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| Saturday, December 31, 2005

The ever-popular Andy Lau was being treated as transparent, who would had did that? She's none other than this year's Miss Chinese International Pageant contestant Leanne Li Yanan, fans please don't misunderstood Leanne as she was just following the script of the music video of 'Ji Xu Tan Qing', although both of them didn't care of each other on camera, but after the shooting, they did chat with each other.

Andy who was one of the judge for this year's Miss Chinese International Pageant as he did his part to select Leanne, thus when they meet again, with their status changed, the feeling is strange, especially to Leanne as she was so nervous towards meeting Andy, the usual all smiles Leanne become expression-less. Andy understand how she feel and took the initiative to chat with her, from a pageant contestant to an artist, her smile finally shows.

Although they could chat behind the camera, but in front of the camera, Leanne must still ignore Andy as the script narrates that they were having cold war, although living under the same roof, they treat each other transparent, even sleeping side by side, Andy gave Leanne a soft hug, she also had no reactions.

Andy exclaims: "It's the ultimate suffering to be treated as transparent by others!" One would thought that a superstar like him would not know such situation! Andy continues: "You really think that being an artist is big cards? If people want to treat you transparent, they just treat you transparent, I tried taht before and know the feeling, therefore I won't treat people as transparent, this is called how you treat people and how people will treat you back!"

Unexpectedly, Andy bring out messages of being human, take an example for the male and female lead in the music video in a cold war, Andy exclaims: "Actually communication is the most important for people to get along, everyone has his own way of looking at things and thinking, this is unavoidable, most importantly is talk about it to obtain a balance point, if you didn't say, how the other party would know?" Andy thinks that many misunderstanding started from refusal to communicate, he hope that in this world, everyone should communicate more, give one another more love, continue to talk about love, no matter it's family, friends or love ones!

news from: SingTao News

| Friday, December 30, 2005

"Dream of the Century" (literally translated) was held at Beijing 2 nights ago to commemorate Chinese movies 100th year anniversary. Andy Lau, Zhao Wei, Li Bingbing, Fan Bingbing and Alec Su took turns to sing.

Each of them picked a movie theme song from different generations to sing, as there were too many senior artistes in the audience, a nervous Zhao Wei and Fan Bingbing sang off-key and were rather embarrasses.

Whereas, Hong Kong representatives Andy whom was more experience won the loud applause from the audience.

Click here to watch Andy's singing 'Wang Qing Shui', pick the 4th bullet point!

news from: Oriental Daily News

Being Chinese Movie 100 Year's Ambassador, his movie - Infernal Affairs was also being selected as one of the Top 100 Movies, Andy Lau thus become one of the artistes that catches attention.

After attending the Chinese movies 100th year anniversary at Beijing, he spend some time to be interviewed.

Reporter (R): It's towards the end of 2005, looking back at your movie career, which part are you not satisfy?

Andy (A) : I hope to improve in comedy. Love On A Diet and Needing You were more local Hong Kong comedies. I hope I could follow Stephen Chow to film some international stuff.

R: Ever thought of becoming a director?

A: I've no plans of becoming a director, I won't rule it out, this is about chances, currently I hope to do well on my part as an actor.

R: Will you collaborate with Maggie Cheung in the near future?

A: We did discuss about it, we would like to collaborate, we're looking for scripts at the moment, we'll collaborate when a good chance comes, I won't just any how collaborate with her just to show to the audience.

R: You said that movie is like a dream, have you ever thought that how long you would like to continue this road in chasing your dream?

A: Dream does not come as you wish, you can't find it when you woke up. Therefore, on when to wake up, when to end, I really don't know.

R: What's your first intention in investing movies?

A: I invest beacuse I like it, but some movies that I like might not be accept by the market, not all investments has returns, the returns may not be for myself, it may be on others. I hope my movie company, other than movies doing well in the box office, it could also promote artistic movies. Good movies and new directors require time to nurture, need the time to get pregnant.

R: How much had you since invested in movies?

A: I invested around $25000,000. The distribution of movie is very important, take Wait 'Til You're Older and All About Love, I think they are good, but nothing I can do in distribution, thus unable to let many people understand our production.

R: You focus on new directors, what's your expectation of directors?

A: Many people feel that one whom films artistic movies are true directors, did everyone know that Wong Kar Wai's first movie is a commercialise movie. Hope new directors know that, if you want to continue to film movies, you must maintain your own target.

R: You invested in a Thai movie?

A: Correct. Because other than Chinese movies, the movies throughout Asia should gather together, this is another kind of togetherness.

R: This year is the 100th year anniversary, what you think of the current status of Chinese movies?

A: I think that we still have a large space to improve. The market for Chinese movies does not lose out to American, but we still need to improve on movie's theme and technic, Chinese movies will be great in the future.

R: In recent years, collaboration between Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan had increases, everybody collaborate to dig the Chinese culture element and produce several good movies, we can see for the future, will you think such collaborations will create a new success in Chinese movies?

A: I think it will, because Chinese movies should gather people of different countries to film it. Different countries had different acting style and themes, if we really can combine different flavours into one movie, it would be great!

news from: Ta Kung Po

To commemorate Chinese movies 100th year anniversary, a large scale movie-music concert named "Dream of the Century" (literally translated) was held at Beijing Exhibition Centre on 28 December 2005.

Li Bingbing, Fan Bingbing, Zhao Wei, Alec Su, Andy Lau and many other artistes performed at the concert.

news from: Sina.com

| Thursday, December 29, 2005

In the first China (Sanya) International Television Advertising Art Golden Coconut Festival, it release a survey result on the most influential television advertising endorser.

In the survey, for the top 10 most influential television advertising endorser, Andy Lau came out top and was said to be the number one choice to endorse wstern suits. Whereas Taiwanese Heavenly King Jay Chou was second and said to be the most ideal endorser for mobile phones. Jackie Chan came in third. The other artistes in the top 10 were Maggie Cheung and Stephen Chow.

news from: Sun News

More than 10 representatives from the Hong Kong movie industry which includes Andy Lau, Eric Tsang, Stanley Tong, Golden Harvest boss Raymond Chow Ting Hsing and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon's investor Bill Kong jet off to Beijing to attend Chinese Movie 100th Anniversary Ceremony to meet National Leaders Hu Jingtao, Wen Jiabao, Li Changchun and Zeng Qinghong at the Ren Min Da Hui Tang yesterday.

At the ceremony, 50 were awarded Most Outstanding Contribution Film Artistes but none of them from Hong Kong. The 30 representatives from Hong Kong expressed their disappointment.

National Leader Hu Jingtao said at the ceremony: "Thank you for everybody's contribution to the movies, the government will do their best to help in the development of the movies, let's hope 100 years later, Chinese movies will shine more." He then took a group photograph with those present.

Li Changchun, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee was next to give a speech. Andy express that a sentence from Li's speech is very meaningful as Li said: "There's no lack of good Chinese movies, but movies that people will cheer about were few." Andy thinks that this sentence is speaking the truth, because there are no lack of good movies but the movies that won audience's recognition is not many, the government seems to have good understanding on movies, thus he hope that Chinese movies would have more theme and develop better.

Andy also express that for this special occasion, Ren Min Da Hui Tang specially spent 4 months on a 60 eet long oil painting of the invited 700 film person. As cameras were not allowed in the Ren Min Da Hui Tang, thus he could not take a photograph with it. Andy added that he feel very honored to be invited for this 100th years anniversary activity.

In addition, Andy was also the finale performer for the artistic night as he sang 'Wang Qing Shui' with an orchestra.

news from: Wei Wen Po, SingPao, Ta Kung Po, SingTao News

| Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Andy Lau whom just returned to Hong Kong after completing his concert tour in America 2 days ago will be setting off to Beijing as he would be attending Chinese Movies' 100th Anniversary performance where he would meet National Leader Hu Jingtao, before returning to the remote areas of Beijing to continue his location shooting of Battle of Wits.

Las Vegas was Andy's last stop for this year's concert tour and last stop of his world tour thus Andy opened a bottle of champagne on stage to celebrate with the fans and sang Christmas songs together.

Spending his Christmas in Las Vegas, Andy took some time off to watch MGM's latest performance - KA and David Copperfield performance.

Andy was told by crew members that David wished to meet him at backstage and take a photograph with him. Actually David did meet Andy once when he last performed in Hong Kong, this would be their second meeting. David is excited that he could perform with Andy in MGM and said: "Whenever I perform in different parts of the world, when I see Chinese audience, when I mention Andy Lau, they would always cheer and applause. Indeed, Andy Lau is great." Andy then quipped that David could teach him some magic as they could collaborate in a large scale performance.

Andy also went to take a look at the $1.6 million stage of the KA show which Cirque du Soleil latest large-scale performance started last year, it was an eye opener experience as he exclaimed that he hope that he could have such a great stage production in future. Andy says: "If I could have a performance like KA in MGM in future, or a concert whose stage production excel KA, I would have no regrets!"

In addition, most of the performers in KA are Chinese, when told that Andy was among the audience, they got excited and took their autograph books and camera to Andy for autographs and phototaking. Some none Chinese performer of KA also went for Andy's autograph. Andy applause at their actions and said: "All of you are superstars in my heart! KA is such an exciting performance! Everybody work hard! Keep it up!"

With Andy's support, the KA performers were delighted as they cheered and expressed that this is their most exciting Christmas Eve.

news from: Ta Kung Po, MingPao, SingPao, Oriental Daily News

| Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Korean superstar Rain and pop group Dong Bang Shin Gi arrived at Hong Kong respectively yesterday.

15 minutes after Rain's arrival, Andy Lau appeared at the airport's gate A with several fans waiting for him with flowers and Christmas presents which delights Andy.

Andy's appearance resulted a small commotion as fans could get close to Andy without restriction, female fans could also queue up to hold his hand to take photograph together.

As he won 5 awards at the Metro Radio's music awards the night before, fans congratulate him and send their Christmas greetings to him. Andy whom spend his Christmas in America exclaimed that he had not spend his Chirstmas in Hong Kong for many years and he would set off to Beijing to continue his shooting for the movie, Battle of Wits.

news from: Oriental Daily News, Ming Pao, Sun News

With all the more than 10,000 tickets sold out for his concert at Las Vegas, Andy Lau specially open a bottle of champagne to celebrate the success of the concert.

news from: Sina.com

| Monday, December 26, 2005

Metro Radio chose to held its music awards presentation ceremony on Christmas Day at HK Convention & Exh. Ctr. New Wing. More than 100 awards were presented, Joey Yung whom won 7 awards last year became the biggest winner again with 8 awards, followed by Hacken Lee and Eason Chan with 6 awards each, meanwhile Andy Lau whom was absent at the ceremony got 5 awards.

The 5 awards that Andy won were Metro Best Male Singer, Metro World's Explosive Singer, Metro 15th Anniversary Champion Singer (will not be accounted for the Media Award), Metro Hit Song and Metro Explosive Original Composed Song.

The awards were delivered to Andy in America as he was there for his concert tour, he says: "The geomancer told me that I should be here as there will be chances that I could become an international artiste."

news from: SingPao, Oriental Daily News, MingPao

| Sunday, December 25, 2005

Metro Radio Music Awards will be held on Christmas, it would be the first "Merry Christmas on battle-field" prepared for the singers. Andy Lau whom was overseas also read news on the Internet, he quoted himself as watching the battle on another shore which made him more relaxed.

There's allegations that the winner list of Commerical Radio music awards was leaked and Andy broke his duck as his song - 'Wo De Ni' made into the top 10 songs. Andy exclaimed that there would be several similiar allegations every year. On 1 Janaury, he should be location shooting in Beijing thus he would be "watching the battle on another shore" again. He would be delighted if he win awards, if he didn't win any, he would still be happy for himself.

Actually he had received the largest Christmas present this year as his latest album, Beauty of my Love had been selling well, as new batch kept producing, from the sales figures, the album is selling very well. Andy quipped that he had presented an award to himself, as in the current mark downturn, his Mandarin and Cantonese albums could obtain such good results, it's already worth celebrating.

Many Hollywood film-makers knew that Andy was in America had sent invitation to meet him to discuss collaboration plans. Andy exclaimed that if he see a good script and chance, he would give it a try, if not he's still deeply in love with Hong Kong movies as he never think that Chinese production would lose out to them, he believe that Hong Kong production would catch up from behind to challenge Hollywood movies.

news from: Ta Kung Po

| Friday, December 23, 2005

For this year's Christmas, Andy Lau would be in Las Vegas for his concert tour, there will be only 1 show and the 10,000 tickets were sold out, the organiser was currently thinking of a way to add more seats.

After the hoarse voice incident in Atlantic City, Andy immediately went to New York to see a doctor and he followed the doctor's instruction to take medicine every day, his throat had slowly recover. He also sleep early every night to keep his best shape for the performance on Christmas Eve.

When he was on his way to see the doctor, his friendy driver drove Andy to see the Statue of Liberty when they happen to drove past it. Upon arriving at the carpark, he could only see the backview of the statue but Andy was still delighted as he hardly had a chance to relax.

After seeing the doctor, the driver told him that he would be bringing him to see New York's famous Rockefeller Center between 48th and 51st Streets in New York to see the World's Tallest Christmas Tree. However, after arriving the christmas tree at Rockefeller Center, Andy and his crew member shouted: "Wah! What a big Christmas tree! Hahaha...."

Although there is nothing special about the Christmas tree but the 7-8 storey high tree was surrounded by on-lookers, it was very crowded.

The streets of New York is also decorated with Christmas lightings which allows Andy to experience the local festive atmosphere.

Currently, other than rehearsing for his concert Las Vegas , Andy also get to enjoy the latest performances in Las Vegas to gather some new ideas for his future concerts.

news from: Sina.com

In recent years, the headlines of Hong Kong showbiz is getting more exaggerating, more often are bad news rather than good news.

Normal news like Initial D competing in the Golden Horse Film Awards, Hacken Lee release a new album would occupy only a small segment while gossips and allegation were published in full pages.

With regards to pictures, the ugliest photographs of artistes will be published, or the photographs where artistes are scantily-dressed. It's getting so serious that some magazine's cover looked the same as some porn magazine, no wonder nowadays artistes begin to feel that it's best that their news won't be published in magazines to avoid being embarrassed.

Being in showbiz for so many years, how does Andy Lau see in how reporters work in recent years?

Andy says: "The world had changed, many things human can't change, if it can't be change, should gave in, I would change a bit, hope in the later days, the newspaper will get better, we had no choice."

news from: TVBS E-News

| Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Both Andy Lau and Sam Hui held concerts in Las Vegas, but looking at the box office, it seems that Andy was more popular. Maybe it's due to the long weekend, Sam's concert was only 70% full as the most expensive tickets were not sold out. Whereas, Andy's concert on Christmas Day was sold out with a ticket hard to come by, even the black market tickets were snapped up.

According to the local travel agencies, some fans were willing to top up US$50 to buy the tickets, it can be seen the charisma of Andy.

Maybe due to his age, Sam seems exhausted when he perform but he still display his friendly side as he kept shaking hands and blew flying kisses to the audience. With fans from Taiwan and Mainland China to support him, but with his less than polish Mandarin, he sang 'Wo Yuan Yi' to satisfy the fans. Sam's memory was also failing as he was performing in the day in America but he kept saying "Tonight".

In addition, Andy held 2 shows at Atlantic City this past weekend but it result him to cough and have a hoarse voice, he was worried that his performance to lose standard as he kept drinking throat soothing tea and called his doctor back in Hong Kong, his doctor advise him to stop taking anti-coughing medicine or he would lost his voice. Andy immediately stop taking the medicine but during his performance, his voice still appeared hoarse.

news from: Apple Daily News

After the Atlantic City concerts, Andy Lau would be jetting off to Las Vegas to continue his performances. Although he get 2 days of rest but Andy was still worried that his hoarse voice would persist.

His friends taught him to fill up the bathtub when he goes to sleep which would allow the air in the hotel room to be more moisturise, the hotel immediately help Andy to install a humidifier in his room.

After the afternoon show, Andy immediately went back to his room to rest and would cancel any other activities. He says: "I did dropped by the casino to play the jackpot machine for a short while and won 400 coins, initially planned to play one more time with the crew members after the show as I could use the money won to buy Christmas presents for them, but I can't play now, hope the weather at Les Vegas would be more moisturise, my voice would recover, then I can go and win more money."

news from: Ta Kung Po, Wei Wen Po, Oriental Daily News

On 16 December, Andy Lau arrived in America to start 4 shows of his concert tour.

Two shows were held at Atlantic City, due to the dry weather, Andy's voice runs into problems during his second show and almost lost his voice.

Although his voice appeared hoarse during the second show but he still successfully completed the concert with the fans' support.

After the Atlantic City concert, Andy will jet off to Las Vegas for his last 2 shows.

Andy expressed that he was worried that his hoarse voice would continue in his later concerts but he would try his best to complete his concert tour.

news from: Sina.com