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| Tuesday, July 31, 2007

LG mobile phones would be releasing a mobile phone where it's back cover printed with Andy Lau's calligraphy wording - 「心善則到處天堂」literally translated as Being Kind Everywhere is Heaven.

For this Hong Kong design, it would be the first time Chinese calligraphy is used to spread the Buddhist message on mobile phone, not only of Chinese traditional culture, it also spread the message for people to be kind.

news from: SingTao News, hkheadline.com

Stephen Fung is preparing for the remake of 1967's Story of a Discharged Prisoner (Upright Repenter), shooting will start in March 2008, the film will be invested by Andy Lau's Focus Films Limited and the story will be around 2 brothers love and hatred, the 1967 had Patrick Tse Yin as the elder brother which Andy had confirmed going to take up the role, with regards to the younger brother initially played by Wong Wei will be taken up by Aaron Kwok. Stephen hope that this combination will be refreshing for the audience.

Although Andy and Aaron had collaborated in Savior of the Soul, Lee Rock II, Gameboy Kids and Future Cops, but it's seems 14 years that they last collaborated, Stephen feel that when the 2 heavenly kings collaborating would create some new chemistry, he expressed: "After watching After This Our Exile, I discover that he's able to take up hot temper character, his acting had improved, thus I think that taking this role which will be similar with Al Pacino's character in Scarface, he would have space to show off his acting skills, I think it will be a challenge for Aaron."

Aaron confirmed yesterday that he had received the script for the film, he said: "I've received the script, I've not read it yet, but I heard from Stephen that I'll be a gangster, seems not bad, but we had not sign the contract, because I need to check my schedule, it's been some time that I acted together with Andy, I'm anticipating it. I've collaborated with him some ten years ago, both of us had matured, I'm not sure what chemistry we would create when we collaborate again."

When asked about collaborating with Aaron, Andy expressed through a telephone interview: "Really? I'm not so sure, I'm busy promoting my album and preparing for my upcoming concerts, I've yet have time to sit down and discuss with Stephen, actually I've no comments on whom the director approached to act opposite me, because the director know what is best for the film, he approached Aaron is a good thing, I've not collaborated with him for many years."

news from: Apple Daily News

According to Mainland China news reports, CCTV had already started the preparation work for it's 2008 Chinese New Year gala. The opening ceremony will be directed by Zhang Yimou and the attraction for this year is to invite celebrities to dress up as the Olympics Games mascots - Friendlies.

The organiser had intention of inviting singers from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan to dress up as the 5 Friendlies, among them are Jackie Chan and Andy Lau whom will surely being invited.

news from: Sun News

| Monday, July 30, 2007

Andy Lau held his Andy Lau Miracle World Autograph session at Kwan Tong APM Mall, the organiser arranged 400 autograph slots but the event attracted more than 2,000 which jam packed the 6-storey shopping mall.

The organiser arranged 5 sexy-dressed girl-weavers to kiss Andy which leave lip-stick marks on his face.

One of the girl-weavers who was busty and wearing bikini gave Andy a hug, a lucky and gentleman Andy did not look at the girl-weaver's chest area throughout the hug as he only accepted the hug.

Andy also introduced his son Andox to everybody, Andox whom faced so many people for the first time seems to be hyperactive as it snatch away the limelight from its "mother" (Andy) until "mother" had to ask him to stop!

Andy made an appearance in a $800,000 convertible accompanied by 2 kids dressed in jeans wear onto the stage, then 5 sexy-dressed girl-weavers of different nationals took turns to kiss Andy.

On seeing the girl-weavers, Andy said in English: "So sweet, I'm happy to see you."

As all the girl-weavers are taller than Andy, thus his fore-head is full of lip-stick marks.

Among the girl-weavers was one busty bikini-clad gave Andy a hug, another carried Andy from behind, lucky Andy.

When taking a group photograph with the girl-weavers, Andy gave the fans flying kisses.

When Andy introduce Andox, the rather plump Andox was the favorite among the fans as he was shaking from side to side while walking up the stage, it immediately snatch the limelight away from Andy. Andy sang a total of 4 songs.

When Andy was singing, it also started to dance. Andy acted as if he was jealous and tell the audience: "Please look at me for a while."

Andox was hyperactive as it kept dancing in the stage, even Andy passed him the flowers that he collected from his fans, Andox gave no attention to him and Andy had to said: "Are you tired? Can you quiet down for a while, don't think I don't dare to scold you!"

When interviewed, Andy revealed that if he's not feeling unwell, he would gave a courteous kiss back to the girl-weavers. When asked about Andy's sight not on the sexy-dressed girls figure, he burst into laughters and said: "How would I dare, if you (reporters) were to photograph me doing it, how am I going to explain. But all of them are very pretty and enthusiastic. (Being so good luck with girls, do you feel like an emperor?) Of course not, this is a miracle world."

Although Andox snatch the limelight from Andy, he does not mind, he said: "Andox snatching limelight away from me, it doesn't matter, even the sexy-dressed girl weavers snatched away the limelight from me also doesn't matter, actually the appearance of Andox will made more people know about the album, when they think of it, it will think of my album."

When asked about the sale figure of his album, Andy exclaimed that no calculation had been made, because it was much different from the past as previously he only promote one song, but this time round he promoted around 3-4 songs, with the Mainland China concert tour that follows, it would be help for the album. (Would you be bringing Andox along for your concert?) I'll bring him along, whether he would go on stage would depend on the situation. He seems hard to follow to the beat just now, maybe he's more familiar with jazz, I shall made him listen to my songs more often, ha ha."

news from: Wei Wen Po, Ming Pao, Ta Kung Po, Oriental Daily News, Sun News, SingPao, SingTao News, Sina.com, Apple Daily News

Heavenly king Andy Lau made 16-years-old 'mei mei' (girls) cried thrice within one hour! Andy attended I Love Blackie for the first time, on seeing those young girls, the youngest being 14-years-old Tang Gou, Andy was like a father figure taking care of the mei mei. Tang Gou also didn't disappoint Andy as she show off her superb dance moves and Andy gave her a hug as award and encouragement to the envy of the other girls as all of them display their skills in order to win a hug from Andy, of course Andy did not reject their offer, from Tang Gou, Gui Gui, Xiao Man, Tao Zi, Di Di, Yong Tu, Apple, even the assistant instructor Ah Wei also want a hug from the girls. When Andy heard Ah Wei saying that after being hugged by the girls, he would be so delighted that he need not bath, Andy quipped: "I should be the one whom would not need to bath! Today I've hugged 7-8 girls!"

In order to welcome the arrival of the heavenly king, the girls sang a series of Andy's new and old songs, Yong Tu was the first to perform, she went out of tune several time, she was so sad that she cried, she even dashed to the toilet to cry her heart out which stunned Andy. Di Di was the next to sing, although she sang not bad but she also cried as she's not satisfied of her performance. In order to prevent her from further crying, Andy went forward to console her, never expected Di Di said as she was crying: "My mother really like you!" This sentence made Andy speechless and does not know what to do.

After other had performed, Yong Tu decided to take the challenge after she had patched up her emotions, indeed she performed better, however after hearing Andy singing praise that she sang not bad, she began to cry again. Andy then hugged her to console her as if a father consoling his daughter. In the end, Andy need to pick out the best performer among the girls, he picked Yong Tu and she cried again for her surprise win, she cried a total of three times.

Attending the programme for the first time, Andy follow the rule by saying out the most crazy things he did when he was 18-years-old, Andy quipped that he just enrolled himself into the actor training classes wheh he was 18-years-old, during training he managed to meet Chow Yun Fat, as there is some difference in height between himself and Chow Yun Fat, he wanted to know him better, Andy had an idea of going into the props room to search for a thick sole shoe, he happily wore it and fall when he was going down the stairs, he was send to the hospital, what a silly incident.

Andy exposed the silly incident when he just graduated from the training class and started acting, he was asked to play a gangster who beat up people, after beating up the victim, he would need to throw things at him, however Andy felt that he was a rightful man, thus he gave the things to the victim in a courteous manner which anger the director as he shouted: "Are you really sure that you graduated from the training classes, do you need to go back and train for a few more years?" There was also a simple appearance scene, Andy failed to have a good take even after several takes, the cameraman shouted at him: "Impossible? Who can use a nail and nailed his legs!" The girls got to know that heavenly king megastar also has such a past.

With regards to which character he would like to challenge himself? Being an experience actor, Andy quipped that he wanted to challenge himself to be a female, a pretty female. Blackie immediately asked him to perform on the spot with himself as the handsome man and Andy would be the girl to declare "her" love to him. Being a multiple acting awards winner, Andy run and jump to act out the cute woman, however he does not know the record of Blackie having french kiss with numerous male artistes, Blackie indeed arranged for a kissing scene, however maybe he's dealing with a heavenly king, Blackie asked for positioning instead, however Andy whom just had his dinner gave out a smell from his mouth which Blackie complaint. Andy quipped that the smell might come from the peanut sauce of the bread that he just ate!

news from: ETtoday

| Sunday, July 29, 2007

Andy Lau, Felix Wong, Ng Ka Lok, Eddie Cheung and Michael Miu were guest contestants in Tung Wah Group of Hospitals 19th Staff Bowling Tourament, althought it was considered low profile when Andy made a surprise appearance but he was still the limelight for the event as fans asked him for photographs which he agreed all requests.

He was also being invited by Tung Wah Group of Hospitals chairman Peter Ong Ka Lueng and director Ina Chan Un Chan to host the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Andy quipped that he had just completed shooting for Brothers (literally translated) which he collaborated with Michael and Felix, and recently busy promoting his Mandarin album, but when his bowling friends called him for bowling, he risk his life to play, he said: "They forced me to come, they ask me here for training to prevent my skill from deteriorating."

Although said that he was being forced to come, but he still went around to discuss and passed bowling tricks, during practice he also get several strikes, he sing praise of himself: "Of course, I've all the basics, if not how would I still be popular till now!"

Michael and his son formed a team while his wife Jaime Chik Mei Chun become the camerawoman. Michael said his son was influence by him as he fall in love with bowling and golf, when he's free he will do sports with his son. When asked if his son had defeated him in sports, Michael said: "He's still lack of experience, he's only 13-years-old, young man are more agitated, lucky he had uncles like Andy and Felix to teach him bowling."

news from: Ming Pao, Oriental Daily News, Sun News, SingTao News

| Saturday, July 28, 2007

When talked about Andox, Andy Lau would become excited as went to search for the figure from his haversack, he said: "I bring Andox around the world, introduce to everyone I know, so later you need to take a photograph with Andox."

Andy's eyes brighten up when he talked about Andox: "Initially it's for my new album Miracle World, just wanted to have an ox figure, no matter how my colleagues designed, it just looked like King of Hell, thus I asked them to change many times, I decided to try it myself." This is the first reason on the birth of Andox, another reason: "This is my present for my mother on Mother's Day."

Andy said that he spend 20 hours on sewing the figure for his mother on 10 May, on 11 May Mother's Day, he telephone his younger brother to on the computer and his mother immediatley read about the birth of Andox on his blog. "I tell my mother that I want to have children and have a feel of being a mother." A proud Andy said: "Thus now I'm Mommy Lau, because I'm Andox's mother."

When asked how would a man know about sewing? A delighted Andy said: "Because my elder sister tailor clothes, thus I learn sewing since young." Naming the figure Andox is the combination of his name Andy and Ox, a "jealous" Andy said: "It's more popular than me now, he's so popular in the Internet, all messages are for Andox, asked him to take good care of it's mummy, that me." Even his stylist is a fan of Andox as he design drawings and wordings of Andox for the clothes for Andy without Andy's knowledge. Andy is in no hurry to turn Andox into a wide range of products, he said: "Wait till when everyone really like it or when he grow older." Because Andy does not wish his "son" to become a product, become a toy which will lose its existence and meaning. Andy said: "If there is a big brand wanted to design for Andox, that would be another issue."

However it the 300 box sets, with 5 figures in each box set, thus Andox have 1,500 "brothers". Andy also encourage his fans: "Everyone could also have their own children to accompany Andox." As Andox's mother, he help introduce friends to Andox as he was busy to introduce his "son" to his friends.

Taiwan is a food paradise, however he could not enjoy the food as wherever he goes would create a commotion, thus he sighed: "I could only go to Tai He Palace restaruant to eat at the private room." Tai He Palace's spicy steamboat is rather popular among many Hong Kong artistes, Andy is no exception.

In addition, Andy also like to eat porridge with dishes, as he could not go out, he could only ask his crew member to buy back for him, Andy does not have the enjoyment of using a plate to chose the dishes he like from the wide variety of dishes.

Andy also like to drink soya bean and rice-cakes, especially those rice-cakes with you tiao, some of the you tiao was crashed within the rice-cakes, it smell nice and crispy, however these sort of specially produced rice cakes cannot be bought easily, as these rice cakes are prepared by the family of his Taiwanese driver.

With regards to the roasted duck tongue, Andy has some reservation, he said: "When one get older, it's not so good to eat too much viscera." Taiwan's fruits, fried chicken chop and ice desserts are food that Andy's crew members prepared for him whenever he come to Taiwan.

news from: udnnews

All 300 box sets of Andy Lau's designed figure Andox were snapped up during the recent Taipei International Toy Festival, banking on the commerical value of Andy, Mickey Huang manage to buy the distribution rights for the figure, he expressed: "I managed to obtain the distribution rights for Taipei, it would be launched on 21 August."

Andy whom brought along Andox whenever he went for promotions, tagging onto the popularity of Andy, Andox had become a popular product. Mickey expressed that Andox's production factory is in Singapore, concidentally he had collaborated with the Singapore factory before, thus this collaboration is described by Mickey as lucky, he also work hard to win the distribution rights.

Different from the previous limited box set release, this time round the Andox figure would be bigger, there will also be 200 limited edition T-shirts. Mickey explained that Andy would get 50 t-shirts, he and Taichung Toy Festival would be vying to sell the remaining 150 t-shirts. The pre-sale will begin in Taichung next month, Taipei area sole distributing rights belong to Mickey and will go on sale on 21 August in his good choice. Mickey revealed: "Estimated it to be sold out within 2 days, the popularity of Andy is unstoppable, his sale strategy for his figures had surpassed Wang Chien-Ming."

news from: udnNews

| Thursday, July 26, 2007

Andy Lau was in Beijing yesterday to promote his latest Mandarin album - A Miracle World in a press conference. He performed the song "Yi" together with a dance with a female dancer, as they have intimate hugs and movement on the sofa, Andy even kissed the dancer, it send blood boiling.

When interviewed, Andy revealed that after his promotion in Taiwan, he returned to Hong Kong and he had only half a day to rehearse his dance before coming to Beijing. Andy quipped: "The dance step for 'Yi' is much difficult than normal fast songs, it need strength for every action, during the MTV shooting, I run out of strength until I dropped the female dancer onto the sofa and I fall on the floor, everyone was laughing at me."

Andy quipped that his first reminder to the female dancer is not to eat for the past few days, if she put on weight, he would not be able to carry her!

It was announced at the press conference that his singles - 'Mu Di' and 'Yi' become the champion song in music charts of Mainland China, the organiser than gave Andy a flute, Andy then expressed that he does not know how to play a flue but he hope that it would be come to good use in his concert in Mainland China.

It seems that Andy had slimmed down, when asked how he maintain his figure, Andy said: "Most importantly is that I have a few cruel crew members. After finishing shooting of Resurrection of the Dragon, I have put up some weight, the cruel crew members told me to lose some weight during the shooting of Superman music video, I was depressed upon hearing, I immediately control my diet and recover my figure."

The compere asked why Andy named the album - A Miracle World (Chinese title: Imaginary World of an Ox), he explained that he has affinity with Ox as other than his Chinese zodiac is ox, since young he think that ox is a kind animal, its world would be different, in Chinese culture, Ox is a significant animal which represent hardworking, reliable, contributing, face reality and other traditional virtues, all this should be passed down, these are values that would make the world a better place.

The reporters interview people on the streets to feedback on his album, among those interviewed was one foreigner whom exclaimed that he like the 7th song but unable to read the title of the song, actually the foreigner was referring to the environmental friendly song - 'Dong Tian Bu Xia Xue'. Andy said: "Actually many people have reminded to be environmental friendly, I also want to do my part, we really need to work hard together in order for human to live a better life."

This album also contain several imaginary ideas, a rock-song style Most Popular Male Singer has Eric Tsang's voice in the background, it made one feel that he's present in the award presentation ceremony. This song describe the mentality of the nominee, its lyrics contained some black humor. Andy also talked about the funny moment when collaborating with Eric.

On the press conference, a production VCR of the album was broadcast, there is a part named "I'm an Ox" which show Andox always by the side of Andy, it appear in the makeup room, shooting location and several performing venues, the cute expression of Andox accommodate the Spanish music in the background. Most comical that the subtitle stated starring Andox and guest appearance of superstar Andy Lau.

Andy seldom invite special guest in his press conference, this time round he invited a special guest and it was none other than Andox. When Andox appeared on the stage, Andy introduce it as "his son". This Andox also presented huge CD to it's "mummy".

Andox is also talented, just like his mother as Andox also perform the dance steps in the Superman music video. Andy quipped: "If he danced well, I will bring him along for my concert tour, if he does not dance well, I will punish him to stay at home to prefect his dancing skill." There was applause to Andox's dance performance, it seems that it would be following Andy to his concert tour. Andy also hold the hands of the giant balloon figure of Andox to sing his new song together.

news from: Ming Pao, Oriental Daily News, Sun News, Ta Kung Po, Wei Wen Po, Sina.com

Unknown to many, Andy Lau is well verse when he talks about history as he had fall in love crazily more than 40 hours of CCTV talk show - 'Bai Jia Jiang Tan' without sleeping. When talked about historic figures, Andy admires Xiang Yu, he also recommend himself to act Lu Buwei of Shin Shikotei Kika Okubeshi , Andy don't think that he looked like an emperor. However, in his limited experience playing an emperor especially Emperor Kang Xi in Duke of the Mount Deer, a confidence Andy said: "Duke of the Mount Deer had been remake so many times, everyone only remember me as the emperor!"

CCTV's Bai Jia Jiang Tan made us of book reading method to talk about Chinese history, other than watching non-stop for 40 hours without eating, he also plan to narrate Chinese history in Cantonese and produce into DVD to be distributed to school libraries in Hong Kong. Andy's eye brighten up when he talked about Chinese history, "I feel that history is useless in the past, now I think that it's very useful." Andy learn from history and how the emperor rule in each dynasty. He said: "Actually this is humanity and politics." Among all the historic figures, he admire Xiang Yu, "Xiang Yu is loyal and care for his subordinates, he could drink the blood of his enemy, loved Yuji." However Andy analyze that Xiang Yu lose out to his "pride" as he failed to meet Jiang Dong Fu Lao, then he committed suicide. Andy said: "He just almost become a prefect hero."

Andy feel that he does not look like an emperor, he think he's more suitable to roles of right hand man characters like Guan Gong and Zhao Yun. Throughout his showbiz career, he only played emperor twice, once in Take Care Your Highness and Duke of the Mount Deer which leave the deepest impression. The Duke of the Mount Deer which has Tony Leung as Wei Xiaobao and Andy as Emperor Kang Xi is the classic among so many versions of Duke of the Mount Deer. After so many years, Andy revealed that he was initially casted as Wei Xiaobao, he said: "Because I was very popular as it was just after Return of the Condor Heroes, as I didn't renew my contract with TVB and was put in cold storage, I was changed to act as Emperor Kang Xi." In Duke of the Mount Deer, Emperor Kang Xi is just a supporting role, but Andy said: "It's okay that I didn't get the role of Wei Xiaobao, but everyone remember that I was Kang Xi, that's enough." In order to act out Kang Xi well, Andy work hard to find history books and discuss with the script writers. Although Duke of the Mount Deer had been remake so many times, Andy's Kang Xi character leaves the deepest impression.

news from: undnews

| Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Heavenly King Andy Lau is not longer 25-years-old young man but he still resemble a "curious baby" as he's always learning new things, once he master it, he's unsure when would he apply it, take his Latin dance, mask changing, now he want to learn magic from professional magician.

An excited Andy described that he watched on TV how a famous Japanese magician made a human disappear by putting the human between the book and closing the book, he sighed: "I requested him to teach me, but he told me that he could perform together with me but he would not teach me the trick." With regards to magic, Andy said: "Don't you think that we have too many things in this world that we does not know, it will be meaningful if we master them." He also wish to become CNN host Larry King to interview physicists, Stephen Hawking - author of A Brief History of Time or Bill Gates, "this is my curiosity".

When Andy attended variety program 'Da Xiao Ai Chi' 「大小愛吃」where Barbie Hsu said that (Zai Zai) Vic Zhou is a huge fan of Andy, she said: "The day before shooting, Vic kept telling me how good is Andy Lau, he's also good at cooking." Initially Tsui Hsu wanted to explain who is Zai Zai but Andy knew the relationship between Vic and Barbie, Andy said: "I also read entertainment news."

Everybody is curious when Andy will become a father, he said that he does not have enough time, Tsui then asked him: "What about your stamina?" Andy burst into laughters as he quipped that whom would talk about this subject openly.

Earlier, Andy went to radio station for interview which attracted large number of reporters waiting to interview him. Due to the tight schedule of the radio station, before the reporters finish asking their questions, the PR hurried Andy to go into the recording studio for the interview, a courteous Andy explains to the reporters: "I'm now going in to do a live broadcast interview, when I'm done I'll come out to answer your questions!" On seeing the sincere face of Andy, the reporters does not want to put him in a difficult position thus they waited for him to complete the radio interview before continue asking their questions. It can be seem that why Andy is still so popular among reporters after so many years!

news from: udn news, Sun News

Jacky Cheung proved he still has what it takes to be a Heavenly King when he performed here recently. What about the other three? CHANG MAY CHOON finds out.

Andy Lau, 46: Can't slow down

Career buzz: He is no Jay Chou, but Andy valiantly tackled R&B for the first time in his new Mandarin album, Miracle World.

His new single, One, is also an R&B tune by Taiwanese songwriters Michael Lin and Vincent Fang. Andy said in a press release that he practised so hard to get the feel right, only to induce disbelief in those who heard it. Some even accused him of using a voice double, he added.

Radio 100.3 deejay Ken Low told The New Paper that the chorus 'sounds a bit like Jay', but the rest of the song has Andy's unmistakeable 'Chinaman' stamp on it. 'You can't compare it to real R&B, but it is a new endeavour for Andy and it marks a milestone in his career.' Miracle World, which is out in the stores here, also captures Andy's musings about showbiz and environmental issues like global warming.

His next challenge? He will reportedly compose and sing the theme song for his upcoming epic film The Warlords, which co-stars Jet Li and Takeshi Kaneshiro.

Arguably the most hardworking and prolific of the Four Heavenly Kings, Andy has been described as 'Iron Man' or 'Superman' for his amazing ability to cope with maximum work, minimum rest. The owner of the media companies under the Focus Group Holdings also looks set to dominate the silver screen with three other new projects to add to his portfolio of more than 110 titles. In Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon, Andy plays the warrior Zhao Zilong, opposite Leon Lai's Zhou Yu.

Then, there is Brothers, which tells the story of TVB's Five Tigers - Andy, Felix Wong, Miu Kiu-Wai, Ken Tong and Tony Leung. They all play themselves, except for Tony who is played by Eason Chan. Andy will also star in Chinese director Ning Hao's new film Crazy Racer, reportedly a mix of crime, love and bicycle racing.

Love life: None reported so far. Andy has always been tight-lipped about his private life and is careful not to be caught by the paparazzi. But he has a 'son', Andox - an ox-inspired soft toy that he personally stitched together. Its image has been made into figurines and handphone straps to be given away with his new album.

Still, Andy was not shy to respond when asked by the Taiwanese media last week if he is a Superman in bed. He said nonchalantly: 'It depends on the other party. Different people have different needs, so it depends on who you're with.'

Singapore appearance:
Early next year. A little bird told us there are talks to import his upcoming concert tour, which starts in Hong Kong in September.

news from: The New Paper, Singapore

| Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Andy Lau returned to Hong Kong after his album's promotion in Taiwan, several fans went to the airport to welcome him, fan even gave him a huge Hello Kitty soft toy. A friendly Andy even took group photographs with the fans.

Earlier, Taipei Maokong Gondola had an accident, Andy whom took the ride said: "I'm not afraid of any accident! I think the gondola service should be stopped until the problem is resolved, it's for the safety of it's passengers."

When asked about the allegation that Stephen Fung hope to collaborate with him in the remake of director Lung Kong's Story of a Discharged Prisoner (1967), Andy admit that he had discussed the collaboration with Stephen and he like the script, thus the chance of collaborating is high.

In addition, Andy was also interviewed by Commercial Radio last night and he quipped that other than being a hardworking ox, his second plus point is that he take good care of his diet in order to maintain his figure and abs, the special point is when he attending activities and wear tight fitting clothes, his abs will appear naturally. He said that when he's together with his friends, he would display his nature of talking rubbish, however when facing the media, he would be more direct and natural, if not the reporters would find him boring.

news from: Oriental Daily News, Sun News, Ming Pao, SingTao News

| Monday, July 23, 2007

After completed his first round of promotion of his new album in Taiwan, Andy Lau returned to Hong Kong. Close to 30 fans were at the airport to welcome him, some fans gave him giant plush toys.

When asked if he would accept to collaborate with Stephen Fung in his new movie - Story of a Discharged Prisoner, Andy admits: "I did discuss with Stephen, there is a large chance that we would collaborate because I like the script very much."

news from: on.cc

Andy Lau held another autograph session at Kaohsiung which attracted thousands of fans, some mother fans even requested Andy to sign on their babies' clothes which Andy signed for them. Some fans complained that if they had know earlier, they would also bring their baby along for autograph.

After the autograph session, Andy rushed to Kaohsiung airport to take a flight back to Taipei where he was surrounded by hundreds of fans, he could not move. He would be having a fan gathering at night.

Stephen Fung plans to re-make Long Gang's Story of a Discharged Prisoner in March 2008, the male lead had been decided to be Andy Lau. However other than Andy interested in the movie, Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise is also interested to shoot a English version. Stephen specially flew to Berlin to discuss a collaboration with him in the presence of his wife Katie Holmes and daughter. Stephen exclaimed that Tom has put up no airs.

Since the copyright of his Enter the Phoenix being bought by an American movie company, Stephen and Brandon Routh had met in Beijing Tian-an-men Mall to discuss about their collaboration. One month later, another American company came knocking on his door as he get to meet Tom Cruise in Berlin. Tom is interested in the Chinese market, especially China as he hope to collaborate with an Asian director.

Currently Tom Cruise is location shooting in Berlin for Bryan Singer new movie - Valkyrie, the executive producer of the movie Chris Lee is a friend of Stephen, under the coordination of Chris, an arrangement for Stephen and Tom to meet. Stephen said: "My meeting with Tom Cruise in Berlin made me feel that he put up no airs, he's a nice guy. When Chris told him that one of my movie's copyright was bought by an American company, he asked me if I've collaborated with foreigner before. I told him that I would be collaborating with Andy in a remake of Long Gang's Story of a Discharged Prisoner next year, it will be a complete new story, after that he introduce a high rank officer from his company to me, asking me to translate the movie into English and see if it's possible for a collaboration. When I return to Hong Kong, I've started to work on an English version of the script, I hope I could show him soon."

Stephen stressed that his remake of Story of a Discharged Prisoner will only maintain the title, it will have a brand new story, he said: "The story will revolve between 2 whom grew up together and become brothers and become hatred for each other, Andy will be the big brother, they fight together with the younger brother in the triad world, but the younger brother betray the big brother because of love. Although he already has an ideal actor for the younger brother role, but no contracts being sign thus he would not like to reveal the name."

Stephen revealed that Tom Cruise had told him that he had watched his House of Fury and was familiar with Andy's movies. When asked if there would be a chance for Andy and Tom to collaborate? He said: "We had not discuss till so far, but Tom did tell me that he had watched Andy's movies before."

news from: Apple Daily News