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| Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Andy Lau's second night concert was held at Shanghai earlier whereby a bunch of "brothers" from Hong Kong and Shanghai which includ Michael Miu and wife Jamie Chik, Felix Wong, Ken Tong, Kent Cheng, Lam Ka Tung, Eddie Ng, Wang Zhiwen and Crystal Huang.

In the film Brothers, Crystal collaborate with Andy for the first time and it was her first time sitting in the first row to watch a concert. After the concert, an excited Crystal said: "Although the temperature is dropping but on seeing the enthusiasm of the fans and the "brothers" of more than 30 years friendship, I feel warm. This is not just a concert but also a friends gathering."

The concert started around 7:30 pm and last for 2.5 hours. Around 11:00 pm, Andy set up a crab feast for his friends in a 5-star hotel ball room. Crystal gave Andy a bouquet of flowers which surprised Andy.

Crystal express: "Many thanks to Andy for giving me the first row VIP tickets, and thanked him for giving me the chance to participated in Brothers, it allowed me to learn many things, and I was lucky to witness the friendship of the 4 Tigers. This friendship is more meaningful than the box office takings and awards."

In addition, crazy fan Yang Lijuan's mother was in Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry to pay respect to her husband. The mother than went to Avenue of Star and saw Andy's hand print, she became agitated and used a stick to hit Andy's name, spit and burn newspaper on it, she stayed for one hour before leaving. The management of Avenue of Stars checked that the hand print was not damaged thus would not pursuit the matter.

news from: Sina.com

| Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Andy Lau's Wonderful World Mainland China concert tour was held at Shanghai Olympic Stadium two nights ago as it attract a 80,000 strong audience. The cast of Brothers Michael Miu, Felix Wong, Lam Ka Tung, Wang Zhiwen and Crystal Huang were there to show their support. After the concert, they went to a 5-star hotel to celebrate the success of the film.

During the concert, Andy exposed the love story between Michael and his wife Jamie Chik. When he was singing 'Zai Shou Yi Ci Wo Ai Ni' as he point to Michael and said: "Whenever Michael and his wife quarrel, he would surely say I Love You when everything is settle, it works all the time!" Andy also exposed that Michael's wife was suspicious of him, he said: "There was once I asked him out for jogging, when Michael was catching his breathe, his wife called him on his mobile at that very moment, she was so nervous as she asked where he is, she also said: "I won't forgive you 100 times even you betray me once!"" When asked if he mind Andy revealing his personal matters, Michael complains: "Andy loves to expose matters about me and my wife, and didn't seek my permission!" Meanwhile, Andy expressed that he's not worried of his personal matters being revealed: "I'm upright, I do nothing wrong!"

The box office taking of Brothers had exceeded $10 million in Hong Kong and $20 million in Mainland China, the result is better than expected. "Initially thought that Hong Kong would only collect $8000,000, I hope that the box office taking in Mainland China would exceed $30 million."

Andy organize a crab feast celebration, it cost him $150,000 on 4 tables to treat the crew members. Other than giant crabs that worth $350 each, there also cordyceps herbal conch soup, each table cost more than $30,000. Andy also promise going on a holiday tour together, he's currently planning for another collaboration. Andy also sing praise of Michael's acting in the film, "He's the king of TV dramas, now he's going to be the Best Actor."

In addition, Felix quipped during the dinner that he want to hold a concert with Liza Wong, Andy immediately gave him his blessing.

news from: Ming Pao, Oriental Daily News, Apple Daily News, SingTao News

| Monday, October 29, 2007

Two consecutive nights of Andy Lau Wonderful World Mainland China concert tour 2007 at Shanghai which is a sold out of 80,000 strong audience. Andy expressed that he was very excited as he had never performed before 80,000 people, he had only previously performed to 70,000 people. He requested all the audience to applause in order for him to experience the effect.

Although Andy did performed flying stunts in the previous 12 shows but accidents do happen as Andy as the cow herd to meet the girl weaver, hanging on wires in mid-air, 20 feet above ground, he was singing 'Ai Ni Yi Wan Nian' and making a 360 degree spin, he was left stranded in mid-air as one of his legs got entangled with the silk, it looked dangerous but Andy didn't get nervous as he balance himself before landing onto the stage.

For the second danger moment was when Andy singing 'Shi Quan Shi Mei', he skidded and bumped onto one of the dancers and almost resulting him to fall from the 20 feet high stage, the female dancer was in time to stretch her leg to rescue Andy but she does not have enough strength but in terms Andy helped her to balance.

Deanie Ip and Lam Ka Tung were there to lend their support, although it was earlier alleged that Deanie is seriously ill but she still looked fresh thus dissolving the allegation that she was having difficulties moving around.

Andy even address Deanie as "mother" on stage as he talked about love to her, he said: "I'm a star, I've many things that I could not do, but I will tell her face-to-face I Love You."

Andy also quipped that if he could be Andy Lau in his next life, he hope that everyone would not forget him. He also joked that he was told that he would be called a "unlucky fellow" in his next life and would bother the fans.

He quipped: "I hope all of you would find your loved one, if I get married one day, would all of you still come to watch my concert?" Instead the fans asked Andy to treat them meals.

The organizer of the concert takes security as high priority as he was told not to have close contact with the fans when standing on the 9 feet high mini-stage but wanting to get close to his fans, he defy the orders. Luckily the fans did not do any dangerous action that would put Andy in danger, thus Andy plan to get closer to the fans next time round.

Due to the fans' enthusiasm, Andy sang encore for 10 minutes but the audience still refuse to leave as they continue to shout for encore. Andy had no choice but to get onto the stage again as he quipped: "I'm paid to come here to perform, are all of you coming for my life?"

With regards to many tried to record his concert illegally, Andy expressed after the concert: "If their intention is not for illegal purposes, if just normal filming is fine, I've did my best but I didn't received 200 tapes."

When talked about Deanie Ip, Andy does not believe that he was seriously ill.

With regards to not being nominated for the Best Actor in this year's Golden Horse Film Awards, Andy expressed that he was not disappointed as every film awards have different judging panel, he said: "Next time I would shoot films that would fit their taste."

news from: Oriental Daily News, Apple Daily News

Within a short period of screening in the cinemas, the box office taking of Brothers had exceeded $2,000,0000, even foreign films do not do so well, no wonder Andy always thanked his fans' support during his November concert tour. However, other than the fans, Andy would also like to thank Hong Kong director Johnnie To! According to the understanding of reporters, Andy's investment to shoot Brothers is a result of a joke by Johnnie as he said: "Three directors collaborated to shoot a new film for our friendship, if the 5 Tigers were to collaborate in a film, it would be a hit!"

It is understand that several heavyweight Hong Kong directors Johnnie To, Tsui Hark and Ringo Lam were TVB contracted directors, similarly to the TVB 5 Tigers, they go their separate ways for their own career to become Hong Kong local fledging directors. They seldom get to meet until 5 years ago when Tsui Hark suggested that the 3 of them collaborate for their 30 years friendship. In early 2005, the 3 directors met and discuss to shoot Triangle. During that period, Andy get to meet Johnnie and get to crack the above mentioned joke to Andy which attract his interest as he think that if the "TVB directors" can collaborate, why "TVB Tigers" could not collaborate? Therefore, the Tigers could celebrate their 16 years friendship and gathered together thus resulting to Brothers. During the shooting of Brothers, Johnnie also dropped by the shooting venue to discuss with the director and actors thus the film show some images of Johnnie's film. Of course Andy thanked Johnnie thus he return the favor by attended the press conference of Brothers.

In addition, the reporters understand from Andy and the director that the film look into the action of a person's character when into their extreme conditions thus there are not much fighting nor gun battles, this makes Andy think that Brothers is a hero theme film, but due to the theme Brothers is a category IIB film thus several young fans could not watch the film in the cinema, but the film is not restricted in Mainland China, some other related products will also be released soon.

news from: Sina.com

| Friday, October 26, 2007

Andy Lau Wonderful World concert tickets were on sales for public two days ago, due to the good response it suffered complaints and the organizer decided to add 3 shows.

Tickets sales started in the morning two days ago and within one hour, the most expensive tickets ($480 and $300) were sold out for 12 shows, up till yesterday afternoon, only a few $200 and $100 tickets were left. As several Andy's fans failed to buy their tickets thus they started a complaint movement. Other than non-stop phone-in complaints to the organizer, some fans even complained to the media as they express wherever ticket booths they went, all tickets were sold out. The fans complaint that internal departments and the sponsor took up most of the tickets thus resulting to no tickets on sale. Sponsor MaBelle had posters stating a certain amount of purchase would have free tickets thus making one to think that the sponsor is taking up all the tickets.

Andy who is currently in Taizhou for his concert tour, his company's spokesman Miss Tam had replied to the fans' complaint as she express that the number of concert tickets for public sale are decided by the government thus it's not due to internal bookings. She said that Andy thanked all for the support of his concert, there will be 3 additional shows from 2 - 4 January 2008, tickets will go on sale on 31 October 2007.

Note: What I found out is that tickets can be purchased online from this website - http://www.urbtix.hk/ but the server had been busy for days! Urrggghhh....

news from: MingPao, Sun News, Wei Wen Po, Apple Daily News

| Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Andy Lau whom will perform for 12 consecutive nights from 21 December 2007 to 1 January 2008 at the Hong Kong Coliseum, held the concert's 6-figure amount press conference at Tsim Sha Tsui yesterday.

The stage was decorated like outer space, after an animation of a space capsule landed on Earth, Andy made an appearance as an astronaut walking out from a space capsule symbolizing returning to Hong Kong to perform.

Then the dancers teared open his astronaut outfit to reveal the neat western suit as he started to chat with the host.

Andy quipped that during his tour in different provinces of Mainland China, he had experience very hot and very cold weather, he had prepared to be a normal astronaut.

He quipped: "The stage in Mainland china is 30 meters wide, I've walked around it more than 100 times, the temperature ranges from 30 degree to minus 5 degrees, sometimes its cold sometimes its hot, I may get the chance to become Hong Kong's first astronaut!"

During the press conference, it was reported that Andy made records during his concert tour in Mainland China as he drank $100,000 worth of vocal enhancement tea and sang for a total of 2160 minutes in 12 shows, Andy quipped: "Correct, the tea cost $6,000 each, it not only improve vocal but also my body. I've drank it for 8 years, it allows my voice to recover quickly, it will come back after drinking it."

The ticket sales will only begin tomorrow but it was already fully booked in internal sale as the sponsor took quite a large number of tickets, even the host asked Andy how to get a ticket? Andy quipped: "I quarrel with my dad, we're not staying together, really many people kept asking me if I have tickets, please don't bother me again, some fans even want to come to work at the fan club, if I have the ability, I would give them my dad's ticket."

Andy exclaimed: "If I have 10 more days of slots for me to add 10 additional shows, then it's possible for me to distribute the tickets, but for additional show it must be added at one go, cannot break up because I don't want my fans to go through the tough process of queuing."

He had submitted his request to the government as he hope the Coliseum could give him more slots, he quipped: "Hope I could add another 15 shows to equal my number of shows in 2004."

Andy stressed that for his Hong Kong concerts, it would be different from the Mainland China shows in terms of costume as it would be more magical.

Andy was presented a necklace worth $380,000 to represent his high status.

He was also sponsored a ring bearing the concert's logo by the sponsor company (MaBelle Leo Brilliance).

When asked if he would be wearing jewelry during the performance. Andy express that the sponsor have a 9 karats diamond at his disposal, Andy said: "I'm not sure what to do with it, earing will be a problem without guarantee that it won't dropped, if lost it I would need to compensate the company." When asked why he need to worry about the compensation with the high fees he would be collecting, Andy quipped: "We're not talking about money here."

In addition, Brothers had been doing well in Mainland China's box office as it managed to collect $12600,000 within 3 days of screening as it's doing better than Ratatouille and this shows the box office drawing power of Andy.

When told of the good news, a delightful Andy expressed that he appreciate the audience's support as he revealed that he would duet with Eason Chan the theme song of Brothers at his upcoming Beijing concert to thanks the fans support!

news from: Apple Daily News, Ming Pao, Sun News, SingPao, yule.sohu.com, Sina.com

| Monday, October 22, 2007

Andy Lau invested film - Brothers which officially open in the cinemas on 18 October, its first day box office collection had exceeded $1 million (a total of $1.5 million), it had since exceeded $2 million. Audience whom had watched the film had sing praise of the 4 Tigers performance especially Michael Miu and Eason Chan where the audience applause their performance.

It was commented that Eason's acting had improved and surprised the audience, even producer Andy said: "He is a man who's looking forward in life in the film, but after making trouble he gone into a state of fear and loss, his mentality is complicated, I feel that Eason acted very well, he stand a chance of winning a Best Actor award."

Upon hearing what Andy had said, Michael asked him: "So I did not acted well?" Andy replied: "Michael's good acting is for all to see, this time his acting is multi-layered and with depth, he's splendid."

Michael also sing praise of Eason's acting as he said: "Eason is full of potential, he get into the film easily, I'm delighted to be able to collaborate with him, I really think that he's my younger brother."

After hearing the praise from Andy and Michael, a modest Eason said: "It depends on whether anyone give me a chance to act, award is secondary, most importantly is a happy collaboration, as brothers with Michael, his acting is full of charisma, I learn a lot from him."

Eason whom always hope for a gun battle on film got his wish finally, the scene involved himself, Michael and Andy. Eason said that Andy and Micheal were so serious during the shooting as he also got nervous just by watching them. Eason hoped that he would have chance to collaborate with Andy and Michael again.

news from: Ming Pao, Wei Wen Po, Sun News

On 18 October 2007, Andy Lau's 2007 Wonderful World Mainland China concert tour was successful held at Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium.

Andy's concert is the first large scale concert being held at the new Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium, the perfect stage and sound system gave the audience the most enjoyable performance.

news from: Sina.com