph with the media. In the end, a group of female reporters put down their pens to dashed foward to Andy's side thus creating a chaotic scene. Even the compere quipped: "Is this a press conference or a fan gathering?"

news from: Apple Daily News, Ming Pao, Sun News

| Monday, July 24, 2006

Y-3, a collaboration between adidas and Yohji Yamamoto held a fashion show for its Fall-Winter series, 2,000 guests were invited which included several celebrities.

Andy Lau whom seldom attend such events appeared in a new T-shirt of the same brand for the media to take photographs, he had earlier stated that he won't be interviewed thus he stayed for 15 minutes before leaving.

Throughout Andy's stay, he was accompanied by the fashion label's boss thus show his importance. Andy's charisma also attract the audience's attention as many use their mobile phones to take photographs of him which Andy didn't reject them.

A Taiwanese-Japanese compere Makiyo stick with Andy to take photographs with him.

news from: Wei Wen Po, Oriental Daily News, Ming Pao, Apple Daily News

Andy Lau, Lin Chiling, Wong Kar Keung, Josie Ho, Tsui Ho Ying, Paul Wong attended a 2006 Spring Winter series Fashion Party.

It looked like a grand private celebrity party, even Andy whom never attended fashion party for many years also attended, it's indeed special.

news from: Sina.com

A major Hong Kong production Protege had started shooting, it claimed to be a movie vying for next year's Hong Kong Films Awards. Andy will be a drug lord in the movie, as his character is quite old, thus he dye his hair grey.

Although Crazy Stone is doing very well in Mainland China, other than the Shanghai Film Festival, he never help in the promotion as his work schedule is full, currently he was shooting Derek Yee's latest movie - Protege.

According to Mainland China's investors, the movie is a drug related thriller as Andy will be a drug lord for the first time, his wife would be Anita Yuen and Daniel Wu as his disciple whom is a mole from the police force.

"Andy is very serious of the movie, he started to study the script during the World Cup, after the World Cup had ended, he immediately join the shooting, as his character is older, therefore he dye his hair grey." Other than Andy and Daniel, Louis Koo and Zhang Jing from Mainland China are also in the cast. "The budget for this movie is huge, this will be a major production as Andy expressed that he wanted to win the Best Actor award in next year's Hong Kong Films Awards with this movie."

The movie has a huge production team with directed by Derek Yee, produced by Peter Chan and it is scheduled to be screened during next year's Chinese New Year.

news from: CCTV

| Thursday, July 20, 2006

The upcoming 11th Golden Bauhinia Awards had opened for voting as the Best Actor nomination list had been revealed where Chapman To will be vying for it for the first time with Isabella. With the changing of it's rule, each movie company need to pay a HK$800 registration fee, whereas the previous rule of the movie must be screened within the same year was changed to the movie finish shooting within 5 months, thus Eason Chan was also nominated for the Best Actor award with Crazy in the City, his old film before his marriage.

Meanwhile, Simon Yam of The Election, Tony Leung Kar Fai of Everlasting Regret and Andy Lau of Wait 'Til You're Older will resume their battle for the Best Actor award from the Hong Kong Films Awards. It's still unknown who will come out the winner this time round!

news from: Oriental Daily News

| Wednesday, July 19, 2006

One of the member of 13 members boy group Super Junior, Choi Si Won catches the attention of the media since he entered showbiz, with his good looks, this hunk become the media's darling. Other than singing, Choi Si Won also tried to break into the overseas movie as he co-star with Andy Lau, Nicky Wu and Fan Bingbing in Battle of Wits where he was being praised by Andy.

On 18 July, Choi Si Won was in Sina to chat of his experience during the shooting of Battle of Wits.

Reporter: "So it seems that you enjoyed yourself during the shooting of Battle of Wits, so do you still remember those days?"

Choi: "My first shooting was with Andy, as I was too nervous thus made many mistakes, but Andy was very friendly and understand my mistakes, this leaves me a deep impression."

Reporter: "Talked about Andy Lau, he could be considered as one of your idol, can I say that?"

Choi: "The Korean also like Andy a lot, take me for example, many Korean boys like Andy very much, I'm also an Andy Lau fan."

Reporter: "So you managed to collaborate with your idol, you should get along well with him, I read from many netizens' comment that they're happy to see you as you're very handsome thus they're delighted."

Choi: "Thanks, Chinese girls are pretty too."

news from: Sina.com

| Tuesday, July 18, 2006

This is a true story regarding Andy Lau and a sick girl.

I'm a crew member from Beijing TV's Huan Qiu Yin Si and was tasked to report Andy's injury which he substain during the shooting of Battle of Wits, our column kept receiving letters from a mystery girl, 7-8 letters were sent each time, it came from a girl whom claimed that she's suffering from serious illness for 11 years named Xiao Xue. She said that she do not have the looks, friends nor money but illness. She's suffering from System Lupus Erythematosus which damaged her heart and brain thus resulting in loss of memory, sometimes she failed to recognise her mother. She managed to know about Andy from radio when she was discharge from hospital in 1995, all these years Andy had been her only idol and mental support. She got hold of news that Andy was injured through television and was worried thus she made use of Huan Qiu Yin Si to relate her regards and hope that she would received Andy's wishes on her birthday.

After reading the letter, I did not reply the girl but rather believed what she written and forwarded the letter to Huayi Brothers crew member to pass the girl's regards and wish to Andy. The girl never sent letter again, whether Andy had received her letter and get in touch with her, I'm not sure.

In June this year, I was tasked to report on the Bravo China concert and managed to meet Andy for a one-on-one interview. I suddenly remember the story and asked Andy about it, unexpectedly, he never tried hard to remember and replied immediately to me that he received the letter at the end of last year, he asked his company to get in contact with the girl. Looking at our camera, Andy told Xiao Xue: "I'm not sure if I can see you, I think it be soon that I can be at your side, there's me and the reporter here from Huan Qiu Yin Si to interview me, we're all concern about you, hope you can be strong and take good care of yourself."

We recorded that segment and sent it to Xiao Xue. Back in Beijing, we found Xiao Xue's email address and manage to pay a visit to her home.

Living in a single room flat, we can see that the whole house was fully pasted of Andy's posters, we also observe Xiao Xue's face is slightly bloated due to the injections. Surprisingly, there was an autograph Andy's photograph on the table with writings of "Xiao Xue, Happy Birthday, Andy Lau". In fact, Andy really received the letter from us and started contacting Xiao Xue in private using email to sent her 30 slides to encourage her, he also sent her birthday card during her birthday in April.

I show Xiao Xue the video of Andy that I recorded and she suffer fits while watching, she immediately search for her medicine while her parents informed us that's nothing to fear, maybe they're used to such situation.

After watching Andy's video, Xiao Xue started to cry, as she hold my hand, she called me sister, telling me that since she fall sick she does not have any friends, the only place she went is the hospital, everything seems like a dream as she never imagine that Andy would reply her letter and sent her birthday card, in addition speaking to her "in person" to encourage her. She kept crying and thank me, she told me that she will continue living for her parents, herself and Andy.

When asked what other wish she had, Xiao Xue said that she hope to become a member of Andy World Club but her parents were unable to come up with the $300 registration fee. It's hurting to hear such words, I knew there was another girl in Lanzhou wanted to meet Andy and her father even wanted to sell his kidney to raise fund for her. I promise Xiao Xue that if she manage to keep her health, there will be chances that I'll bring her to see Andy.

news from: Sina.com

| Sunday, July 16, 2006

Felix Wong, Kent Cheng, Michael Miu, Ng Kar Lok, Yu Kam-yuen and Andy Lau wore the same T-shirt to attended Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Board of Directors Friendly Competition where the six of them were divided into two groups to pit their bowling skills against the staffs of Tung Wah Group of Hospitals.

After a round of contest, the game was won by the group of Andy, Ng Kar Lok and Yu Kam-yuen with a total points of 1246 points. Yu had a personal best point total of 469 points whereas Ng was some point behind with 442 points to be second.

As Andy only got a total of 366 points which is a far cry from Ng and Yu thus during the prize presentation ceremony, both Yu and Ng had their individual trophy therefore the group trophy was presented to Andy which he modestly received it. When asked if he was too busy at work thus lack of practice resulting in drop in result? Andy replied modestly: "Not related to work, it's because the others played too well, especially Michael, he started bowling six months ago and could obtain such good result."

Andy whom was currently collaborating with Anita Yuen whom was pregnant in Protege, he quipped the benefit that Anita enjoyed as she was pregnant both in and off the movie, he quipped: "We'll always shoot her scene first whenever we start work, thus being opposite her, I also need not wait, thus Daniel Wu had to wait for us. (You tried to kiss Anita's belly?) Half of her belly is fake."

news from: SingPao, Apple Daily News, Ming Pao, Ta Kung Po, Wei Wen Po

| Friday, July 14, 2006

1. Andy Lau, a heavenly king mega-star, dream lover of thousands of girls, started his career when he enrolled himself to TVB Artiste training classes in 1981, from a nobody to what he was today, he had become a recognised role model for hardworking, always an artiste with good review.

2. Looking back, are they the "5 Tigers" or the ever cutest sheep?

3. It's a normal sight to see the 4 heavenly kings performed together on-stage, it seems impossible nowadays.

4. In the 90s, Andy and then popular group, Grasshopper attended the Sun Project.

5. Armed with handsome looks some 10 years ago made Andy Lau and Tony Leung into superstars, the 5 Tigers are not called for nothing.

6. Beyond once mentioned that among the 4 heavenly kings, they admired Andy only as they have less understanding with the other three.

7. Standing between Chow Yun Fat and Alan Tam, Andy appeared uneasy.

8. Both Andy and Sing Fui On were both recommended by Chow Yun Fat.

9. The 2 heavenly kings become friends and their relationship become closer in recent years after their collaboration in Jiang Hu.

10. This photograph is taken during their collaboration in Kung Fu vs. Acrobatic.

11 . In all major award presentation ceremonies, Andy Lau and Tony Leung can be considered as gatting equal results.

12 . Appearing in best friend Eric Tseng's prankster show, Andy tried his best to perform.

13 . There are two 'wah zai' in Hong Kong's showbiz as they were great partners in sports.

14. Andy Lau and Anita Mui had been supporting each other for many years.

15. Collaborate with Carina Lau for the first time in 1986's Yang Warriors.

16. I think hardly anyone had saw such picture in swimming trunk!

17. Andy and Chiu Nga Chi collaborate for the first time in Devil Peach Garden.

18. Andy never had any allegation with Joey Wong, maybe she only had Chyi Chin in her heart.

19. Looking at the four of them, it seems that Kenny Bee is the one that's pay more attention to the camera.

20. Sitting by the side of Cherie Chung, they don't looked like a couple but rather like siblings.

21. Yang Guo of 1983 Return of the Condor Heroes which leave a deep impression in every one's heart.

22. Although being touted as the classic couple on the silver screen, however in real life, they're not attracted to each other at all.

23. Anita Mui whom was having cervical cancer claimed that she's confident of defeating cancer as Andy gave her a hug as morale support.

news from: http://yule.sohu.com/